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Safeway LogoSafeway career opportunities offer you an exciting and safe way to a successful future. You can begin your career by submitting a Safeway application today.

Give your professional career a new and exciting touch. This company was established in the early 1900s;  currently it  serves as the second largest US supermarket chain. Having its headquarter in Pleasanton, California, there are nearly 1,335 stores throughout the central and western United States.

In addition to having 195 stores in northwestern Mexico,  the company operates several regional supermarket businesses, including Dominick’s Finer Foods in Chicago, Randall’s Food Markets in Texas, and Genuardi’s Family Markets in the eastern US.

Individualism and professionalism are this companies core values, which is why it invites dynamic, efficient, and determined individuals to become a part of its workforce. Their career opportunities are intended for talented individuals who are ready to set out on a journey to a fulfilling future. If you think you belong to this category of gifted individuals, then submit your form for employment today!

Online Employment Form

Becoming a part of Safeway is simple! The company does not avail the recruitment services offered by different employment agencies. Instead, its own human resource department manages all employees and procedures. Interested candidates can visit the official website  to find a job that matches their interests.

Check out the company’s career page.  You will be provided with a few basic guidelines to apply for a job near your chosen location.

What You Should Know Before Submitting an Online Form

A  well written employment form can help you pursue a satisfying career in the rapidly booming retail industry, or you can gain adequate work experience and earn good money. Providing a supportive work environment to all its employees, the company ensures that every single person is able to achieve his or her true potential.

Safeway allows flexible work schedules to accommodate the needs of its employees.

Take a look at the following important points to increase your prospects of getting selected as a  team member.


Hours of Operation

One of the biggest perks of working at here is that you can enjoy flexible work schedules according to your own demands. The company also allows weekend and evening-based schedules to facilitate its workforce.

Safeway operates seven days a week. From Monday to Friday,  stores are open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. They operate on Saturday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and Sunday from 10:00 to 4:00 pm. You can visit the nearest Safeway store to gather additional information about the current job openings.

Minimum Age Limit for this Company

You can apply if you are 16 or above. However, the company may not allow you to work at certain positions if you are 16 years of age. It’s good to remember this point while checking out this company, as it will help you apply for the right position at Safeway.

This simple process ensures that everyone from high school graduates to qualified individuals can apply for a job at Safeway and go on to the interview stage.

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Career Opportunities

Safeway provides a variety of exciting career opportunities in a practical retail setting. Most jobs with this company do not usually demand extensive experience, particularly if you start your career from an entry-level position. The company looks for dynamic, passionate individuals who are willing to develop professional relationships and work as a team.

Once you are able to land the job at Safeway, there are a number of ways you can impress your boss so you can navigate your way through the ranks of promotions. This is an excellent company in which to grow from within.

They ensures the growth of its employees by offering different internal development programs. These programs are intended to help every individual achieve a rich, satisfying  career.

One of the major attractions of Safeway jobs is that the company arranges exceptional retail training programs for the betterment of its staff. Provision of employee benefits makes these jobs even more valuable.

Join any of the following departments at here to start your professional life:

  • Retail
  • Home delivery
  • Pharmacy and wellness center
  • Corporate
  • Distribution manufacturing

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Direct Competitors

Safeway made a name for itself by offering delivery of groceries to your doorstep. Not only is that a great place to work for, that a great place to shop at. You can just order food online and have it delivered. Incredible. That’s what it’s about though, finding a place that goes above and beyond and breaks down the walls of the conventional for the people working there and the customers. On that note, apply to Goodwill for an experience like no other working with a huge variety of products and people. Kroger stands as one of the premiere grocery stores, offering low prices and job security. Once you’re done with those, apply to Home Depot, a name that has stood the test of time and a great place to work for. 

Entry Level Job Opportunities

Safeway offers several entry-level job opportunities to passionate individuals looking to pursue a successful career in the retail industry. For instance, you can work as cashier or clerk at any Safeway store. Locate your nearest store to learn more about hiring criteria.

While working at any entry-level position here store, you may have to organize shelves, facilitate customers, or manage a cash register. Good communication skills and efficient customer service abilities are vital for these positions. You should be able to lift and transport boxes and perform physical work for long periods.

Numerous entry-level positions in the manufacturing and distribution sector are offered with this company. You can seek a job in their manufacturing plants, bottling plants, processing plants, or packing plants.

If you are interested in becoming a professional driver, then Safeway can help you realize your dream. Having over 3,500 trailers and 950 tractors, the company already employs nearly 1,750 drivers. Submit your paperwork today to play an important role in the company’s operations.

Management Level Job Opportunities

If you have strong leadership skills and are able to manage employees and operations, then you can start your management career at Safeway. To work as a manager at any Safeway retail store, warehouse, or distribution center, you should prior management experience in the concerned field.

The company has 4 distribution centers in Canada and 13 in the U.S. that are responsible for supplying the major products to their stores. If you are still not sure whether you are eligible  for a managerial level job, then browse through Safeway careers page to check out specific job openings and their requirements.

If you aim to serve as a manager at Safeway but don’t have prior management experience, then you can start your career here from any entry-level position. Since the company encourages promotions from within its departments, you’ll soon be able to get to the management level through different training and educational programs.

Important Job Information

You can give your professional life a creative yet exciting turn by submitting a Safeway application. The flexible, uncomplicated  process can bring you numerous satisfying opportunities. This can give you a chance to explore the current retail industry and start your career with a bang!

Continue reading to gather helpful information about Safeway jobs and form submission procedures:

Entry Level Career Opportunities

Safeway Inc is always searching for enthusiastic, friendly, and determined individuals who are eager to help customers have the ultimate shopping experience.

If you are a fresh high school graduate or don’t have much work experience, you can apply for any entry-level position. Following are a few entry-level job opportunities and the associated responsibilities for your ease:

  • Helper Clerk cleans and arranges produce.
  • Deli Clerk prepares soups, sandwiches, and other deli products according to company standards.
  • Pharmacy Technician maintains and arranges pharmacy showcase.
  • Starbucks Clerk prepares tea and coffee using the essential kitchen equipment.
  • Drivers transport produce to Safeway stores across the country.

You can even choose a number of entry level positions in the company’s manufacturing and distribution sector. Regardless of the entry-level position you choose at Safeway, it’s important to have good communication skills and customer service abilities. You should also be physically strong to carry and transport boxes.

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Pay Scale at Entry Level

Most entry-level positions at Safeway are paid on an hourly basis. Whether you’re a part time or full time employee, your pay scale may depend on the location of your store and the duties you perform.

The salary structure of food clerks, cashiers, and deli clerks usually start from $7 per hour. The pay scale for head clerk may depend upon the store’s location, however $10 is usually the cutoff salary per hour.

Management Level Career Opportunities

Safeway retail stores involve three different management levels, including store managers, assistant store managers, and department managers. Candidates having management experience, mainly in retail settings, are encouraged to avail these career opportunities.

Even if you don’t have prior management experience, several other career options are available at Safeway. Since Safeway encourages promotions from within the company, you can make your way up to the management level, no matter where you start from.

Following are a few departments that you can choose to join at any managerial position:

  • Accounting
  • Customer service
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Information technology
  • Merchandising
  • Quality assurance
  • Supply chain
  • Retail operations

The managerial positions here demand exceptional leadership skills and organizational abilities. They can also help you expand your horizon and embrace attractive opportunities to ensure your professional learning and growth.

In addition to applying for standard managerial level positions such as Store Manager and Assistant Store Manager, you can submit your Safeway job form in the field of marketing, supply chain, and retail operations. It is a good idea to check the available job openings at Safeway now and again.

Expected Pay Scale at Management Level

A few factors that decide the total salary structure for most management level Safeway jobs include your experience, abilities, and responsibilities. Location of the Safeway store also plays an important role in this regard. Assistant Store Managers may earn somewhere between $30,000 and $50,000 per year, while the average yearly salary of Store Managers may be nearly $70,000.

You can read further company information on Safeway here.

Career Guidelines

Now you know what it takes to apply for Safeway jobs. A few career guidelines and tips are put together to further simplify the data entry process for you.

Check out the following tips:

Be Ready – Once you’ve submitted your Safeway employment form, be ready to receive a call from the company’s recruitment team. They may conduct a telephone interview as the first step. While answering their questions, don’t forget to smile as it can be heard in your voice.

Gather Information – Learn about the company’s history, performance, operations, and values. This will prove you a well-informed individual and increase your chances of getting hired.

Get Properly Dressed – Look over your documents and credentials before going for an in-person interview. Get properly and formally dressed. Be on time.

Employment Form Tips

These bonus tips can further help you make an impression on your interviewers at Safeway:

Prepare Your Questions – List down the questions you want to ask about the job. Instead of focusing on vacation packages, compensation, and other benefits programs, you should ask about growth prospects and responsibilities.

Prepare Your Answers – There are some common questions that interviewers usually ask. So prepare their answers beforehand. For instance, they may ask you how you would help customers get the right produce or how you would respond to a difficult customer’s queries.

Benefits and Opportunities with this Company

Whether you’re employed at entry level or managerial position at Safeway, you are likely to get special employee benefits. However, if you are a retail store employee, your benefits may depend on the location of your store.

The company also offers benefit packages to its part-time employees. These benefit programs are sure to make your  career even more rewarding and successful.

Following is a quick glimpse of the benefit offerings that are usually available for non-retail store workforce:

  • Health care facilities.
  • A variety of medical programs.
  • Paid vacations, sick leaves, and company holidays.
  • Career development programs.
  • Basic life insurance.
  • 401(k) plan.
  • Retirement facilities.
  • Safeway produce purchase plan.

Company Overview

Here’s a quick overview of Safeway Inc to help you design the perfect job employment form:

  • The maximum number of  branches is in California where you’ll find nearly 506 stores.
  • The company owns a private label, “Safeway Select”, that is known to offer upscale products.
  • “Lucerne” is the company’s primary dairy line.
  • In 2005, Safeway started a re-positioning program, “Ingredients for Life”, to make its services different from those of its competitors.

Want to start your prosperous professional life in a dynamic work setting? Fill out a  online employment form to start your career today!