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Who wouldn’t want to work for a major oil and gas company? Shell Oil Company in the US is looking to fill in their vacancies in retail, sales and customer service positions.

Shell is a major oil player in the industry and is the second largest one in the world. Therefore, if you have the desire to make this company as your employer, do not hesitate to send in your Shell application form as soon as possible.

However, before anything else, you might as well want to know more about the company in order to gain that upper hand in the job market competition. You may be interested in learning about Shell’s interview process, salary and benefits, work environment, among other factors that would be essential to your decision-making.

Applying to Shell Online

Although there are multiple gas stations all over the country where you could drop by and hand over your Shell employment form, it is still recommended by hiring managers to apply online. It is simply because this method is far more convenient for both parties, thru which you can just create a profile online, fill-out some forms, upload your resume and then apply to as many jobs as you want.

Shell Oil Company does have a responsive jobs and careers site for interested applicants. You can browse through several categories such as sections for as follows:

  • Experienced Pros
  • Interns
  • Shell Graduate Program
  • Corporate Jobs
  • Operations and Maintenance

Under each category, you are to select a particular job that suits you well. For example, even if you do not have any previous work experience, you can apply to Shell’s entry-level jobs such as HR Officer, Marketing Assistant, Customer Service Representative, etc.

Shell provides quality training to their entry-level employees to support their continuous career development. This way, you can find yourself growing within the organization professionally and feel nothing but be grateful for the opportunities.

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Shell Talent Community

All online applicants and current employees are required to sign up for an account via the company’s Talent Community website. Doing so will give you an opportunity to learn the latest job alerts within the company, including new events and projects related to your area of specialization.

The best thing about this talent community is that it will only take a few minute of your time to sign up. You’ll just have to enter all of the details required by Shell from you like your personal and contact info. By connecting with the organization, your hiring managers will get an idea of your interests, career objectives, skills and potential career path.

You must remember to select the proper talent community category, though. Shell gives you two options; for students and graduates or for professionals. All encoded information will remain private and confidential as per privacy policy.

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Company Background

Mother company, Royal Dutch Shell, is located in Netherlands that was established through the merger of two rival oil companies in 1907, namely the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and the Shell Transport and Trading Company Ltd (UK). This merger and acquisition gave the Dutch group 60% ownership of the company while the 40% share was given to the British.

Shell Oil is a subsidiary of the mother company in the United States. It currently hosts around 22,000 employees in the country with headquarter in Houston, Texas. Having been a super-major oil company in the world, it only makes sense that the US-based subsidiary is also one of the largest oil producers in the country today with other products that include petrochemical, natural gas and gasoline.

Having said this, there is a great opportunity that awaits the prospective employees of Shell. It is also in partnership with Saudi Aramco, an oil refinery and marketing company. In 1997, it fomented yet another partnership with Texaco and Motiva to expand on its operations and thus its line-up of brands later on.

In 2004, Texaco became a brand of Shell and it eventually became the largest and most successful re-branding initiative in terms of retail in the US history. And today the company has three subsidiaries such as Motiva Enterprises, Aera Energy and Shell Development Emeryville. So, expect the company to be stable at a steady pace despite the threats of global financial crisis.

Employment at Shell Oil Company

Shell is an amalgam of global companies dedicated to providing solutions to the oil, natural gas and energy needs of its customers. And while serving the global community, the company has been able to expand up to hiring 72,000 employees in 70 countries and on top of these, it remain as an equal-opportunity and environmentally-responsible employer.

The company also has high standards and work ethics imposed on their employees to guarantee high performance and excellent behavior all the time. Its core values consist of integrity, mutual respect and honesty as they give emphasis on the importance of receiving positive judgment from society.

Minimum Requirements

  • At least 18 years old
  • Accomplished employment form
  • Must meet all of the job criteria

So, if you think you possess these characteristics, pursue your Shell application today and get hired immediately.

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Current Job Openings

University students, entry-level and senior-level applicants are welcome to apply to Shell jobs online for as long as they meet the criteria demanded by the nature of the job. As mentioned earlier, the company has categorized their job vacancies according to the job role. Here are some of the available job vacancies at Shell today;

Experienced Professionals

  • Project Engineer
  • Senior Land Representative
  • Admin Associate/Specialist
  • Process Engineering Team Leader
  • Fast Lubes District Manager
  • Sr. Catalyst Scientist
  • Site Manager
  • Sr. Process Engineer
  • Drilling Supervisor

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  • Admin Assistant
  • Supply Chain Business Development Manager
  • Sr. Finance Advisor
  • Commercial Advisor
  • Legal Assistant
  • Portfolio Manager

Operations and Maintenance

  • Electricians
  • Mechanics
  • Field and Process Operators
  • Millwrights
  • Instrumentation Technicians
  • Pipefitters
  • Welders

Students and Graduates

  • Management Training

If you found a specific job that sparks your interest, read on some tips below to help you ace your interview.

Job Application Tips

First and foremost, keep in mind that Shell does not accept applications via email. You can directly apply to a job post found through the company job website. This makes signing up for the talent community all the more important, so you can receive notifications immediately.

Shell hiring process consists of a series of one-on-one interviews with a hiring officer, particularly for managerial applicants. Applying to entry-level positions may only take within a week while managerial positions may take up to one month as the HR office will subject your pre-employment status under review together with other applicants.

When attending your interview, it is recommended to wear casual business attire and demonstrate your pleasing personality. Sales and retail applicants should display enthusiasm in order to show how capable they are in dealing with various customers daily while working in a fast-paced environment.

To give you an idea on interview questions that Shell hiring managers typically ask their applicants, find them below:

Basic Interview Questions

  • Why we should hire you?
  • Are you amenable to work during weekends? Or over extended hours?
  • How do you see yourself five years from now?
  • How well do you handle difficult customers?
  • Can you handle multiple tasks?

Lastly, do not forget to thank your interviewer for their time and interest in getting to know you. Ask about when you can expect an update from them in regard to the status of your candidacy.

Direct Competitors

If you found the job market for Shell too competitive, you may consider applying to 7 Eleven which is one of the largest retail chain companies in the world. Or, you might as well stick to traditional Sheetz convenience store located in gas stations throughout the country.

Employee Benefits & Salary

Shell has different benefits and compensation packages depending on the job type and role of an employee. Full-time and salaried employees may get a more comprehensive benefits package compared to a part-time employee. Overall, below is the list of Shell employee benefits that you can take advantage of:

  • Training and Career Development
  • Financial Rewards and Incentives
  • Social Network
  • Cultural Diversity in the workplace
  • Experience mutual respect from colleagues and seniors
  • Retirement and savings plan
  • Paid holiday and vacation

When it comes to salary range, Shell does not disappoint. Here are the Shell salaries at a glance according to

  • Intern – $4,957 per month
  • Engineer – $103,725/year
  • Geophysicist – $112,305
  • Financial Analyst – $80,018
  • Reservoir Engineer – $123,406
  • Process Engineer – $95,285
  • Exploration Geologist – $124,126
  • Research Geophysicist – $116,767
  • Flow Assurance Engineer – $120,200
  • Petrophysicist – $108,692
  • Customer Service Representative – $24,000
  • Sales Representative – $73,000
  • IT Support – $21,000
  • Sales Associate Manager – $97,000
  • Contract Center Representative – $19,000

Learning of these salaries can help you decide whether to pursue working for Shell or not. But combined with the generous employee benefits and golden career opportunities, Shell must be worth trying for.

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