Office Depot Employment Job Application

Office Depot LogoIf you want a job in a successful office supplies store, then you need to follow our guide and apply today. Office Depot has been a success story since its foundation in March 1986. The secret behind this success story is a commitment and dedicated staff, highly satisfied with the employer.

In this piece I will give you the procedure involved in the Office Depot Application process, as well as the current available vacancies in Office Depot careers, plus a brief history of the company from its inception to the present time.

No matter which stage you are in your career, there is a place for you in office depot’s career opportunities. The company itself assures you that their business is taking care of you, their employee.

If you are sure that you want to work at Office Depot, you can visit their website, where, after pressing the Apply Now button, you will be redirected to their online job page. On the same page, there is a list of the jobs which are currently available, where you can select the ones you feel that you are qualified for, and then you can proceed to apply for the selected jobs.

You are first required to register in order for you to be able to apply to Office Depot. After you have registered you have to agree to a set of their terms and conditions by clicking a box at the bottom of the terms.

After you agree to the terms, you are given options to both apply with a resume, copy and paste your resume or to apply without a resume. After you choose which action out of the three to take, you can continue to the next page.

The next page provides you with a form to fill, mostly about your contact information such as email address, postal address and phone number. The next page is also a form that requires you to outline your work experience, educational background, your preferences in terms of which days you would like to work and whether you would like to relocate or not and your language skills.

There are also legal issues involved such as whether you are legally permitted to work in the particular country in which you are applying to an Office Depot location (they serve consumers and businesses in more than 59 countries).

Direct Competitors

Working with office supplies is an always relevant business that is constantly in need of more people as it consistently grows. The secret behind Office Depot’s success is a staff that is knowledgeable and dedicated. Apply to Staples to work with top of the line products and the lowest prices in the business. If you like working with electronics, computers, printers, and the like, apply to Best Buy and sell the next generation of office supplies. Offices are everywhere and working in a office supply business means you have plenty of customers coming to you on a daily basis and a job security that cannot be matched. 

Career Opportunities

As stated earlier, there are many career opportunities at Office Depot, no matter which stage you are in your career. These careers are divided into different groups as follows

Corporate division

As a corporate in Office Depot, you will be involved in the activities that have made office depot a success and which continue to help the company maintain its reputation as a successful company over the years. There are several avenues which you can be able to join the corporate division including but not limited to:

  • Accounting
  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • E-Commerce
  • Human Resource
  • Internal Audit
  • IT
  • Legal
  • Loss Prevention
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Merchandising
  • Print/Productions
  • Public Relations
  • Real Estate
  • Replenishment
  • Risk Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Tax

 Stores Division

This is yet another department in Office Depot careers. It is an important division as it serves as the face of Office Depot to the world. There are many opportunities through which you can experience growth in your career in the sales division such as:

  • Customer service specialists – you will use your people skills to help customers choose products that best suit their needs
  • Department manager- yours is a supervisory role. Most importantly you will provide customer satisfaction, drive sales as well as provide solutions that work.
  • Assistant store manager you will support  development of store associates in addition to supervising store operations
  • Store manager- In this role, you will oversee sales, profits and performance indicators. Your most important role is to provide leadership in the store, therefore creating a selling environment
  • District manager- You will have an average of 15 stores. Your greatest role is to provide leadership for these stores which will enhance better profits for the company

Supply Chain Division

As an employee in this Office Depot department, you will be involved in ensuring that the company keeps moving. This division has a number of career paths to offer including corporate team, distribution centers and cross docks, Engineering team Field team, Inventory management, Operations support, Training and compliance and transportation.

Business solutions

Employees in this division are the forces behind the growth of Office Depot. The avenues to explore within this division include the customer service team, account manager, District sales manager, implementation team, Design, Print and Ship, Direct Marketing, E-Commerce and Tech depot.


In this division, you will take care of Office Depot’s affairs in its many international affairs.

Success Tips for your Interview

You have already submitted an online Office Depot form and gone through the online assessment, in which you have done impressively enough to attract the attention of the hiring officers to call you for a face to face interview. Now the big question is how you are going to impress in this interview.

There are a number of ways in which you can ensure that you land your dream job at Office Depot.

The first thing you can do is to make sure that you are dressed in a way that shows your professionalism. Do your research thoroughly and know which kinds of clothes are acceptable at Office Depot. As a general rule however, if you are not sure what to expect, you can never go wrong with a well fitted suit in a dark shade such as black or charcoal grey.

Next make sure that you present a cheerful and motivated personality that shows you will be an asset to the team. People who present themselves in this way have a higher rate of success in interviews at Office Depot.

Know the products which the company deals with inside out because you can find yourself presented with a challenge to sell to the panel whatever item is in the reach of an interviewing officer. If you know all the products, then it won’t be hard to come with a few winning sentences, which could end up determining whether you get the job or not.

Possible questions at the Interviews

Knowing what kind of questions to expect during Office Depot interview could make your hiring process a more successful experience. You will be able to prepare yourself adequately with the best answers you can possibly provide to the questions. Here is a checklist of the kind of questions you can expect the interviewing panel to ask you.

  • Why you are the best fit for the position
  • What motivates you to succeed as an employee, particularly as an Office Depot employee
  • Your winning words to a customer from who you want to win a large sale
  • How much experience you have in the office supply industry
  • How would you behave if you caught another employee stealing from the company
  • Whether you are able to work an entire shift on your feet

About The Company

It is always prudent to know the history of the company in which you are applying; Office Depot is no different. The reason why background checks are important to the process is that you might be asked a few questions about the company’s history during the final interview. Knowing most of the history will boost your confidence and help you to answer the questions correctly, which will present you as a diligent person, a valuable trait in an employee.


Office Depot was founded in March 1986 by the late F. Patrick Sher, Chairman and C.E.O, together with Jack Kopkin, as executive vice president and Stephen Dougherty as President. Together they envisioned a warehouse-like store for office supplies where clients could buy goods in bulk at discounted prices.

The company opened its first store in October 1986 at Lakes mall in Florida. Since then, a lot of milestones have taken place in the company in way of expansion and forming mergers and acquisitions, the latest one being in 2013 in which Office Depot merged with OfficeMax to form one of the largest US office supplies chain. The merger was completed on 5th November 2013.

Social Responsibility

The company has sponsored a number of events over the years, for example:

In 2005, Office Depot signed on as the primary sponsor of #99 office depot Ford driven by Carl Edwards. They sponsored Edwards until the end of the 2008 NASCAR sprint up series.

In 2012, Office Depot partnered with the Born This Way foundation started by lady Gaga to sell limited edition office supplies. 25% of the proceeds earned would go to the organization.

Environmental program

Office Depot has structured its environmental program on three strategies:  Buying Green, Being Green and Selling Green. As a result they sell some of the safest office supplies in the country and abroad. This strategy has won the company numerous awards.

Examples include: Office Depot’s UK Headquarters is a green building which has won BREEAM’VERY GOOD ‘rating. Also in 2008, Office Depot won the BSI British standards for innovation

Employee Benefits

Office Depot is a great company with generous employee benefits. The benefits are favorable to keep the best workforce possible, and the company values its workers as an important part of its success. The permanent workers are paid handsomely while the part –time employees are offered competitive pay. In addition to the salary, the company offers many job benefits to its employees.

Their comprehensive benefits package offered to eligible employees includes a dental , medical, vision and life insurance plan. It also offers supplemental life insurance as well as a spouse/dependant life insurance. Other perks included in the Office Depot employee benefits package are retirement saving plan, short-term and long-term disability, paid holidays, associate store merchandise discounts, matching gifts for education and volunteer leaders and grants for volunteers.

Office Depot also offers work/life benefits such as lactation rooms for moms with newborns, flexible work arrangements, flexible spending accounts and national fitness membership discounts among many others.

Diversity in the Workforce

As far as diversity is concerned, Office Depot takes care to include everyone who is qualified in their workforce to show the diversity to the communities in which they do business. Do not let anything deter you from starting an Office Depot position because this is a company which is an equal opportunity employer.

They are committed to creating a work environment where everyone is valued and respected. Office Depot does not discriminate based on gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or any other class protected by the law. They also promote a drug free and smoke free workplace.

Facts About the Company

In order for you to be considered for a position at Office Depot, you need to be sixteen and above. You also need to be legally permitted to work in the country in which you are applying for a store to work in.

The hours of operation at Office Depot are Mon-Fri: 8.00 a.mto 8.00 pm, Sat: 10.00am -7.00 pm, and Sun 10.00 am -6.00 pm.

Office Depot is not just an office supply company; it’s a business solution expert. In addition to being a business, it’s a company that is committed to conserving the environment as well as making the experience of working for them as enjoyable as and profitable possible through employee benefits and competitive salaries.

When you are filling out your  form and completing your online assessment, do it meticulously and proofread to make sure you do not submit a Office Depot application with errors. You just might get picked to join the company, which has limitless opportunities for growth in all its sectors, due to the size of its operations both in the US and abroad.

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