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Outback Steakhouse LogoOne of the largest and fastest growing American casual dining restaurant chains in operation today is Outback Steakhouse. Founded in 1988, in Tampa, Florida, Outback Steakhouse has grown to become one of the most popular casual dining restaurants in and around the United States.

Outback Steakhouse operates more than 1200 restaurant locations in 23 countries throughout Australia, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. Now owned and operated by OSI Restaurant Partners LLC, the company constantly hires qualified individuals who submit their Outback Steakhouse application in order to continue their commitment of providing great food and excellent service to their customers.

One convenient way to apply for a job at Outback Steakhouse is by visiting the company’s official website. If you are looking to find work at one of the fastest growing casual dining restaurant chains in America, you can apply online.

From the official Outback Steakhouse website’s homepage, scroll towards the bottom and click on the careers link. That will take you to the next page, where you will have the option to choose whether you want to apply for an hourly position, a position in management, or a job at the company’s corporate office.

Once you choose the career path that you want to take, click on the link and follow the instructions in order to get to the careers page of OSI Restaurant Partners LLC, now known as Bloomin’ Brands, which is the company that owns and operates Outback Steakhouse.

Outback steakhouse app formOn the Bloomin’ Brands careers page you will be asked to sign in with your profile, or set up your profile if you do not have one yet. Having a profile makes it easier for you to find a job with any of the Bloomin’ Brands subsidiaries.

Once signed in, follow the instructions on how to upload your resume, or fill out the online form. If you’re accepted, you will be scheduled for an interview.

You can begin applying to Outback Steakhouse here.

About the Company

During the 1980’s, experienced restaurant industry veterans Tim Gannon, Bob Basham, and Chris Sullivan decided to stop working for other people and put up their own business. The three men had worked for other restaurant chains such as Steak and Ale, and Bennigan, and they thought that if they had their way, they would do things a bit differently.

At the time, even though the concept of lighter healthier food was gaining popularity in the United States, Gannon, Basham and Sullivan noticed that restaurants that specialized in steaks were doing considerably well. They then decided to open their own modestly priced steak restaurant that featured high quality food, and a casual dining atmosphere.

The three founders had already developed the concept of their business venture, and all they needed was a theme that would give their restaurant a unique identity. In 1986, the movie Crocodile Dundee was a big hit in theaters, and the three founders decided to go with an Australian theme because they saw that Australians were a fun-loving and gregariously casual people, which was the kind of atmosphere that they wanted to have in their restaurant.

They decided to call their Australian themed American steak restaurant Outback. This was a reference to the Australian western theme that the three founders had wanted their steak restaurant to have.

In 1988, the group opened their first Outback restaurant in Tampa, Florida. At first, their concept did not seem like it was going to be successful, but with increased promotion that included cooking at radio stations and other local events, business began to take off.

Within fifteen months, five more Outback restaurants had opened. Their fast growth attracted the attention of other major players in the restaurant industry, and soon through franchising deals and joint ventures, Outback’s founders were able to expand their business outside of Tampa.

In the late 1980’s, Outback opened restaurant locations in Orlando and Jacksonville Florida; Indianapolis, Indiana; Washington, DC; Louisville, Kentucky; and Houston and Dallas, Texas. By the end of 1990, just two years after the first restaurant opened, Outback had already opened a total of 49 restaurant locations.

Outback’s exponential growth continued steadily in the next few years. By the end of 1995, the company already had 297 Outback restaurants in the United States, with plans of expanding outside the country already underway.

The first Outback Steakhouse to open outside the United States opened in Canada in 1996. Over the next few years, restaurant locations were opened in countries such as Aruba, China, Brazil, Guam, South Korea, and the Philippines.

Today, Outback Steakhouse continues its tradition of serving delicious American food in their Australian themed restaurants. Some of the restaurant chain’s more popular dishes include their wide selection of ribs and steaks, which are seasoned with seventeen different spice blends.

Other popular Outback Steakhouse favorites are the Teriyaki Steak Medallions, the New Zealand Lamb, and the No Rules Parmesan Pasta. Their Bloomin’ Onion, which is a breaded, deep fried hollow onion, is an Outback Signature item.

In some Outback locations, particularly the ones outside the United States, the menu could be different to cater to specific food cultures. One example is Outback Steakhouse Malaysia, which offers a pork-free menu that caters to the restaurant’s Malay customers.

Direct Competitors

Working at Outback Steakhouse will have your serving some of the most iconic food in a great environment. Everything from steaks, the classic and iconic blooming Onion. With over 1200 locations, you won’t have an issue finding a location to work for. Apply to Red Lobster as well, another iconic chain of restaurants with their own classic dish: the cheese biscuits. Olive Garden also sparks the same level of recognition with locations all over the nation. If you would like to work at a steakhouse above all, apply to Longhorn Steakhouse as well. These restaurants always provide a great working environment and plenty of locations to choose from to limit your commute.

Job Openings

There is a wide range of entry level and management positions available at Outback Steakhouse. If you are a student, or have just recently graduated, and have little to know experience in the restaurant industry, you can apply to Outback Steakhouse for an hourly entry level job at the company.

Entry Level Jobs

Some of the entry level Outback Steakhouse jobs that you can apply for are the following:

  • cook
  • bartender
  • host or hostess
  • server
  • dishwasher
  • busser

If you get a job as a cook, your job is to work with the kitchen staff in preparing and cooking meals that the customer’s order. You will also be responsible for keeping the kitchen clean, and for ensuring that all kitchen equipment are in perfect working condition.

As a bartender, your main responsibility will be to mix and prepare drink orders for the customers. You will also be in charge of making sure that the restaurant’s bar is clean and presentable.

If your Outback Steakhouse inquiry gets you hired as a host or hostess, your job will be to greet, aid, and seat customers. You will be the first people who the customers interact with as soon as they walk into the restaurant, which means you need to have a positively friendly attitude.

As the name of the position implies, servers and head servers are tasked with delivering food and drink orders to the customers’ tables. Bussers clean up after the customer when they leave, and dishwashers work in the back making sure that the next customers will have clean plates to eat on.

Getting hired for an entry-level Outback Steakhouse job is considered by many to be a rewarding first job. Students who try their hand at working for the company find that they learn things that they could use down the line when they become restaurant industry veterans.

Management Positions

If you have had more experience in the business, and are looking for a reputable company to grow in as a professional, then your Outback Steakhouse inquiry could land you a job as a manager in one of the company’s restaurant locations. You can apply for salaried positions in the company, such as General Restaurant Manager and Kitchen Manager.

The Kitchen Manager works with the cooks and other kitchen staff in making sure that the restaurant’s kitchen operates smoothly. The Kitchen Manager is also responsible for equipment inventory as well as purchasing replacements for broken or unrepairable kitchen equipment.

The General Restaurant Manager, however, is the man or woman in charge of the entire restaurant. It is the responsibility of the General Restaurant Manager to make sure that restaurant operations run smoothly, and that crew members abide by the guidelines set by the company.

The General Restaurant Manager also takes care of customer concerns, as well as employee concerns with the help of the Assistant Restaurant Manager. On occasion, the General Restaurant Manager also conducts interviews for hopeful job applicants.

Working with the Company

Depending on the position you apply for, you can expect that a typical work day at Outback Steakhouse involves plenty of learning opportunities. The restaurants are almost always busy, and work is demanding and fast paced.

The job does come with its perks, though. Aside from great career advancement opportunities, Outback Steakhouse employees receive a competitive industry standard salary as well as a comprehensive benefits package.

Working at Outback Steakhouse also means working with a fun group of individuals who you would treat you like family. Most past and present Outback Steakhouse employees agree that one of the best things about their job was being able to meet new friends and work with highly driven individuals that helped them improve both as a person and as a professional.

 Hiring Process

The hiring process at Outback Steakhouse is a comparatively simple and straightforward process. However, if you are looking to apply for your first job, the process can be a little intimidating.

The process begins with your submission of your completed form. You can submit your Outback Steakhouse employment form in person by going to the restaurant location nearest you, or by submitting it online through the company’s official website.

Once your candidacy is reviewed and accepted, you will be scheduled for an interview. Depending on the position that you are applying for, you may need to undergo one or two interviews with the restaurant’s managers and hiring staff.

During your interviews it is important that you show up on time, as absence or tardiness will be taken as a sign of disinterest on your part. Answer the questions with honesty and confidence, and be sure to make a positive impression with the interviewers by making eye contact with them.

Should you make it past the interviews; you will be informed of the benefits that you stand to receive from the company, as well as the schedule of your first day at work. If all goes well, your Outback Steakhouse application will have led you to a long and rewarding career in the restaurant industry.

Salary Information

Employees of Outback Steakhouse receive a fairly competitive salary. Most entry-level positions get paid by the hour, and have a huge opportunity for career advancement and promotion within the company.

Below is a summary of the average entry-level salaries.

  • cook                                10 USD to 14 USD per hour
  • bartender                      12 USD to 15 USD per hour
  • host or hostess             8 USD to 11 USD per hour plus tips
  • server                               9 USD to 13 USD per hour
  • dishwasher                    7 USD to 9 USD per hour
  • busser                             10 USD to 12 USD per hour

For management positions, their salaries are as follows:

  • Kitchen Manager                                          around 38,000 USD per year
  • General Restaurant Manager                  around 40,000 USD per year
  • Assistant Restaurant Manager                around 32,000 USD per year

Employee Benefits

If your Outback Steakhouse job gets accepted, you could be entitled to the following benefits.

  • meal discounts
  • medical benefits
  • dental plans
  • life insurance
  • vacation days
  • 401(k)
  • disability benefits
  • Employee Assistance Program

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