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Jimmy John’s is one of America’s premier sandwich shops with fast and reliable service and mouth-watering food and products. Combining honest and quality products with its fast service and affordable prices is as good as it gets.

Using fresh ingredients and always serving up smiles, the chain has now expanded to over 1,600 locations across the United States and continues to grow non-stop. Now you can apply today with a Jimmy John’s Application.

Gourmet sandwiches have never been this accessible and affordable until Jimmy John’s opened its doors to the market. As a fast-growing food chain, the company is seeking to hire entry-level workers all the time to meet the demands of their ravenous clientele.

Employment at Jimmy John’s

The Jimmy John’s restaurant chain, founded by Jimmy John Liautaud, a then enterprising 19-year-old, opened in 1983 outside Chicago, Illinois. Rather than join the army, Liautaud borrowed $25,000 from his father and started a sandwich stand.

He believed that keeping it fresh and simple will make him create the best gourmet sandwich available in town.

He started experimenting on six kinds of sandwiches then let his family decide on the best four of his six inventions. Jimmy John then started selling sandwiches in his local neighborhood and gained popularity among college students with his cheap prices and express delivery. Jimmy John bought his father’s stake in 1985 and launched his second shop in Macomb, Illinois.

Jimmy John’s sandwich shops began franchising in 1993 with guidance from Francorp. Today, there are already 1,600 Jimmy John’s stores open with the same irreverent attitude, low price, great food and delivery with a smile that makes it truly popular to its patrons and clientele. It is now the cool older brother of sandwiches.

Jimmy John’s menu offering is a mouth-watering surprise for sandwich lovers with choices from roast beef, turkey, good old ham and cheese to salami and tuna salad. Like its products, Jimmy John’s hiring process is open to the best and friendliest crew to serve its customers and prepare its products to perfection.

Applying Online to Jimmy John’s

The Jimmy John’s applying process may be done on the careers page of their official website. Career opportunities are available online for the convenience of prospective employees looking to start their new career in food service.

With stores operating in over 30 states in North America, there are plenty of employment options for in-store and delivery positions. Cure your job craving by starting a career in the restaurant industry now. Apply online with Jimmy John’s shops to give your resume some sustenance. If you want a competitive salary and benefits in your next career, start the process today.

Applying can be done on the company website. Information on job types and store locations are available online for job seekers to select from. After reading the job description and list of responsibilities, you can get a downloadable job form available on each of the individual job pages and submit your Jimmy John’s employment form and your credentials via the email address provided at the website.

Qualified applicants will be contacted by the hiring manager or hiring company and will then be scheduled for an exam or interview for the corresponding Jimmy John’s store location and position.

Working at Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s is a fun place to work for and provides a friendly working environment to its team members. Guided by its culture and philosophy, stores offer equal opportunities to people who want to be a part of its restaurant chains.

Each Jimmy John’s is independently owned by franchise owners and operates under a franchise agreement. Employees are hired, trained, and assigned by respective stores.

Jimmy John’s restaurants and stores across the nation are currently accepting inquiries for entry-level positions like crew members, cashiers, and sub makers, as well as managerial and supervisory positions.

All workers receive discounts on food, competitive pay, and flexible schedules, while eligible employees receive attractive benefits packages.

Working at a successful company with an inspiring story like Jimmy John’s could take you to a career path that you’ve been dreaming of if you put your mind and heart to it.

The number of stores across America also gives you an opportunity to pursue your work and career at jimmy John’s even if you have to transfer from one state to another.

Jimmy John’s employ fast, reliable, and professional individuals to deliver its quality sandwiches to everyone with a craving for the best gourmet sandwich in the country. And if you work hard enough and show that you are an asset to the company, you may be able to climb the corporate ladder and earn yourself a good source of income.

Jimmy John’s app form

Minimum Age for Employment at Jimmy John’s

The minimum age for a career at Jimmy John’s is 16 years old. If you are aged 16 or above, and have excellent customer service skills, you may submit your employment form to any branch nationwide or online on its career page.

Hours of Operation at Jimmy John’s

Standard operating hours are 11:00 AM to10:00 PM from Sundays to Thursdays and 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays

Available Jimmy John’s Career Opportunities

Jimmy John’s team members are well-rounded employees in terms of providing support for the different tasks required of an in-store crew. Crew members make sandwiches, operate the cash register, and provide customer service in a fast and reliable manner. The company also employs delivery drivers to take care of delivering delicious sandwiches and sides to customers who can’t make it to one of their many locations.

If you believe you have the qualifications for a Jimmy John’s career, please click here to begin:

  • Cashier
  • Team Member
  • Line Cook and Prep Cook
  • Dishwasher
  • Shift Leader
  • Assistant Manager
  • General Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Business Coach
  • Catering Specialist
  • Catering Manager
  • Baker
  • Delivery Driver
  • Guerilla Marketer
  • Certified Security Rock Star
  • Training Manager
  • Restaurant Owner

Direct Competitors

Jimmy Johns made a name for themselves with great sandwiches, fast service, and even faster delivery. For the sandwich artist within us all, you owe it to yourself to apply here, and to the other major players of the sandwich creation industry. Once you’re done here, apply to Subway to join a team of people constantly innovating new sandwiches. If you’re feeling a fire in your belly, it’s because you need to apply to Firehouse Subs as well, and start making the finest pressed sandwiches. Don’t settle for one, or two, apply to all of these today!

Jimmy John’s Job Descriptions

Crew Member – crew member or team member take care of multiple tasks assigned by their direct supervisors or managers. This may include selling, cooking or preparing orders, manning the cashier or register, cleaning the store, or assisting in catering and delivery.

Jimmy John’s crew members report on a shift basis schedule by their shift manager or store manager. Applicants for the crew member position are expected to be reliable, a team player, fast, pleasant, friendly, and prompt at all times.

General Manager – general manager manages all functions of a Jimmy John’s restaurant to ensure customer service and high-quality products are delivered.

The general manager is responsible for the successful execution of fast, accurate sandwiches and world-class customer service while maintaining a clean, organized shift.

Inshoppers – inshoppers are responsible for greeting customers when they enter and exit the restaurant, providing world-class customer service and executing fast and accurate sandwiches while maintaining sanitation standards.

Drivers – delivery drivers’ primary responsibility is to deliver sandwiches to customers in the designated delivery area. Drivers are expected to check all products for accuracy against quality standards and deliver products to customers in a safe, courteous and timely manner.

Drivers will also work as an inshopper when no deliveries are scheduled.

Jimmy John’s Application and Interview Tips

Jimmy John’s continues to look for hard-working individuals who love being a part of a team. Any job seeker looking for a different kind of employment opportunity in the restaurant industry should consider a position.

Applicants who are interested to work for Jimmy John’s can download the form from the company website. Look for the job landing page or visit any Jimmy John’s stores and restaurants located across the United States to secure the form.

Email addresses for hiring managers are provided online and applicants can submit their filled-up forms via email or personally at the nearest Jimmy John’s store in their respective locations.

Qualified applicants will be contacted and scheduled for interview at their chosen store location. Applicants must be prepared for the interview to be further considered for a job position.

Entry-level jobs like crew member or driver do not require a college degree or diploma to get in at Jimmy John’s. The company also hires part-time employees because of the shifting schedule in every store and restaurant all around the country.

Jimmy John’s pays importance on dependability and timeliness among its employees. During the interview, make sure to highlight your strengths relevant to these two qualities. A good attendance record and positive attitude will help you land a job, so make sure you never forget those aspects while talking to the hiring manager.

Additional qualities that applicants should promote include the ability to stay on task, cooperativeness, and accountability for good performance as well as mistakes.

Interviewers will ask how an applicant functions in a social setting interacting with various customers.

Expect questions such as, “Are you able to perform this job’s duties with or without reasonable accommodations?”, “Describe a situation where you had to make a quick decision,” and “Describe a time when you had to deal with conflicting demands.” You will also be asked if you’re willing to work late nights or during holidays since Jimmy John’s employees work on a shifting schedule.

Make sure you know what time and set up works for you and be ready to stick to it when you move forward with your employment.

If you are able to show that you are a good team player, serious with the work and task that you are given, and know how to value yours and other people’s time, then you have no problem getting in at Jimmy John’s.

Successful candidates may be asked to return to Jimmy John’s for additional interview sessions. Here, potential hires may be asked their knowledge of the entire menu before starting the job.

Review Jimmy John’s offering and memorize them as much as possible before going on an interview. Upon hiring, Jimmy John’s provide their new employees with training and orientation.

This include teaching newbies the sandwich-making process, but applicants should at least learn the names and ingredients of each item before hiring..

Benefits of Working at Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s provide opportunities to its employees for long-term work that would give them more benefits for being part of the company.

  • Great atmosphere
  • Medical coverage
  • Health care
  • Benefits package for eligible employees
  • Stock options
  • Flexible hours and shifts
  • Gas compensation for delivery drivers

Aside from these benefits, Jimmy John’s offers the following perks:

  • Discounted food
  • Easy work
  • Tips from customers
  • Free training

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