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PETCO jobs are ideal or those who love to spend time with our furry friends! For the animal lover in you, the stores career opportunities are a golden chance to have fun at work.

PETCO is a major retailer for pet supplies with a vast chain of stores across US. For professionals who would love to take a more proactive role in caring for animals and shaping a worthwhile and rewarding career out of it, the retail store offers jobs on pet styling, grooming and training positions.

Aside from these, entry and mid level jobs also include administrative titles such as store supervisors, warehouse workers, retail managers etc.

For those who are ambitions, driven, have a friendly and courteous nature and want to play their role in animal welfare, PETCO jobs offer the best of everything!

Being the largest pet supply retailer in America, there are a variety of PETCO stores across the country and you can easily find employment at a location near you. Simply, visit the official website, browse through the available vacancies and submit your online application to be considered for the position you want!

A supportive work environment, tons of employee benefits and a competitive pay scale are just few of the great things about working at this great store. Submit your PETCO application today to take the first step towards a promising career!

Things to Know Before Applying

The bustling environment at PETCO is one of the greatest plus points of working at the retail store. You can bond with people, spend time with animals and improve the lives of pets and their parents! Jobs come with a bulk load of opportunities for personal and professional growth and fulfillment, and therefore the competition for career opportunities is indeed very high.

To make your employment form stand out amongst a sea of others, a little proactive planning is necessary. Here are a few guidelines and valuable information that will help you find the best career opportunities today.

Minimum Age for Employment

The company hires people above the age of 16, and the entry level positions are readily available for students and high school grads. Compassion and care for animals are the core job requirements and people’s skills are also a definite plus. Aside from recruitment at its pet supply stores, the store also offers forms for volunteers, animal trainers, pet stylists etc.

To learn more about the hiring criteria and other specifications for working at PETCO, please visit the official career page of the website.

Hours of Operation

The working hours depend upon the store location, and a few also follow the schedule guidelines set by the mall authorities where the store is located. Flexible work hours are one of the key advantages of working at the retail store, as part time jobs in rotating shifts are easily available for students.

Generally speaking, for most stores across the country, the operating hours consist of:

  • Mon-Sat: 9:00am to 9:00pm
  • Sun: 10:00am to 7:00pm

Direct Competitors

We all love our pets, be they dogs, frogs, or lizards. People treat pets like they are family. PETCO knows this and provides a massive store dedicate to the little critters in our lives. Your interest in applying to PETCO opens a variety of other options to apply to as well. For example, Petsmart is another major presence in the pet sales and supply industry. We would also recommend BJs as a great retailer that will offer some pet oriented items and give you the big, wholesale retail environment to work in. Finally, for any little ones or kids in your life, working at Toys R Us will make you the coolest parent in the world and you’ll be surrounded by the best items during the holidays. 

Available Positions

PETCO hires both inexperienced and skilled individuals to fill its entry level as well as management tier positions. Aside from entry level career opportunities that involve working as sales associates, cashiers and helpers at its retail stores, professional opportunities at the company include that of animal trainers, groomers and stylists. These positions involve a lot of public dealing and hence a friendly and animal-loving attitude is a necessary pre-requisite!

PETCO operates a number of warehouses across the country and vacancies also open in supervising and warehouse management roles. For more senior level positions, the store offers applications for department and retail manager, training heads, team leads and much more.

For a complete list of available jobs and how to qualify and apply for each of these positions, please visit the official PETCO jobs page.

Entry Level Jobs

  • Sales Associate
  • Cashier
  • Stock Person
  • Warehouse Worker
  • Accountant
  • Grooming Trainee
  • Dog Trainer
  • Companion Animal Technician
  • Companion Animal Specialist
  • Aquatics Specialist
  • Picker
  • Mobile Pet Stylist
  • Web Analyst (ecommerce portal)

Management Level Jobs

  • Team Leader
  • Assistant Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Dog and Cat Department Manager
  • District Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Loss Prevention Manager
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Distribution Center Supervisor
  • Experienced Grooming Salon Manager
  • Learning Program Manager

Employment Information

An exciting work environment, tremendous opportunities to learn and grow and having fun at work are the main highlights of PETCO jobs. You can get access to all this and much more just by filling out a PETCO application online.

The hiring process is special and straightforward – you just need to fill out the employment form and then attend a one-on-one interview session with one of the store managers.

However, with a nationwide reach, nailing your application at the first time and getting called for interview can turn out to be difficult. The following employment information can come in handy at such times and increase your hiring chances, especially if you are employing without any prior experience.

Take a look at the following entry level and management level positions that are accessible to you after submission.

Entry Level Positions

At the entry level, PETCO jobs offer competitive salary packages and the first step to a rewarding career ladder. Most of the entry-level vacancies are for their chain of retail stores and include positions like sales executives, cashiers, accountants, trainee pet groomers and stylists etc.

On the other hand, a lot of entry level jobs also consist of administrative titles such as warehouse supervisors, store workers, e-commerce web analysts etc.

The minimum age advertised to work is 16 and most positions do not require any previous experience, expertise and skill set. Training is often provided to new entrants, which enhances future career opportunities for aspiring individuals.

Main responsibilities of entry-level candidates are as follows:

  • Sales associates meet, greet and guide customers about the main products and pet services available.
  • Cashiers and accountants conduct billing and operate the sales and purchase transactions.
  • Pet groomers, stylists and trainers, are responsible for tending to the pets that come in and provide the required services in due time.

Pay Scale for Jobs at Entry Level

Entry level jobs at may be paid minimum wages, especially for inexperienced individuals, but the learning opportunities are unmatched and offer invaluable experience and skills. Mostly suited for part time work, these jobs are ideal if you want to get paid by the hour in a friendly and exciting environment that is always bustling with fun and activity!

For more information about the salary packages offered to start-up employees, please visit your nearest store or look at the necessary pre-requisites for employment on their website.

Management Positions

Apart from the start-up vacancies that require training, managerial level positions are ideal for experienced individuals who want to work in the pet care and animal welfare field. Strong leadership skills and the ability to exude professionalism and diligence at all times are a must have for those who want to be in a supervising position.

Common management posts at the retail stores include General Manager, Store Manager, and Stock Manager etc. Regional Managers and District Managers are higher tier management positions and these individuals are responsible for heading the operations of retail locations across a particular area.

For a complete list of management positions and current openings in corporate, consulting, marketing, training, financial and human resource departments, take a look at the available job vacancies today!

Pay Scale for Jobs in Management Sector

Managers are paid quite well, which along with the exciting work environment and excellent staff benefits, add up to be a great learning experience. While vacancies for management positions regularly come up at the various retail stores across the country, a lot of people who start at entry level also rise to higher managerial ranks within a short span of time.

Coming to the salary package, Department Managers usually earn over $10 an hour which means their pay scale can vary on the number of hours they put in. The total annual salary of an Assistant Manager lies between $30,000 and $40,000, while senior store managers can make up to $80,000 a year while working.

Tips and Suggestions

It is quite easy to fill a PETCO employment form – you can simply enter your personal information and then apply online for the position that best fits your criteria. But, it goes without saying that you will be up for some serious competition and if you are really passionate about working for the welfare of animals, you need to brush up your profile employment form a bit.

Here are a few tips that are going to help you out, Check them out:

Form Tips

  • Learn about the hiring process – First things first, it is important to learn about the recruitment procedure that goes on after you fill a PETCO employment form online. If your form fits the vacancy requirements you will be called in for an interview with the store manager who will inquire about your credentials, past experience (if any) and passion for working at PETCO. A series of interviews may be conducted, especially if you have applied for a senior position.
  • The form requires your attention – Fill the form with care – make sure you enter correct information, contact details and past references so that the process goes on smoothly.
  • Be confident and show your love for critters! – Last but not the least, you are applying for a position at a pet supply store so you will have to be friendly, long and caring towards animals! The more passionate you are about improving the lives of animals; the better will be your chances!

Employee Benefits

Being the leading pet supply products chain in the country, PETCO offers a stream of attractive staff benefits that you won’t find elsewhere. All this adds to the overall allure of submitting a form and brings you one step closer to a worthwhile and enjoyable career!

Here is a list of complete staff benefits that become available to you as you start working at PETCO:

  • Enjoyable work environment
  • Paid training
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Future planning benefits.
  • Disability coverage
  • 401(k) retirement benefit plan.
  • Discounted pet insurance for eligible employees.
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Discounted cell phone plans
  • Paid time off
  • And much more!

Learn more about the employee benefits offered at PETCO by clicking here.

Facts about the Company

PETCO is a one-of-a-kind pet care and center and supply retailer in America, and a little background information and fun facts about the company can increase your chances of getting hired.

Here are some interesting tidbits about PETCO that might interest you, take a look:

  • Founded in 1965, PETCO has more than 1,200 stores serving throughout the 50 states in United States.
  • More than 24,000 associates nationwide are employed with PETCO.
  • PETCO has a “think adoption first” philosophy which means they never sell animals –they encourage an adopt-first policy. Today. PETCO works with more than 8000 local animal welfare centers.
  • PETCO provides more than 10,000 different pet related supplies, products and services.

Start working to create a difference in the lives of animals! Apply online at PETCO today!