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Pets are no different to humans when it comes to taking good care of them. Petsmart exists to provide pet owners and interested customers quality pet supplies and products like food, accessories for grooming, boarding rooms and pet training.

If you want to work in a workplace filled with aww-worthy feelings, Petsmart can be the right employer for you. Prepare your Petsmart employment form now to get started. This article will give you some tips and ideas on how you should file your Petsmart application form, learn more about the company, its hiring process, salary, career growth and employment opportunities.

Apply to Petsmart Online

Being a large retail chain company, Petsmart has an online job portal for their prospective associates. On the website, you can browse through different job titles by category or by location. You may try your luck applying to their four different job categories available in US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

  • Stores
  • Distribution Centers
  • Corporate
  • Field Management

The Job Portal

Click on the job category that has sparked your interest and check out the job requirements if it suits you. Majority of the entry-level positions like store cashier, sales associate or store attendant can be found at the stores category.

Corporate positions most likely involve jobs that require a minimum of one year experience relevant to the industry. You must have either a high school diploma or college degree to be able to apply to corporate positions. And this case is similar to other job categories such as field management and distribution centers.

There is also a section on the online Petsmart job site dedicated to fresh graduates and college students. The company boasts their varied needs for professional skills like in accounting, real estate, finance, retail management and operations, marketing, among many others. So, fresh graduates will likely find the right job suitable for the degree they have earned.

How to Apply

Make use of the website’s store locator feature to find a Petsmart store near you. This way, you can easily send over your Petsmart employment form to the store manager. If lady luck is on your side on that day, you can be interviewed right away and get the job on the spot.

As for applying online, you must create an account on company’s career website. Register to their talent network so you can stay in touch with the latest job updates from Petsmart directly. This will give you an upper hand over other job seekers who might not be informed about job alerts immediately.

Aside from that, being a member of the Petsmart talent network has some parks. The membership provides features that are exclusive to the registered members. A few examples include access to your previous Petsmart employment form and the chance to be contacted by an HR officer the soonest time possible.

Registration to the job portal is easy and simple. You just have to fill-out the blank spaces with your personal information, email address, preferred username and your chosen password. And then, you can take your Petsmart candidacy from there.

About Petsmart

Petsmart has been in the retail chain industry since 1986. It all began in Phoenix, where the company was first known as PetFood Warehouse. The immediate success of the company happened when it was able to establish another store within Phoenix in 1987.

In 1993, Petsmart become a public organization as they started trading on NASDAQ stock exchange. This harbored the company’s succeeding successes up until today. The company now has over 1,200 store locations and 196 in-store boarding facilities for cats and dogs. The company is dedicated to providing pet owners complete and effective solutions to their needs.

With that, no wonder Petsmart has been the go-to-company of pet lovers in the country when it comes to taking care of their pets. This is especially true when pet owners don’t have much time to personally groom their cats or dogs that seeking assistance from an expert would be a great help.

The company is more than prepared to respond to those needs as they have qualified and trained team members to provide the appropriate pet service. Aside from this, Petsmart has over 10,000 pet supplies and products stocked in their warehouse, allowing them to offer a wide array of solutions to their customers.

Today, Petsmart gives jobs to over 52,000 employees with its 1,289 store branches throughout the US, Puerto Rico and Canada. And as the company continues to expand, they will be hiring more and more associates.

In fact, the company has a wide range of job vacancies available today ranging from in-store staff, corporate to management roles. Thus, take advantage of these potential job opportunities by filing out your Petsmart form to their website.

Click here for more details about the company’s background.

Direct Competitors

We love our pets, and we want them to be happy, which is exactly why Petsmart exists. Applying here means you are the kind of person who wants keep other people’s pets happy and healthy. Since you have a large heart, apply to Petco as well; a leading player in the industry of petcare. While not quite as furry, applying to Babies R Us will offer you yet another place to work where you can sell and help people take care of their children who will inherit the world, making it quite the important job. A final suggestion would be to apply to Kids Foot Locker, which will allow you to bring needed footwear to tiny and growing feet. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as ensuring someone is taken care of. 

Petsmart Employment

Working for Petsmart is great opportunity to have a career that you will surely love. This is especially true for people who are really passionate about dogs and cats. The work environment is fun, loud and warm with those pets on board and under your care.

Petsmart promises a rewarding career for those who want to grow within the organization. You can start out as an in-store team member and climb the ladder of corporate success eventually. It is also this reason that the company is open to hiring fresh graduates without any relevant work experience.

The Phoenix-based retail firm is committed to offering challenging employment opportunities to their associates. It is through this means that Petsmart is able to bring out the strengths and weaknesses of their staff members while enjoying a job that is worthy of your time and energy.

Company Culture

Company culture is focused on teamwork. Petsmart believes that teamwork has been the key to their continued success. So, expect to receive a helping hand when you find it hard the first time you are working in the company. The associates are trained to be responsible, responsive and professional to co-workers, pets and customers.

Thus, Petsmart is proud to say that they have built an atmosphere of success in the workplace. And this has always been one of the ways to motivating everyone to contribute and enjoy their jobs.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Petsmart employment form

Working Hours

Store hours vary depending on the location. Most stores located in the United States are open from 9AM to 9PM every Monday to Saturday, while every Sunday, schedule is 10AM to 6PM. This suggests that you must be willing to work on weekends if you intend to work in-store.

Job Openings at Petsmart

Petsmart continues to open new store locations, so they are always hiring professionals. The company is currently looking for qualified candidates who are willing to work on the following upcoming locations:

  • Greenburgh, NY
  • Panama city beach, Florida
  • Slidell, LA
  • St. Augustine, FL
  • Fuquay Varina, NC

All positions will be available for hiring, particular in-store positions like cashier, pet care specialist, sales attendant, operations management specialist, customer support specialist, store manager, and the like.

Additionally, Petsmart is also open to accepting applicants for the following job categories:

Store Careers

  • Operations Manager
  • Pet care manager
  • Store associates
  • Pet salon manager
  • Pet products manager
  • Pet hotel manager
  • Store manager
  • Pet training
  • Pet grooming associates
  • Pet care associate

Distribution Center Careers

  • General Manager
  • Department manager
  • Supervisor
  • Associate positions

Field Management

  • Loss prevention officer
  • Field Human Resources officer
  • Regional Vice President
  • District manager


  • Legal
  • Charities
  • Business development
  • IT
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Real estate
  • Store operations
  • HR

Read the job descriptions here.

Petsmart Application Tips and Hiring Process

After successfully filing your Petsmart employment form, wait for the HR officer to call you within 3 business days. You will then be asked for your availability for an interview with them. Most probably, you will be interviewed by the store manager if you are applying for a store position.

An interview with the manager is a good opportunity to be hired quickly as he or she can decide on the spot if you are suitable for the job. However, the standard process usually takes two interviews before hiring.

The first interview is focused on asking you basic questions about yourself, your interests and work experience (if any). Second interview is more in-depth and personal like your attitude when working under pressure and stress.

Basic Interview Questions

  • What made you decide to apply to Petsmart?
  • Do you have high level of stress tolerance? How do you deal with it?
  • Do you prefer working on a team or on your own?
  • What are your expectations?

Interview Tips

  • Do not overdress during the interview. You can just be plain and simple, but surprise them with your confidence.
  • Smile. It is important for the manager to see your enthusiasm about the work. Keep in mind that you’ll be dealing with various pets and people most times of the day, so demonstrate your ability to handle sensible interactions.
  • Make sure to show how much care you have for animals, as this is a very important quality that Petsmart looks for in a qualified store candidate.

Salary Information

Petsmart salary varies depending on certain factors involving your experience, skill set, education and training, location and position in the company.

Hourly Jobs

  • Pet care specialist – $8.64
  • Cashier – $8.37
  • Bather – $8.27
  • Lead Cashier – $9.24
  • Lead pet care specialist – $9.39
  • Pet trainer – $9.28
  • Stocker – $9.18
  • Support manager – $10.59
  • Pet care manager – $12.51
  • Presentation manager – $14.43
  • Associate – $9.18

Salaried Jobs

  • Retail Store Manager – $61,993
  • Operations manager – $48,189
  • Store manager – $61,181
  • Presentation manager – $37,167

More details are available here.

Employee Benefits at Petsmart

Aside from above-average Petsmart salary package, the employees also enjoy a variety of compensation and benefits for their hard work and years of dedication. The company has a dedicated website where prospective and current employees can view the offered benefits.

Current employees can make use of this website to access their manager tools, get a form and read the accompanied policies. Regardless of where you are working, you will get the same lineup of employee benefits as promised by the employer.

Hourly associates usually get paid every Friday while salaried associates get paid bi-monthly. The company provides easier and more convenient ways to receive paycheck. These ways are through direct deposit, money network option and pay selection enrollment.

Full-time and part-time employees do enjoy the following benefits:

  • Paid sick leave, holiday and vacations
  • Short and long term disability coverage
  • Health and life insurance
  • Retirement and savings plan
  • Deferred compensation plan
  • Employee stock purchase plan
  • Great work-life balance

Other benefits include:

  • Education assistance program
  • Adoption assistance
  • Travel insurance
  • Corporate discounts

With these benefits and great employment opportunities, there shouldn’t be any reason to not pursue your Petsmart employment. You can jump start your young career in retail management as early as college or high school. You must be willing to be trained by the company to achieve your target promotions.

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