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O’Reilly Auto Parts Application Online – Printable Job Employment Form

America’s largest auto parts retailer company, O’Reilly Auto Parts, offers various opportunities to recent graduates, entry-level and seasoned professionals. The company is looking to fill in the vacancies in their stores, distribution and corporate offices. If you want to work in a reputable auto parts and service company, there should be no stopping you in preparing your O’Reilly Auto Parts application.

O’Reilly aims to be the primary supplier of vehicle parts in the industry. And this can only be done by hiring a team of dedicated retailers, installers and auto parts jobbers on the organization. This will be matched with reasonable prices and premium quality that they will be providing to customers.

So, if you think that you share the same mission as O’Reilly Auto Parts, then this article is for you!

O’Reilly Auto Parts Application Guide Online

O’Reilly encourages all interested applicants to apply online because it is easier and faster. Thus, the company had a separate career website designed for this purpose. It is where you shall find the latest job alerts, vacancies and internship offers of the moment.

The career opportunities are divided into four sections. These are the following categories:

  • Distribution
  • Internship
  • Corporate
  • Stores

Select which O’Reilly business you may want to join in to jumpstart your career. For example, if your desired position is related to logistics like truck driver, quality assurance, or technician, you should then select the Distribution tab.

The key to making your job search easier is to know which business your desired O’Reilly Auto Parts job belongs to. Search through the list of job vacancies that are posted on the web page. Read the job description to learn if your skills and experience could be a great match to your chosen area of interest.

You must also select which state in the United States to work in. This way, you can find a store location near to your house. Or, if there is a greater O’Reilly opportunity somewhere else, you could easily plan your relocation before hiring.

Another advantage of using the career site is that you can easily navigate through it. You can read company events and social media updates at the left column, while from the middle to the bottom part are video greetings by the company executives and testimonials from selected employees.

With that, you should be able to get a handful of information about the company which can be very useful when the hiring officer will ask you about things you know about O’Reilly. Lend a few minutes to watch each video so that you will also know if you are really applying for the right company.

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How to Apply Online

Your O’Reilly Auto Parts Application can be sent online via the account that you will create. As a new user, you must fill in the blank spaces with the information requested by the company. It is also important to have an email address to receive updates about your application status and other latest job announcements.

Once you have filled out the information sheet, it is recommended to upload a copy of your resume and auto parts application letter on the website. This is to help the hiring officer review your profile and find matches to the position that you intend to pursue.

Make sure that all of your answers are factual and honest. You should not lie about anything about your identity because O’Reilly may conduct a background check on all of their short listed applicants.

If all is well and ready, click the submit button. All information is saved onto the database but you may edit them, if necessary.

Additionally, you may select several job positions that have captured your interest. This same goes to applying at different O’Reilly businesses.

You can find additional information here.

About the Company

It all began in November 1957 when Charles Francis O’Reilly together with his son, Chub O’Reilly, decided to establish their own auto parts business in Springfield, Missouri. Charles Francis was already 72 years old during the said year, but with his incomparable expertise and knowledge of the industry, he was able to launch a successful business.

Charles’ legacy continued on by Chub O’Reilly who had always been an excellent business manager and strategist. Now wonder while having a single store in 1957, the O’Reilly’s were able to generate sales revenue of $700,000. Of course, it wouldn’t become possible if it wasn’t for the help of their 13 staff members, too.

After 4 years, O’Reilly Auto Parts achieved a significant milestone which is their $1.3 million revenue. The company has a division already during the 1960’s, which is the O’Reilly Automotive Distributors. This division did help O’Reilly grow as the sales revenue spiked to $7 million in 1975. At the said year, the company had been operating in a 52,000 square foot store at Missouri.

No other auto parts businesses had stopped O’Reilly from its fast expansion that during the mid-1970’s it already had branched out to nine locations in southwest, MO. Today, O’Reilly Auto Parts is looking to add 200 stores more in the US.

O’Reilly has over 4,000 store branches across the 42 US states, all of which contributed to the $4.8 billion sales volume in 2009. With that, expect that there will be more O’Reilly Auto Parts jobs to come your way.

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Employment at O’Reilly Auto Parts

With a goal to become a consistent industry-leader, O’Reilly makes sure that all of their team members are constantly motivated to work hard and remain passionate about their jobs. They do this by being a reasonable and an equal opportunity employer to each of their associates, and to job applicants to an extent.

O’Reilly Auto Parts is guided by philosophies and core values to which the company was established on. They value mutual respect the most because they believe in equality and the good things that come to those who treat other people well. The company’s commitment is to their customers and team members because these people will always be the most valuable assets they could ever have.

Working at O’Reilly does not feel like working at all because the environment is fun, professional and yet competitive at the same time. Key characteristics that the company seeks in a qualified candidate are:

  • Excellent work attitude
  • Dedicated to unity and teamwork
  • Passionate
  • Respectful
  • Integrity
  • Committed to giving exceptional customer service

If you possess the said characteristics, or if you are willing to bring out these things in you, submit your O’Reilly Auto Parts Application now.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • You must be 18 years old
  • Must secure a High School diploma or equivalent
  • Must pass background check
  • Your accomplished auto parts application form

Store Hours

Mondays through Saturdays: 7:30 AM to 10 PM

Sunday: 9 AM to 9 PM

Obviously, you must be willing to work on weekends if you want to work in an O’Reilly store. Willingness to work on a shifting schedule might also be preferred.

Interesting Facts

  • Charles Francis O’Reilly started out as a travelling salesman
  • Charles F.O. had served as the manager of an auto part giant Link Motor Supply
  • The retirement of Charles from Link prompted him to establish his own auto parts business in 1957 together with his son, Chub O’Reilly
  • As of 2014, the company has 4,216 stores in 42 states
  • O’Reilly takes care of around 64,000 team members

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Available Job Openings

Having plans on adding 200 more stores in the US, O’Reilly seeks to hire hundreds of professionals as well. The company has a growing team of retailers, customer service specialists, sales associates, distributors, managers, among many others. Applicants are fortunate to be provided with a wide array of available positions to where they may send in their O’Reilly Auto Parts application forms.

Here’s a list of job vacancies available at the company right now:


  • Store Manager
  • Counter Sales team member
  • Cashier
  • Store Machine Shop Mechanic
  • Dispatcher

Team members of this business segment are called the Professional Parts People. The job requires you to be customer-oriented, interactive and pleasant to customers besides performing your expected duties and responsibilities.


  • Accounts Payable Specialist I
  • Customer Service Technical Agent
  • Special Order Clerk
  • Customer Satisfaction Specialist
  • Online Customer Service Agent
  • Paralegal Officer
  • Contract Negotiator for Real Estate
  • Corporate Assistant
  • Product Technician
  • Inventory Analyst
  • Promotional Pricing Specialist and Analyst
  • Counterworks Ipo Technician
  • Professional Customer Analyst I
  • Product Planning Coordinator
  • Billing Specialist
  • Credit Application Specialist
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Web Administrator
  • Computer Help Desk Technician
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Web Graphic Designer
  • Graphic Designer

Distribution Center

  • Returns Materials Handler
  • Distribution Center Corp Assistant
  • Ib Materials Handler
  • Human Resources Officer
  • City Counter Route Driver
  • Maintenance Technician

Keep in mind that the corporate offices are found at Springfield, MO. It is likely that you must be willing to work or transfer to MO, should they hire you for a corporate job.

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O’Reilly Auto Parts Application and Hiring Process

The application process is made simple and easy to follow. Again, you will just have to create an account to be able to fill out your online profile. The hiring officer shall review it to see if you are qualified for the position or any other position where your qualifications are a good match.

You will be hearing from the hiring officer within 3-7 business days regarding your O’Reilly Auto Parts application. They might either call you or send you an email. Either way, keep your lines open always. Once the interview is set, confirm your schedule and attendance with the recruiter.

Interview Process

The rule of thumb is to have the applicants undergo a three-part series of interview. The first one is the phone call interview, while the succeeding ones are one-on-one interviews with a manager and/or director. However, this may depend on the level of position that you are applying for as high ranking positions undergo a much thorough interview process.

The interview process can take up to 1 month, depending on the volume of applicants. But in most cases, when you applied for an in-store position, the manager can hire you on the spot. So, it is recommended to always give your best shot.

Interview Questions

  • What made you decide to work for us?
  • How much do you know about auto mechanic?
  • What is your favorite automobile? Could you describe its specifications and features?
  • Are you proficient in using computers and auto systems?
  • Are you willing to work for extended hours, should the ever-increasing demand requires it from you?

Interview Tips

Wear business attire when applying for any O’Reilly job.

Do not forget to bring the following items:

  • Updated resume
  • Pen or pencil
  • Valid ID

Greet the hiring officer with your pleasant smile. Show how much enthusiasm you have for the company. Remember that in O’Reilly’s company culture, enthusiasm is important.

Answer all of the interview questions in good articulation and in a courteous manner.

Do not forget to thank the hiring officer at the end of the interview. Make follow ups one week after the specified date of when they should be contacting you again for the result.

Salary Information

Salaries are determined depending on one’s skills set, years in the industry, location and position. According to glassdoor.com, team members of O’Reilly receive anywhere between those pay scales:


  • Auto Parts Specialist – $9.56
  • Merchandiser – $9.09
  • Sales Specialist – $8.32
  • Retail service specialist – $9.14
  • Delivery Specialist – $8.06
  • Store Manager – $15.76
  • Assistant Manager – $12.05
  • Material Handler – $12.76

Full Salaried

  • Senior Programmer – $54,625
  • Territory Sales Manager – $43,225
  • Pricing Analyst – $30,875
  • Store Manager – $38,371
  • Distribution Center Supervisor – $42,333
  • District Manager – $52,000
  • Coordinator – $33,833

Employee Benefits

Before finalizing your O’Reilly Auto Parts application, you must know about the company benefits that might be offered to you. However, not all of these benefits are eligible to all team members. Comprehensive benefits apply to full-time employees only.

  • 401(k) Savings Plan
  • Long term and short term disability coverage
  • Medical, drug prescriptions and dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Vision care plan
  • Profit sharing program
  • Sick/holiday/vacation pay
  • Military leave
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Discounted Stock Purchase Program
  • Job perks like discounts on selected items
  • Credit Union
  • Incentives, bonuses and rewards

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