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Have you ever thought about working at a jewelry store? Can you really think of a more sparkling career opportunity? If the idea of being surrounded by precious stones and fine jewelry at work appeals to you, then you might be interested in starting a career with one of the top jewelry retailers in the country.

For nearly a century, Kay Jewelers has been dazzling people with more than just its spectacular array of jewelry that includes engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, and more. Recently, it has also become a popular provider of exciting job opportunities.

Your Kay Jewelers application could just be your ticket to a brighter future. Apply for a job in the company today.

Applying to Kay Jewelers Online

If you are looking to apply for a job at one of the country’s foremost jewelry companies, the first thing that you will need to do is visit the official website.

From the homepage, scroll towards the bottom and click the “Careers” link. This will take you to the careers page of Sterling Jewelers Inc., which is the parent company of Kay Jewelers. Look at the bottom or top left hand corner of the page, and click “Search and Apply”.

This page will show you the different directions that your potential career with the company might take. Once you have chosen your desired career path, click the title link to see current job opportunities, or click “Apply Now” in order to begin the process.

As part of the process of applying for a retail job at any subsidiary of Sterling Jewelers Inc., applicants will need to go through a Virtual Job Tryout before they can be considered for the position that they are applying for. You will then need to fill out the online employment form.

Make sure you provide accurate information on the employment form, especially your contact details. Doing so will help the company’s hiring managers get in touch with you should they consider you for the position that you want. If possible, go over the form several times to make sure that there are no errors before you submit it. If you are interested in visiting the company’s careers portal, click here.

Career Paths

When you go to the company’s careers portal to apply for a job at Kay Jewelers, you will see that there are a few paths that your future career can take within the company. Depending on your skills, experience, qualifications, and interests, promising job opportunities in company could be waiting for you under any of the following career paths:

  • Corporate
  • Retail
  • Field Repair

Minimum Age Requirements

In order to obtain legal employment in the company, you must be at least 18 years old by the time you apply for a position in the company. Some states will allow minors over the age of sixteen to work legally, provided they secure the necessary work permit. Be sure to check local employment laws before you apply for a job.

Hours of Operation

Most Kay Jewelers stores are open from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Mondays through Saturdays. On Sundays, they usually open at noon and close at 5:00 p.m. If you want to see the exact business hours of a particular store or outlet, use the online store locator and ask the staff via phone call.

About the Company

The widely recognized specialty jewelry retailer was established in 1916, six years after its parent company Sterling Jewelers Inc. was founded. Brothers Sol and Edmund Kaufmann from Reading, Pennsylvania came up with the idea of opening their own store, which they did in the corner of their father’s furniture store.

During its early years, Kay Jewelers sold more than just jewelry. Interestingly, the company’s first products also included electric razors, eyeglasses, radios, silverware, kitchen appliances, and musical jewelry boxes. In time, the company slowly turned its focus to jewelry, and it has since become one of the leading specialty jewelry brands in the United States.

The company is also one of the largest corporate sponsors of Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Kay Jewelers works with the hospital in helping children from all over the world fight cancer and other debilitating diseases and medical conditions.

With headquarters in Akron, Ohio, the company is owned and operated by Sterling Jewelers Inc. Along with Signet Jewelers, which is the parent counterpart in the United Kingdom, Kay Jewelers and the other Sterling Jewelers Inc. subsidiaries form the largest coordinated jewelry retailer in the world.

Other Subsidiaries

Sterling Jewelers Inc. operates close to 1500 stores throughout the United States. Aside from Kay Jewelers, the company also owns and operates the following brands:

  • Belden Jewelers
  • Ultra Diamonds
  • Jared: The Galleria of Jewelry
  • Jared Jewelry Boutique
  • Jared Vault
  • J.B. Robinson Jewelers
  • Kay Outlet
  • Kay Jewelers
  • Friedlander Jewelers
  • Goodman Jewelers
  • LeRoy’s Jewelers
  • Marks & Morgan Jewelers
  • Osterman Jewelers
  • Rogers Jewelers
  • Shaw’s Jewelers
  • Sterling Jewelers
  • Weisfield Jewelers

Employment at the Company

If you ask some of the company’s former employees, they might say that they shone the brightest when they were working at Kay Jewelers. The company puts an emphasis on integrity and teamwork, and provides its employees with the ideal work environment that encourages these values.

Kay Jewelers is also quick to recognize the talent and potential in people, and it believes that passion, hard work, and dedication should always be rewarded. The company provides its top performers with the training and support that they need to grow through leadership development, mentoring, and more.

Submit your Kay Jewelers application today and start working with one of the biggest jewelry retailers in the world.

Current Job Openings

Applicants who are looking to start their careers with Kay Jewelers will see that as the company continues to grow, opportunities with the company will become increasingly available. Whether you’re a diamond in the rough or the jewel in the crown, there is bound to be a job waiting for you in the company.

One of the more popular entry level jobs available in the company today is the position of sales associate. If you get hired for this position, your primary responsibility will be to provide top quality customer service by engaging the customers in conversation and presenting merchandise and detailed information on features and benefits. Sales associates generally make around $8 to $13 an hour.

On the other hand, more experienced individuals may also be interested in applying for various positions on the company’s management team. These include the positions of Store Manager and Assistant Manager.

As second in command, Assistant Managers are responsible for a number of administrative tasks, which includes hiring and training new employees, creating work schedules, and managing payroll. If you get hired for this position, you stand to earn around $28,000 to $32,000 a year.

Store Managers are in charge of overseeing store operations. A large part of their job is dedicated to driving sales and increasing profit. Other responsibilities include developing personnel and making sure that they abide by the policies and standards set by the company. Store Managers make around $38,000 to $51,000 in annual salaries.

If you want to see other retail, corporate, or field repair opportunities available at Kay Jewelers, click here.

Direct Competitors

If you believe that your skills and interests are better suited for a career outside of Kay Jewelers, feel free to look into what other companies can offer you. For instance, if you want a job that lets you focus on fashion in general, then Charlotte Russe might have the perfect opportunity for you.

You might also be interested in starting a career with Express. The popular American fashion retailer has been providing trendy outfits and exciting job opportunities for more than 30 years.

Job Application Tips

Arguably the most crucial part of any company’s hiring process are the interviews. Make sure you come to your interview on time wearing proper attire in order to make a positive first impression. It would also help if you smile often, and be confident in the way you answer the interview questions.

Most of the questions that you may get asked during the interview will be about the information provided on your resume. You may be asked to cite examples of certain situations where you did your job well, or failed and found a way to make up for it. Commonly asked interview questions also include the following:

  • “What made you decide to apply for a job at Kay Jewelers?”
  • “Are you a team player?”
  • “As a retail professional, what are your strengths and areas for improvement?”
  • “How do you see yourself five to ten years from now?”

Do not limit your answers to a simple yes or no. Whenever possible, expound on your answers and show the interviewer that you are as intelligent as you are skilled.

Employee Benefits

The jewelry retailer understands the value of rewarding excellence. Aside from flexible hours, competitive wages, and exciting career advancement opportunities, Kay Jewelers employees may also qualify for a number of great benefits, such as incentive pay opportunities, insurance and medical plan options, 401(k) retirement plans, and tuition reimbursement.

With promising career opportunities waiting for you, Kay Jewelers really is your place to shine.

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