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Gather resume tips and tricks to add to your employment arsenal. Seek out what career experts recommend how you should structure and format your resume. Resumes are crucial in the application process. Be sure to have a flawless and unique resume that helps you stand out amongst the sea of other applicants.

Top 200 Most Influential Resume Words

  Resume. The one sheet of paper that exemplifies your skills, your career path, and your first impression with a hiring manager. “Please send over your resume and cover letter for consideration.” “Uh oh, is my resume up to date? Does my current resume highlight my attributes? Will my lackluster resume cost me the job?” […]

How to Tailor a Resume to Fit the Job

After you have created a basic template for your resume to use for a job search, you may ask yourself whether you will need to make any necessary adjustments or not in order to tailor it to a specific job you are looking. This is true for when you are applying for employment opportunities online, […]

Advanced Instructions for Improving Your Resume

Once you have created your first resume you may find that you need to update it from time to time. This is especially true if you are applying for a promotion at your current employment or if you are submitting an application elsewhere. You will want to ensure you update your resume with each position […]