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Menards is one of the many family-owned businesses in the US that had a very humble beginning. It started as a small agricultural supply shop for the Eau Claire, Wisconsin neighborhood. Thus, there is no other way to start out your young career in the home improvement industry but with this company. This article will guide you on how to secure a Menards application online.

You will learn about the company, its employees, core values and culture that are very important factors in helping you come up with a good decision career-wise. You will be updated with the latest job vacancies, job alerts and hiring process.

Apply to Menards Online

Menards has user-friendly career website that you can visit to have a faster process. You can browse through a long list of job openings available at their various hardware stores. You can use the advanced job search here to select which job is right for you.

You must prepare your personal information, educational background and contact information handily so you won’t forget any necessary details. Click on the “submit your resume” button to create a new profile. You must have a valid email address to be able to log in.

At Menards, the jobs are arranged categorically. The positions range from retail, manufacturing, distribution to corporate. Find a job that suits your personality, skills, education background and work history. The company also welcomes individuals who are interested in changing their respective career path, as they continuously hiring young professionals.

Additionally, college students who are looking for internship work are welcome to apply. The company has an internship program for deserving students who could also be the future management trainee of the company.

There are about 300 jobs available today at Menards. However, you must know which hardware store is in need of a retailer for example. Make use of the career website to locate the nearest location from your place. Expect that most jobs that are available would be coming from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Nebraska.

You can work full-time or part-time depending on the position you are applying to. It is most likely that the retail department has a lot of openings for part-timers that include the following positions:

  • Sales
  • Cashier
  • Guest relations
  • Contractor sales
  • Shipping/handling

Click here for more details about Menards and potential careers.

About Menards

Menards was named after its hard-working founder, John Menard, Jr. It was established in 1962 in a small patch of land in Eau Claire, WI. The company traces its roots back to John Menard working as a builder of post-frame for buildings. He did this job to primarily support his higher education. However, the demand from his clients grew that prompted him to buy more materials and equipment.

Subsequently, he needed to buy a portion of land in Eau Claire to build a shop. He became a business owner at a young age after he graduated from college. He continued growing his business by building a site for manufacturing doors, nails and screws, lumber and boards. This growth paved the way to the first ever Menards hardware store in 1972.

Today, the company has grown into a large network of hardware stores. The company has more than 280 stores located in different US states, most of which are in Midwestern region of the country.

Menards is popular for their “Save Big Money” slogan because their goal is to provide affordable yet high quality products and services to paying customers and clients.

The products the company offers cover a wide array of hardware supplies for home improvement. Aside from their physical stores, the company has a dedicated e-commerce site where clients can purchase products online, allowing a faster and easier transaction.

The introduction of the website has created other job opportunities, digital technology-related, that qualified applicants can explore.

Employment at Menards

Menards believes that everyone has a potential within that must be brought out. So, the company is dedicated to helping their employees become the best version of themselves when it comes to work.

This is also why the company offers management training program and other advancement opportunities for an outstanding employee. If you are looking for an employer that can help you develop new skills, Menards is a good place to start.

As family-owned company, Menards has a direct control to the operations of the business. Thus, your skills and contributions will be easily recognized by the owners themselves, which is a great advantage that you can use when building your profile in the industry. The company can teach you the importance of living a practical lifestyle as per their slogan “save big money”.

Menards aims to be the go to hardware store of the people in Mid-west, and eventually of the whole country. So, take this opportunity to be a part of a growing hardware retail company. Your bright future starts by applying today.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • At least 16 years old
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Employment form
  • Flexible work schedule

Working Hours

Menards working hours vary depending on the store location, whether it is a hardware store or the main office.

  • Monday to Friday – 7AM to 10PM
  • Saturday – 7AM to 9PM
  • Sunday – 8AM to 8PM

Apparently, longer working hours are required on weekdays so your schedule must be flexible. You must also be willing to work on weekends to sustain the company’s day to day operations.

Direct Competitors

Menards stands out from other home improvement stores by being a family-owned business who holds their values to their business. The company has a distinct culture and makes for a great career choice. Apply as well to Home Depot to serve customer with a variety of home improvement products for the interior and exterior of your home. Lowes is another great choice for a well organized and varied store that carries everything your customers need under one roof. People will always have need for tools and supplies to improve and maintain their homes. You can be the one to sell them these things and keep their homes safe. 

Available Job Openings at Menards

Employees are usually rewarded with incentives based on their performance. The company prides on having a good promotion system that will encourage the team members to always achieve their goals and objectives.

Menards is known for developing highly responsible and professional employees, which in effect, can make them a better and productive citizen of the country.

Take advantage of this opportunity by applying for the available job positions.

Retail Store

  • General positions – As mentioned above, general job positions are related to sales, cashier, stocking, human resources and manager trainee. Each hardware store has an opening for the said positions. Part time and full-time work may also be available. Click here for more information.


The corporate office is located in Eau Claire, WI. This office is the center of Menards operations, from making business plans, implementation and execution of its brands. It is a hub where employees primarily advance their employment within the organization. Currently, the corporate office needs the services of a professional for:

  • Real estate
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Computer programming
  • Legal counsel
  • Fleet mechanic
  • Clerk jobs
  • Merchandising


  • Controller trainee
  • CAD Operator-Project Management team
  • Line operator
  • Graphic designer
  • IT programmer
  • Information systems trainee
  • Maintenance mechanic
  • Product team manager


  • Manager trainee
  • Information systems professional
  • Shift manager
  • Planning and inventory officer
  • Department manager
  • Warehouse staff
  • Planning and construction
  • Logistics

Menards Application Tips and Hiring Process

The hiring process with Menards is a typical one-on-one interview between an interviewer and an applicant. After submitting your accomplished resume, expect to hear back from them within 2 days or longer depending on the number of applicants applying for the same position as you.

You will be contacted via phone call, which may already be the initial interview so you have to prepare yourself anytime of the day upon submission of your resume. The interviewer will likely invite you to visit the store or the main office for personal interview with the assistant manager or the department manager. Your status may be announced on the spot so do your best during the interview.

Interview Questions

  • What is your favorite Menards product?
  • Do you love interacting with customers and responding to their inquiries?
  • Do you have any direct experience with using tools and equipment for home improvement?
  • What has sparked your interest to apply at Menards?
  • How do you handle conflict with other people?

Interview Tips

There is no specific dress code for applicants attending their scheduled interview, but formal business attire must be observed. For men, shave your beard or keep it trimmed, wear long sleeves polo and neck tie, black shoes and black slacks. For women, keep your hair neatly styled, do not overdress by keeping your attire simple, and avoid wearing heavy makeup.

Client-centric employers like Menards want their prospective employees to have a pleasant vibe, so always smile and feel confident about your skin. It is important to also demonstrate your skills and experience by answering all interview questions with certainty.

Some jobs may require you to answer technical or situational questions. For example, if you are applying for a CAD operator position, you must be knowledgeable of its duties and responsibilities. A direct experience in CAD is a must.

Salary Information

Salary is based on job performance. If the employer observes that you deliver good results consistently, you are likely to be rewarded with generous incentives. Menards salary varies depending on job title, type of job (part-time or full time), experience and skills.


  • Head Cashier Hourly – $9
  • Morning Stocker hourly – $8
  • Sales associate – $9
  • Sales representative – $9
  • Cashier – $8


  • Team member hourly – $10 to $11
  • Management trainee – $11
  • Department manager – $12
  • Assistant department manager – $34,077
  • Assistant manager – $37,357


  • Shipping/Receiving – $10

Menards Employee Benefits

Aside from a dynamic and fun work environment, Menards also reward their team members with above-industry benefits and salary packages. The standard compensation and benefit package is added with extra benefits for highly deserving employees, particularly those who hold upper management positions.

  • Bonuses – A token of appreciation to an employee’s hard work. The company gives bonus pay for holiday season, weekends and other special incentive points.
  • Discount privileges – Whether you are a part-time or full-time worker, you will be given discount perks on Menards merchandise. The discount rate is 10% which is a good savings already. It is applicable to any hardware store nationwide.
  • 401(k) Retirement and savings plan – To help you secure financial security in the long run. You can do this by investing some of your savings through the retirement plan.
  • Medical and dental benefits
  • Disability coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Profit sharing – The company rewards employees a lump sum bonus annually. The longer years you stay with Menards, the higher your lump sum bonus will get.

Overall, this is a great company to begin your career in the hardware retail industry. The company has a range of job selections that could match your skills and interests. You will get to work with the industry’s finest retail, manufacturing and distributing professionals through your Menards employment.

Aside from that, there will be a lot of competitive salaries and benefits that are in store for you. Secure a slot now with the company by applying. Make an informed decision and apply now online or by visiting a nearby Menards store.

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