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Don’t you just love the delectably smoky aroma of Mexican food? There is something so deliciously inviting about the way the cheese oozes on top of your nachos, or how a burrito just melts in your mouth with each bite.

If you love food, and you enjoy working in an environment where you get to prepare and serve great Mexican dishes, then how would you like to work at one of the most popular fast casual fresh mex restaurant chains in the country today? Read on and find out more about how your Qdoba application could lead to a very promising career in the restaurant industry.

Applying for a Job Online

As one of the largest restaurant chains that serve Mexican food in the United States and Canada, Qdoba can offer plenty of employment opportunities. If the idea of starting a career in the fresh mex restaurant industry wets your appetite, go online and visit the company’s official website.

From the homepage, go to the top right hand corner of the screen and click the “Careers” link. This will take you to the company’s careers portal, where you can view available job openings, the company’s core values, and the benefits that you can receive should you get hired for a job in the company.

Scroll through the list of job openings until you find one that matches your skills, background, and interests. To narrow down your choices, select the state where you would like to work in. Doing so will filter the list so that it only shows the current job openings in the state that you selected.

When you find a job listing that you would like to get hired for, click the “Apply” button. This will open the job description page, where you can read about details of the job opening such as the location of the restaurant, or whether the position is a full time or part time job.

Read through the description thoroughly and, when you are ready, click the “Apply Now” button. At this point, you will be asked to log in to your JobApp account, or create an account using your phone number if you do not have one yet.

After you sign in, fill out the online Qdoba employment form. Provide correct and accurate information, especially your phone number and email address, so that the company’s hiring managers can get in touch with you when they schedule you for interview. View the company’s careers portal here.

Core Values

Knowing about the company’s core values can work to your benefit during your interview. This tells your interviewer that you cared enough to research about the company because you are committed to starting your restaurant career with Qdoba.

The company’s core values are represented by an acronym, which spells out PRIDE.

  • Passion for what we do.
  • Respect for each other and our guests.
  • Integrity to do the right thing even when no one is looking.
  • Dedication to growth and success.
  • Excellence in ethical practices and operations.

Qdoba values the importance of loving what you do. As it is often said if you find a job that you love doing, you will never have to work another day in your life.

About the Company

Qdoba Mexican Grill was started by Colorado native Anthony Miller and his business partner Robert Hauser. WIth an initial investment of $180,000, the two opened their first restaurant in Denver, Colorado in 1995. In its first year alone, the restaurant brought in revenues that exceeded $1.5 million.

In the beginning, the restaurant was called “Zuma”. However, the name was often confused with other Zuma Mexican restaurants. Thus, the name of the restaurant was changed to “Z-Teca Mexican Grill”.

When the new name turned out to be too similar to the name of a chain of restaurants known as “Z’Tejas Southwestern Grill”, the owners decided to find a new name. In 1999, they hired Heckler & Associates – an advertising agency – to come up with a new name. Hence, Qdoba was born.

The company continued its growth even after the original owners decided to sell the business to Jack in the Box, which is a fast casual restaurant chain based in San Diego, California. Qdoba became such a success that it was able to expand its reach outside of the United States.

In December of 2012, Qdoba opened its first Canadian location in Brandon, Manitoba. In just three months, it was able to open a second restaurant in London, Ontario. In the United States, the company acquired 25 restaurant locations in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Today, Qdoba operates more than a combined 700 fast casual restaurant locations in the United States and Canada. The company is known for being one of the few Mexican restaurants to offer breakfast items. Some restaurant locations are open 24 hours a day.

With increased sales and a growing number of restaurant locations, Qdoba has become one of the fastest growing names in the fast mex restaurant industry. The chain’s current slogan is “We Live Food”.

On the Menu

For close to 20 years, Qdoba has been offering a truly unique dining experience to its customers. Food is prepared right in front of the customer, who gets to choose the ingredients to put in the entrée that they ordered.

Some of the basic items that can be found on the Qdoba menu are:

  • burritos
  • tacos
  • quesadillas
  • taco salads
  • chile con queso
  • Mexican gumbo
  • tortilla soup
  • guacamole

However, the fast mex restaurant chain’s popular Breakfast Burrito is only available in select locations.

Employment at the Company

Many current and former employees agree that working at Qdoba is a fun but challenging experience. In an industry where good food must be served quickly, you need to be able to keep up with the pace. At the end of the day, all your hard work will pay off because of the great benefits that you get from the company.

Starting a career with the company could turn into something great for you. Aside from the benefits and a considerable paycheck, you will also be given plenty of career development opportunities that will allow you to move up in the world.

Send in your Qdoba application today, and have a taste of what could be a very promising career in the fast casual restaurant industry.

Current Job Openings

As Qdoba continues to develop as one of the more successful names in the fast mex restaurant industry, more employment opportunities are becoming available to hopeful job seekers who can fill a variety of part time and full time positions. Entry level jobs in the company include positions as line servers and cooks.

If you get hired to be a restaurant line server at Qdoba, your job will involve plenty of customer interaction. You need to have a strong knowledge about the company’s policies and the items on the menu so that you can answer general customer inquiries. Qdoba line servers generally make around $8 to $10 an hour.

If you get hired as a cook, your job is to make sure that all the food and menu items are prepared properly. It will also be your responsibility to ensure that food is prepared according to the company’s specifications. Qdoba cooks are expected to abide by strict safety, sanitation, quality and cleanliness guidelines. If you get hired for the position, you can earn around $9 to $11 an hour.

Applicants who have been in the restaurant industry for some time now may also qualify for a number of job openings on the company’s management team. If you have previous leadership experience, you might be in interested in working at Qdoba as a Manager or an Assistant Manager.

Managers at Qdoba are tasked with finding ways to maintain or improve the restaurant’s profitability. They do this by delegating administrative tasks, coordinating with upper management, and making sure that all employees adhere to the standards and policies set by the company.

Assistant Managers, meanwhile, act as the Manager’s second in command. They help the Manager oversee restaurant operations while performing a number of administrative tasks. These include hiring and training new employees, creating work schedules, and resolving customer concerns.

Because of their experience and the position that they hold in the organization, Managers and Assistant Managers are afforded a slightly higher pay. On the average, Assistant Managers receive an annual salary of $34,000, while Managers make around $46,000 to $60,000 in annual salaries. To see other positions that could fit your skills and interests, visit the company’s careers portal here.

Direct Competitors

If you want to certain that you are making the right career decision by applying for a job at Qdoba, look at other companies in the restaurant industry and find out if they can offer you the employment opportunity that you are looking for.

For instance, a job at Chipotle could mean working in any of the company’s 1500 restaurant locations. If you are keen on being able to prepare and serve more than just Mexican food, then a job at Del Taco might be the right career opportunity for you.

Job Application Tips

Make a good first impression on the day of interview by coming in early dressed in proper attire. This goes a long way in raising your chances of getting hired for the job. Most of the questions that you could get asked during the interview will be about the information you provided on the employment form.

Examples of common interview questions include:

  • “How did you learn about the job opening?”
  • “Why do you want to start your career with Qdoba?”
  • “What are your career goals?”

Employee Benefits

On top of a competitive pay, Qdoba employees can also qualify for a number of benefits, such as medical, dental, and vision coverage, paid time off, meal benefits, tuition reimbursement, and 401(k) retirement plans.

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