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Who doesn’t want to work for a shoes store? You can just imagine the perks that you can get from working for a large shoe retail company. Join Payless Shoes Source that makes millions of kids, men and women happy by providing them a vast range of high quality shoes. You can achieve this goal by preparing well for your Payless Shoes application.

This article is a good resource for all-things Payless. The topics vary, ranging from company background, hourly and salaries, training program offered, job portal, company core values, employment opportunities and benefits.

Apply to Payless Shoes Online

Payless has a standard website that you can visit to get yourself updated with their latest job announcements. You can also find there relevant information like rewards, company culture and other opportunities that they can offer.

The Job Search

To look for a Payless Shoes job, hover your mouse over the retail, distribution or corporate careers tab. Click on your chosen job category like ‘retail’ and then ‘openings’ for example. Once you get there, you can find a list of job titles that you might be interested in.

Browse through the job titles but make sure that before you apply, you are applying on the right position and location. You should not get your Payless Shoes candidacy compromised because it is the managers or hiring officers that review your profile information on the database.

Spend a few minutes reading the job title, department, location and job ID carefully. All level positions are available for opening. You must apply on jobs that are appropriate with your field of expertise. If you are a fresh graduate, it is wise to try your luck on entry-level jobs like those in the retail category.

How to Apply

Now that you have selected the right job for you, it is time to fill-out the Payless Shoes employment form. Click on the “apply now” button to start the process. You must answer the questions honestly and upload a copy of your updated resume along with your cover letter.

However, on the distribution center careers page, you are required to register to the site first. You must login to be able to apply on your selected position. This is done to ensure to make a better assessment of your skills and personality, as the job may warrant from the candidate. For example, most positions related to distribution careers are supervisory.

Before submitting anything, you must review your answers and make the necessary adjustments immediately. Send over your accomplished job form to Payless by clicking on the submit button.

You can read more here.

About Payless Shoes

Privately-held by Collective Brands, Payless Shoes brand was founded by two cousins Shaol and Louis Pozez in 1956. The company prides on having more than six decades of unfailingly providing Americans and South East Asians affordable footwear, with prices that range from $10 to a little over $20 per pair of shoes.

In case you didn’t know, it was also Payless that introduced the very first “shoes on shelves” display style to the market. This helped the customers browse the various kinds of shoes presented before them. Thus, Payless has quickly grown into becoming America’s largest budget shoe retailer, with approximately 103 stores during the first 2 decades of the company.

Payless Global Presence

Payless aims to be the go-to-destination of all consumers when it comes to budget shoes and fashion accessories. Aside from the pocket-friendly prices, the company is also committed to bringing trendy and fashionable footwear articles closer to people from all over the globe.

It is this reason why the company continues to expand their global presence. The company has now store locations in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. Indeed, the company is trying to take the global shoe retail industry by storm. Additionally, Payless has around 100 international locations today, including their official e-commerce website.

The good news is, with this global expansion, more and more job opportunities would be available in the near future. Hence, there is a vast selection of Payless Shoes careers that can be a great match to your interests, skills and experience.

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Direct Competitors

Everyone needs shoes in their lives. Everywhere we go, we take our shoes with us. Working with Payless will allow you to help people find the shoes they need, be they for men, women, or children. Join the team at Foot Locker if you know everything there is to know about athletic shoes. Applying to Finish Line will also offer you a variety of athletic footwear to sell your customers. Having the opportunity to sell footwear is something that makes you helpful to everyone who comes to you. A valuable trait so apply to all of these places and start your career today! 

Employment at Payless Shoes

To work for Payless Shoes, you must learn to adapt to its fast-paced work environment. Though most days could be really busy, the experience that you can get from serving the customers well is rewarding. This is especially true among in-store staff members who deal with lots of shoppers every day. Thus, they need to be physically fit and must possess a very pleasing personality.

Payless believes in diversity, so you must be open to working with various people with different cultural backgrounds and beliefs. The company’s culture is focused on fostering mutual respect from each other regardless of your job title within the organization and no matter how different your opinions might be.

Career Growth Opportunities

A successful Payless Shoes employment form will be your key to having access to the company’s career advancement opportunities. The department store aims to be a better employer for inexperienced but determined candidates.

You will have some room for growth within your designated department. However, these career opportunities can only happen depending on how well you perform through the years. So it is also important that you should establish some professional goals as you work for Payless.

In that way, you can have some sense of direction regarding what kind of higher position you want to pursue. The company also highlights the fact that they give rewards to achievers and with strong drive to excel in their job.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Must be at least 17 years old
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Complete Payless Shoes employment form
  • Must pass the background check

Working Hours

Majority of the Payless Shoes locations, both domestic and international, are open from 10:00AM to 8:00PM every Mondays to Saturdays. Meanwhile, Sunday is made shorter with working hours from 12PM to 5PM.

However, as with most department stores, you must be open to having a flexible work schedule. You must be available when the manager asks you to work on weekends.

Job Openings at Payless Shoes

All departments at Payless Shoes share a fair amount of success in what they do and contribute to the company. So, it is a must for the hiring managers to find qualified candidates that can carry out the mission and vision of the company.

Today, Payless Shoes is looking for the following candidates:

Retail Department

  • Part-time and Full-time Sales Associate
  • Store leader
  • Group leader
  • District Leader
  • Assistant District Leader

Corporate Department

  • eCommerce Manager
  • Financial analyst
  • District Leader
  • Bilingual customer support associate
  • Account representative
  • Marketing media analyst
  • Global customs manager
  • Product planning group support associate
  • Project manager
  • Regional loss Prevention manager
  • Merchandise manager
  • Instructional Designer
  • Store facilities supervisor
  • Retail marketing manager

Distribution Department

  • LP team leader
  • Operations team leader – Western DC
  • Production planning specialist
  • Pride team member
  • Seasonal warehouse team member

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Payless Shoes Application Tips and Hiring Process

The hiring process at Payless is no different from other retail companies. You will undergo a series of interviews with the assistant manager and the store manager. If you have successfully passed all interviews, you might get a done deal within a couple of days, or on the spot even.

Most interview questions would be situational. For example, the interviewer might ask you about how you deal with difficult customers if you are going to work as an in-store team member. Other questions may just be about your personality, just to get to know you better.

Basic Interview Questions

  • If you were a customer, would you buy footwear at Pay Shoes? Why?
  • Give me examples of your favorite brands.
  • How do you handle shoplifting cases?
  • Do you have deep interest in shoes?
  • Do you feel comfortable with working in a fast-paced environment?

Interview Tips

  • Wear casual business attire for your interview.
  • Be on time or ahead of your appointment.
  • Wear your sweetest smile upon meeting the interviewer, so that they will know how you approach a person the first time.
  • Express yourself as articulate as you can.

Salary Information

Your Payless Shoes candidacy wouldn’t be complete without having an idea about the salary that the company offers. However, keep in mind that salaries differ depending on certain factors like your expertise, assigned location, years of experience, etc.

US Salaries: Hourly

  • Sales Associate – $8
  • Associate – $7
  • Key Carrier – $8
  • Key holder – $8
  • Part time sales associate – $7.96
  • Store manager trainee – $14
  • Assistant manager – $10
  • Sales – $8

Salaried Jobs

  • District Manager – $85,667
  • Analyst – $50,286
  • Store Leader -$38,500
  • Senior Programmer Analyst – $82,940
  • Multi-store manager – $38,978
  • Store Manager – $36,193
  • Payless store manager – $38,395
  • Merchandise Distribution Analyst – $46,483
  • Financial analyst – $48,833
  • Assistant Store manager – $21,459

Employee Benefits at Payless Shoes

Payless Shoes believes that their employees deserve more than a paycheck. So, the company is generous enough to offer awards and acknowledgement to the deserving employees. It is also this reason why full-time associates in the corporate department receive incentives based on their performance and the overall success of the company.

The compensation and employment package include the following benefits:

  • Retirement plan
  • Short term and long term disability coverage
  • Paid vacations, leave and holidays
  • Employee stock ownership plan
  • Flexible spending account
  • Medical and dental plans
  • Eye care
  • Discounts on Payless products

Other benefits

  • Legal assistance
  • Adoption assistance
  • National partner discounts
  • Education assistance
  • Employee assistance program

You can read more of these benefits here.


In most cases, a job well done is enough to be able to get the attention of your superiors. But at Payless Shoes, you are already amazing in what you do so their role is to further encourage you to go the extra mile.

As the company values mutual respect, you are free to voice out your opinion and give your feedback about the performance of your co-workers. Payless would prefer their employees to be expressive and creative in what they do.

In fact, Payless conducts Pinnacle Awards annually as a way to formally recognize and reward the top-performing employees in their respective department and region. The awardees will receive a plaque of appreciation and cash. While working for the company, you will learn how to be competitive and become an overachiever.

In summary, Payless Shoes is a great employer where you can debut your professional career. You can grow within the organization provided the several training opportunities that you can receive.

Aside from getting a rewarding work experience, you will be privileged to earn above-average salary, to work for a world-class company and to gain that global competitiveness that can bring you to newer heights in your career path. It all starts with an A+ Payless Shoes employment form, so take it one step at a time.

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