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Pathmark LogoPathmark is a US chain of supermarkets chain operated by The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company. It was founded in 1968 when its parent company, the Supermarkets General Corporation was pulled out of the ShopRite retailers’ cooperative.

Today, there are more than 130 Pathmark stores, but it prides itself as a local business that exclusively works with local bakers, growers, and manufacturers, which helped them become one of the largest groceries companies.

Read on to learn more about how you can ace your Pathmark application.

About Pathmark

This company is known to those born in the 40s for its radio and TV commercials featuring actor James Karen, who was the supermarket’s spokesperson for more than 20 years. Today, the supermarket chain  is based in Montvale, New Jersey.

Pathmark is part of 300 stores operating under the A&P brand with Food Basics, The Food Emporium, Superfresh and Waldbaum’s. Since 1859, A&P has become a reliable source of fresh and high-quality food for families all over America.

In 2007, Supermarket News ranked the company number 31 in the year’s Top 75 North American Food Retailers based on the supermarket chain’s estimated sales of $4.1 billion in 2006. The previous year, the company ranked 67th.

Aside from its supermarkets, Pathmark also has drug departments and pharmacies in 33 stores, 11 freestanding drugstores and 11 gasoline stations.

As of January 2008, the company has 132 stores in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The company continually strives to be better in meeting the needs of families in all of the neighborhoods that they serve.

Apply to Pathmark Online

For those looking to start their careers at Pathmark, online employment forms are available on the careers page of their official website. Users will be asked to search for their desired position and setting, such as in-store, pharmacy, management, or corporate.

You will also be asked on the preferred location of your employment.

After selecting, a list of available positions will appear, and you can click on the desired position to start your Pathmark form. The new page will detail the job description, requirements, benefits and perks, and how you can apply (either online or in person).

The company is part of the famous A&P family of supermarkets, so Pathmark job inquiries are popular in the Northeast for both shoppers and job seekers. Employment is available at more than 100 grocery store locations to workers across Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

You may also start your Pathmark job form by creating a profile on the careers page and uploading a copy of your resume for general consideration. The recruiting team will review your resume and if you are deemed qualified for an open position, they will contact you for an interview immediately.

Working at Pathmark

Because of Pathmark’s popularity and many locations, the supermarket chain is frequently looking for qualified candidates who can fill the many The company has job openings in over 130 store locations in Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

A&P and Pathmark continuously creates rewarding and exciting career opportunities to its associates for more than 150 years. Employees get to be a part of an innovative and fun learning culture with limitless potential for growth in finance, legal, accounting, human resources, merchandising, marketing, and store operations.

Pathmark also implements a WECARE tagline for employees by promoting wellness and self-worth, positive energy, team commitment, accessibility to anyone, and results from everyone. The company acknowledges that employees are the human resources, which motivates them to take care of their associates well.

Pathmark believes that work is their community. The company believes that it is their employees that make the company grow, so they cultivate and nurture the community they work in.

The company’s goal is to bring personalized and top-notch service to the millions of people living in the diverse communities of the northeast. They provide fast, innovative and fun environment for  their associates and customers alike.

Upon completing the Pathmark hiring process, new hires usually undergo a series of training and development programs to become successful and knowledgeable employees. New employees also attend a brief orientation to help them achieve personal and professional growth inside the company.

The supermarket chain offers many opportunities for career advancement, including the chance to be promoted to management positions, in-store pharmacy positions, or corporate positions.

The company’s mission is to make every Pathmark associate and customer feel welcome, important, and appreciated, which paves the way for a positive work atmosphere at their corporate headquarters and an inviting shopping experience in their stores.

Pathmark’s undertaking is at the root of everything that they do. The company defines their core values and guiding principles by letting their associates operate as individuals and as a team.

Minimum Age for Employment at Pathmark

The minimum age for a career at Pathmark is 16 years of age. If you are aged 16 and above, enthusiastic, and have a personable attitude fit for customer service, go to the careers page of the official company website and search for a job opening.

Hours of Operation at Pathmark

Stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Direct Competitors

Pathmark has made a name for themselves by dealing exclusively with local bakers, growers and businesses. This kind of focus on the community makes for a great place to work because you know you are supporting the locals. Apply to Aldi as well to work with a company who started small and remembers their roots. Piggly Wiggly is the classic and original supermarket company and with six hundred stores in seventeen states, you’re probably closer to one than you realize. If you’re in the entry-level, consider applying to Jewel Osco where they have flexible schedules and plenty of options for part-time work. 

Available Pathmark Career Opportunities

Pathmark jobs are open for dynamic and motivated people that are passionate, determined, responsible and dependable. The company is a service-oriented business so applicants must also be friendly, accommodating, and polite.

Store associates, like cashiers and clerks, usually work part-time for competitive hourly pay. Managers maintain full-time hours and receive generous annual salary options.

Because of the size of the supermarket, Pathmark career opportunities are open to a variety of departments, such as dairy, bakery, floral, deli, liquor, produce, frozen foods, health and beauty, and meat and seafood. All departments require little to no experience for entry-level workers.

For part-time and full-time positions, the job openings feature flexible schedule availability.

For management candidates, Pathmark applicants must have experience in grocery retail. If you believe you are perfect for the openings listed below, go to the careers page of the official website to start your Pathmark employment form.

  • Bakery Associate
  • Cashier
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Dairy Associate
  • Deli Associate
  • Floral Associate
  • Frozen Food Associate
  • Health and Beauty Associate
  • Meat Associate
  • Seafood Associate
  • Assistant Manager
  • Store Manager

Pathmark Job Descriptions

Cashier – cashiers normally handle money. They operate the cash register, scan the merchandise, complete transactions, and answer customer queries.

Those looking to start their Pathmark careers by becoming cashiers must have a friendly and courteous personality, and experience is not necessary. Cashiers usually earn between $8 to $9 an hour, but experienced cashiers can earn as much as $10 an hour.

Store Clerk – store clerks have different duties depending on the section they are assigned in. Tasks may include slicing deli meats, packaging seafood, arranging floral displays, restocking products, and performing basic housekeeping and sanitation procedures.

Basic requirement for a store clerk is the ability to carry heavy objects and prior experience in retail or sales. Store clerks earn about $8 an hour, but may increase based on experience to wages of $12 per hour.

Management – managers handle departmental tasks and overall store operations. Some management tasks are: hire and train new employees, divide work, and liaise with Pathmark corporate offices.

Pathmark management is divided into the front end supervisor, co-manager, and store manager. Front end supervisors handle cashiers and customer service relations, co-managers hire, train, schedule, and supervise employees, while store managers manage sales objectives and total operations.

Managers are expected to have strong leadership and motivational skills and be able to maintain professionalism in store at all times. Front end supervisors earn $9 to $11 an hour, while co-managers earn $35,000 and store managers receive $80,000 annually.

Pathmark Application and Interview Tips

The Pathmark hiring process begins by submitting an updated and accurate copy of your resume. It is important to submit an accurate resume because this would help your interviewer know if you are qualified for the position you are applying for.

If you have prior grocery retail experience, highlight that in your resume because it would add points to your candidacy. The Pathmark hiring process usually lasts for a week, depending on the number of applicants.

If you pass the initial screening, a representative will contact you to schedule a Pathmark interview. Prior to your interview, it is a good idea to prepare by doing research and familiarizing yourself with its history, its merchandise, and how it’s different from other supermarket chains.

For entry-level positions, the Pathmark hiring process would take only one interview, lasting about five to 20 minutes. For those looking for part-time positions, the process will take less time and be less formal than for full-time or managerial positions.

The Pathmark interview will focus on personal details, employment history, job skills, availability. Below are some sample questions your interviewer will ask:

  • Can you describe yourself?
  • How long do you plan on working with us?
  • What days are you available to work each week?
  • Do you have any prior experience in the supermarket industry?
  • How have your experiences prepared you for this position?

Anticipating the questions ahead of the interview would be a good idea, so you don’t panic when the questions do come because you already have a ready answer. Coming prepared will make your interviewer believe that you are efficient and capable for the job.

Generally, Pathmark interviewers look for applicants who can do their duties in a timely and effective manner, and those who can get along well with other staff members. During the interview, you may be asked to show your ability in performing manual labor and friendly interaction with the existing.

Answer in confident, yet polite and respectful tones to let your interviewer know you are self-assured. Exude energy because Pathmark favors energetic and dynamic applicants.

Pathmark interviewers are looking for simple and straightforward answers to interview questions. Thus, applicants who are both personable and can maintain on-topic during the interview will get added points on their candidacy.

Steady eye contact, good posture, and a consistent smile will prove that you have good interpersonal skills, an important skill in the supermarket industry.

Pathmark applicants must be professional and with good customer service skills. Because of this, it is important come dressed in a suitable outfit.

For men, a smart button-down shirt paired with slacks is always a safe bet, as is leather shoes. For ladies, a modest blouse with slacks or a skirt will add points to your Pathmark candidacy.

After the interview, do not forget to thank your interviewer for taking the time to see you and that you’re looking forward to working with the team.

If you do not get a job offer after the interview, you may follow up after a few days. This is okay, since it means you are really excited to be part of the Pathmark team, which your interviewer will appreciate.

Benefits of Working at Pathmark

Employees enjoy paid trainings, flexible work schedules, and competitive pay. Those who are successful in their Pathmark inquires also enjoy a fun, vibrant, and supportive work environment with plenty of career advancement opportunities.

The company offers an exciting benefits package. Below are some examples of Pathmark benefits:

  • Paid time off
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Paid health benefits

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