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Maurices LogoMaurices is a highly successful company.  Their success is due to many reasons and they run a great company that is led by people at so many different levels.  If you are looking to apply at Maurices’, fill out an online employment form, and you will be able to work where you love to shop.  Take advantage of a great discount, great clothing, and have a fun and lighthearted work environment that you will enjoy going to every day.

To start the path of working for Maurices, you first need to fill out a Maurices application and submit it online.  This article will give you step by step instructions on how you are going to apply and what will help you get a leg up on the competition that you will go against so that you can get the job.

You will also be able to get some understanding of the background of Maurices, how it started, how the company works, and why people enjoy their employment there so much.

To apply to Maurices, head onto their website and go to their career section.  There are a few different positions that you can choose to see if there are openings for.  You will need to determine what position you want to apply for so that you can see if there are appropriate openings.

There are two types of positions that Maurices will allow you to apply for.  There are external applicants and internal associate positions.  If you are already working at Maurices use the internal associate portal, if you are not, use the external site.

Career Choices:

  • Local Store Job Openings – stockers, cashiers, management, etc
  • Home Office and Multi-Store Management – marketing, HR, legal, etc.
  • Ascena Career Center – IT, Compensation Management, Administrative Assistant, etc.
  • Distribution Center – Designer, Stocker, Packer, Merchandise Planner, etc

Searching for Jobs Online

When you get to the website for Maurices, you want to head to the career section.  You will find it is divided into two sections, one for people employed currently and one for new hires.  You are going to be a new hire, use that to find open positions.

When you get to that section of the website, you will then need to determine where you want to work. You may live near a distribution center or the headquarters and you can apply there.  Or, you may just want to work in a local store and you need to see if there are openings at these local stores. Your position and where you apply will be dependent on where there are openings.

There are many different options that are going to be available for jobs; these jobs have a variety of skills and are for different experience levels.  Make sure that you are going to have the values that Maurices looks for before you apply, otherwise, this may not be a suitable position for you.

The more work that you do on your form, the better that it is going to look. Make sure that before you submit it, you proofread it and that you make sure that it is grammatically correct. You want to make a great first impression.

Applying Online

To apply for a position from the Maurices website, you need to start by creating an account.  This account will be an online profile that you will create and you can use that for any position you want to apply for.

Your online profile will include a lot of information:

  • Name, address, telephone number, and email.
  • Job history or an uploaded resume
  • References
  • Answers to personal history questions such as if you have a criminal record
  • Answers to citizenship and work allocation questions showing you are allowed to work in the US
  • Skills and talents

The best thing you can do is upload your resume; this will save you a ton of time.  You may need to format some of the information that is uploaded, but it generally will make it easy for you to get the information you need.

It is crucial that you read through any information that you type online before you submit it.  Changing it can be difficult or may not be able to be done. The fact is that you are going to want to apply for jobs with 100% accuracy in anything that you are uploading or that you have inputting.

When you’ve applied to  Maurices  through the online portal, you want to keep your phone and email handy.  You will want to ensure that if you are to get a call for the job that they are able to get ahold of you.  Make sure you give them the best contact information for you.

Direct Competitors

Maurices is a very successful fashion company for a number of reasons. You can find a variety of options and great discounts on a daily basis. People who work there are always have a good time and you will too. If you like the edgier side of fashion, apply to Hot Topic and work with comic book, video game, and niche apparel. Consider also Wet Seal for an urban approach to fashion that keeps customers coming back for more. For a selection of items to sell beyond fashion, you can also apply to Five Below where the selection goes into medicine, food, and fashion. 

A History of the Company

When you are applying to Maurices  and before you go in for an interview, you need to prep.  You should always prepare yourself for an interview that involves you understanding the history of the company and much more.  In this sense, you will be ready when you walk in for an interview and be prepared to answer questions.

The Maurices story starts all the way back in 1931.  There was one store located in Duluth, Minnesota that had a goal to bring the latest fashions with the best value to the area.  Today, that small store exploded into more than 850 stores that are located throughout 45 states and even in Canada.

Maurices today is known for being a local specialty retailer that brings the latest fashions to the area.  Walk into a Maurices, they are inspiring, they are bright and full of energy, and they are always welcoming.  The fashions that they offer include dressy, casual, and even career choices, their goal is to let women express themselves through their fashion.

The company is owned by Ascena Retail Group.  Ascena Retail Group is actually a specialty retailer that offers apparel for women and for the tween population.  They own and operate Justice, Lane Bryant, Catherines, Dressbarn, and Maurices.

Even though they have 5 different brands that they offer, there is a common purpose that these retailers have at their core.  They want to make people; feel good about themselves.  To do this, they hire the best that will help motivate and be that person that people want to shop with.

Understanding the Culture

Be sure that you include some culture when applying to Maurices.  There are many pillars that this company stands by:

  • They Are Customer Obsessed

At Maurices, they are successful because of the customer and they know this.  All associates are to practice this obsession and help out the customer to have a great experience.

  • It Takes a Village

This is a common pillar with many companies, to be a premier retailer, they need to village to work together.  That means that people working there need to give feedback and ideas to cultivate growth.

  • Teams Trump

The “us” is always better than the “I”.  Teams are problem solvers and Maurices knows that.  Teams also help to create bigger and better things.

  • Inclusion Prevails

Any climate needs to include all, everyone’s ideas should be heard and respected and they follow this principle.  To do this, Maurices draws off of the strengths that each individual employee brings, this makes it the best place to work.

  • Always Do What’s Right

Business must be good. Bad business means no business.  Maurices always does the ethical thing and helps out with the community too.

  • Grow

Maurices will take time to help their employees grow and work to challenge and stretch them.  This comes from a belief that everyone has more potential than what is on the surface.


Do you thoroughly enjoy working in retail? Maurices careers can help you expand some of your most diverse working traits. A retail career begins and ends with divine work ethic and a position within the companies’ supreme ranks will help you create strong habits of work ethic. These traits can go a long way in your working career.

Available Benefits

You may be filling out your form so that you can take advantage of this great company and some of the great benefits that they offer.  Here are a few of their benefits they offer to full-time employees:

  • 401(k) Retirement Plan
  • Assistance for Adoptions
  • Discount in any of the Ascena Retail Group stores
  • Pay for Bereavement days
  • Programs for Charitable Giving
  • Sick days and the ability to bank sick days
  • Short Term and Long Term disability insurance
  • Stock purchase options for employees
  • Health Insurance and spending account options
  • Holiday pay
  • Jury pay
  • Tuition reimbursement and scholarship programs
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Life Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Paid vacation days
  • Service awards

Internship Options

If you are just starting college, there is internship and accelerated learning programs you can apply to Maurices for.  There are also positions for people who are looking to accelerate.

The store management internships are a 10 week program that will let you see just what a Store Manager does.  This program is structured to allow interns to learn about store leadership and actually participate in coaching a team through motivational tactics.

At the home office, there are internships that are offered also.  If you are located in or near Duluth, MN, this would be a good choice for you. These internships provide people a hands-on education and allow you to surround yourself with others that are looking for a similar position.  This program is 8 weeks and there is both a summer and a spring option available.

If you are out of college, you may want to look into our associate manager program; this will help you learn how to be a store manager.  If you are open to relocation and ready to learn, this is a great idea for you.  Through this accelerated program offered, you could be a manager in as little as 6 months.

The Basics of the Store

While you are applying to work at Maurices, you need to be sure that you know the details about the stores and what they have for requirements.

Any applicant applying to work at Maurices needs to be at least 16 years old with a high school education or the equivalent of one. They must be legal to work in the United States and must have basic math skills.

The stores for Maurices are generally open Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 9PM. They are also open Sunday from 11PM to 6PM.  Some stores may be open later or earlier. Most stores will close for major holidays.

Interview Tips

There are a few tips that you should always be aware of when you are applying at Maurices and before you are going to go in for an interview.  These tips will help an interview go much smoother and will better your choices of getting the position you’ve applied for.

First, always make sure that you are arriving for an interview early, you don’t ever want to be late.  You need to dress appropriately.  For Maurices, make sure that you are being fashion forward and that you are able to show that you have an understanding of style.

Always make sure that you greet the person that interviews you with a strong handshake and always make eye contact. When you actually begin the interview, answer your questions naturally, friendly, and make sure that you are answering them confidently.

Be sure that you know and understand the pillars that Maurices stands by, this way you can answer the questions using these pillars and show them that you stand for what Maurices stands behind and you will be a great fit.

Maurices is a great place for employment.  If you are a person that enjoys fashion and is looking for a career, you need to apply.  Head online and put a Maurices application in.  Be sure that you are proofreading it and you have put everything in accurately.

The online portal will help you apply for the positions there, choose the position that you are looking for and have a great career in an industry that you can enjoy. Maurices is looking for great workers that they can help find a quality career in the fashion industry, you can be a part of this.

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