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How would you like to start a career with one of the country’s top fast casual restaurant chains? If you are looking to find your place in the ever-growing American restaurant industry, one company may just have the perfect career opportunity for you.

Started in 1986, Saladworks has been serving up healthy and delicious made-to-order entrée salads, soups, sandwiches and wraps in its more than a hundred locations nationwide. Over the years, it has also grown to become one of the top employers in the fast casual restaurant industry.

Help others eat and live healthy. Toss in your Saladworks application today.

Applying to Saladworks Online

As is the case with most other companies today, finding a job at Saladworks can be as straightforward as getting on your computer and visiting the official website. With the wealth of job opportunities available in the company right now, your future in the fast casual restaurant industry could just be a few clicks away.

From the homepage, go to the top left hand corner of the screen and click the “Careers at Saladworks” link. You will be taken to the company’s careers page, where you can choose the restaurant location that you would like to be assigned in. Choose your location, then click “Submit”.

The succeeding page will tell you that Saladworks is an equal opportunity employer. That means it does not discriminate job applicants on the basis of race, religion, color, country of origin, age, gender, disability, or any other characteristics that are protected by law.

You will also be shown the online Saladworks employment form. Complete the form, and be sure to fill out all the fields that apply to you. Provide your schedule of availability, as well as your contact details, so that the company’s hiring managers can get in touch with you when they call you in for interview.

There will also be a section near the bottom of the employment form where you can upload a copy of your resume. In order to make it easy for the hiring managers to access your resume and review all of your qualifications, make sure that you upload it in PDF format.

You can visit the Saladworks careers page and fill out the online form now by clicking this link.

Corporate Opportunities

If you are looking to apply for a position in the company’s corporate headquarters, you may do so when you select your location on the careers page. The option that allows you to seek employment at the Saladworks Home Office in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, is at the top of the list of locations.

Minimum Employment Age

Because hiring decisions for each restaurant location are done by the franchise owner, the minimum age at which you can get hired at Saladworks may vary from one location to another. In most cases, the minimum employment age is 18, although in some locations, you may get hired at the age of 16 as long you have the necessary work permits.

Business Hours

The hours of operation differ from one Saladworks franchise location to another, although most restaurants open at 10:00 a.m. and close at 9:00 p.m. from Mondays to Saturdays. On Sundays, restaurants open an hour later at 11:00 a.m.

If you want to see the specific hours of the Saladworks restaurant near you, visit the official website and use the “Find a Location” link near the top of the page.

About the Company

Saladworks began in 1986 as an idea, which was to provide fresh, healthy, and made-to-order entrée salads as an alternative to traditional fast food. The novel concept received some minor opposition during its early years, but it proved to be a successful business venture nonetheless.

Founded by current CEO John Scardapane, the restaurant chain got its start when the Cherry Hill Mall food court needed a new tenant to replace a pasta business that went under. When the concept was initially pitched to the management, it was turned down because the managers at Cherry Hill Mall believed that it would be difficult for a restaurant to only serve salad and still succeed.

A few months later, Cherry Hill Mall management allowed Saladworks to open shop in their food court, as long as the fast casual chain also put sandwiches on its menu in addition to salads. One month after the restaurant opened, the sandwiches were dropped in favor of new salad dishes.

In only its first year, Saladworks became the Cherry Hill Mall’s highest grossing tenant. The restaurant and its wide selection of healthy and delicious salads became such a success that the business outperformed even some of the more popular burger and pizza chains of that era.

Because of the success that it achieved at the Cherry Hill Mall, Saladworks was able to open 12 additional locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This would trigger a massive expansion that would eventually result in restaurants also being opened along the West Coast.

Saladworks began franchising in 2001. The following year, the franchise system led to the opening of 21 new restaurants. Within six years, the company had grown to include 88 restaurants in eight states, proving that the concept of a healthy and delicious fast food chain not only worked, but was in fact a huge success.

Today, there are more than a hundred Saladworks locations operating all across the United States. Plans to double the number of restaurants are already underway, as the company continues to expand and become of the fastest growing salad franchise in the country.

Employment at Saladworks

For many of the restaurant chain’s current and past employees, working at Saladworks has been a great experience. Not only did they get to work with a company that encourages its people to develop fun and healthy working relationships, they also got paid to follow their passion.

As a company that understands the importance of rewarding all the hard work and dedication shown by its personnel, Saladworks provides its employees with competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and a wealth of exciting career growth opportunities.

Send in your Saladworks application today and be part of a healthy food revolution.

Current Job Opportunities

As the fast casual restaurant chain continues to expand, careers at Saladworks also become increasingly available to job seekers who are hoping to work alongside “America’s Favorite Salad”. At the moment, the company is in need applicants to fill openings for both crew member and manager positions.

Crew members have a wide variety of tasks that include handling and preparing food, cleaning designated work areas, and processing customer payments. Depending on your skills, interests, and experience, you may get hired to function as a cashier, kitchen staff member, or shift leader.

Each crew member holds a different but equally important role in the restaurant. Collectively, it is their job to make sure that customers have a positively wonderful experience every time they visit the restaurant. Crew members at Saladworks typically make around $8 to $10 an hour.

More experienced job seekers may also be interested in applying for the position of Assistant Manager. As part of the company’s leadership team, Assistant Managers help oversee daily restaurant operations while ensuring that everyone works towards attaining the company’s goals.

Assistant Managers also perform a number of administrative tasks, such as hiring and training new crew members, preparing work schedules, and upholding strict quality, safety, and cleanliness standards. They are also responsible for implementing company policies and procedures.

Because of their experience in the industry and the position that they hold within the company, managers are given a higher salary. Should you get hired for this position, you can make around $33,000 to $43,000 in annual salaries.

If you want to visit the Saladworks careers page now and apply for a job online, click this link.

Direct Competitors

Starting a new career in any industry will always be a difficult, life-changing decision. If you want to be sure that Saladworks offers the best career opportunity for you right now, look into what other restaurant chains bring to the table.

If you are looking for a job that lets you work at a location nearby, perhaps a job at Subway is what you are looking for. With more than 37,000 in the United States and over a hundred countries, the restaurant chain that promotes an “Eat Fresh, Live Green” lifestyle could have the perfect job waiting for you next door.

On the other hand, if you want a career that lets you work with more than just salads and sandwiches, then it might be worth your while to look into opportunities that HomeTown Buffet can offer you. The Ovation Brands subsidiary has been serving healthy and delicious meals since 1983.

Employee Benefits

Aside from the competitive salaries and the wealth of promising career opportunities, qualified Saladworks employees are also given a number of great benefits. These include generous meal discounts, medical and dental coverage, flexible hours, paid time off, and 401(k) retirement plan.

Take the first step towards what could turn out to be a fun and highly rewarding career in the fast casual restaurant industry. Visit the official Saladworks website and submit an application today!

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