Shoe Carnival Employment Job Application

Shoe Carnival LogoShoe Carnival is one of the US’ leading family footwear retailers, a favorite among fun customers who enjoy shopping at the carnival-like setting of the footwear store. At Shoe Carnival, an announcer announces product information, games, discounts, and promotions available for a limited time over a mic.

Read on as we discuss the Shoe Carnival application and how you can ace it.

Because of its fun and laid back nature, Shoe Carnival is also popular among those seeking entry-level jobs. Aside from its fun work environment, the shoe retailer offers competitive pay and an extensive benefits package called the Shoe Carnival Total Rewards.

Shoe Carnival is a US chain of family footwear retailers. It is now one of the country’s largest family footwear stores serving 32 US states and Puerto Rico.

It was founded in 1978 by David Russell in Evansville, Indiana. Shoe Carnival is known for its extensive line of men’s, women’s, children’s and athletic footwear in its 375 stores in the south, Midwest, and southeast regions in the US.

Aside from shoes, Shoe Carnival also sells wallets, bags, socks, accessories, and shoe maintenance products.

What makes Shoe Carnival unique from other shoe retail stores is its fun and carnival-like atmosphere where limited promotions are announced over a microphone. Typically, a Shoe Carnival announcer announces product information, promotions, games, discounts, and fun specials, encouraging shoppers to avail them on the limited time.

Shoe Carnival is also a favorite among those looking for a range of moderately priced casual, athletic, and dress footwear from regional and national brands.

The corporate headquarters are in Evansville, Indiana.


Apply Online

The Shoe Carnival online employment form may be done on the careers page of their official website. When you open the Shoe Carnival careers page, you will see a list of new stores with job openings.

However, you may apply for a specific Shoe Carnival job opening by clicking ‘Apply Online.’ When you click it, you will be taken to a new page where you can search by location by typing a zip code and the distance you are willing to travel.

A list of stores that match your location preference will appear and you may click on your preferred branch. You may click up to three locations before you can click ‘Next.

The list of Shoe Carnival job openings will appear, and you may click ‘Details’ to read the job summary. If this is the job you wish to apply for, you may tick the box next to it and click ‘Proceed to Registration.’

A new window will open for the Shoe Carnival online questionnaire for you to answer. The questionnaire will ask for your personal details and social security number. Once you finish, you may register your account to officially begin applying for a position.

The recruiting team will review your candidacy and if qualified, will contact you for an interview.

Working with the Company

Shoe Carnival prides itself for being an equal opportunity employer and promoting a diverse workforce as part of its business success. The shoe retailer is committed to hiring and maintaining a diverse workforce in all its stores.

The company believes in a culture of training that focuses on its business concept, so Shoe Carnival employees gets the chance to participate in its range of training programs. Below are the sample training programs the retailer offers once you pass your interview:

  • Computer-based training programs that feature Shoe Carnival business operations
  • Certifications on associate knowledge including the ability to execute job related tasks and procedures
  • Regional Training Modules for all members of the management team
  • Seminars conducted at the corporate headquarters on leadership and operational subjects
  • Regular training classes to encourage professional growth and development
  • In-store training to enhance Shoe Carnival’s commitment to total customer service

Shoe Carnival respects all its associates and acknowledges that performance is key to the business’s success. Because of its commitment to its rich and outstanding culture, Shoe Carnival aims to create an environment where teamwork, professionalism, and cooperation are developed.

Shoe Carnival also respects the communities it works in by giving back through events sponsorship, educational programs, and donations committed to strengthening them. Through the years they have supported the American Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House, Youth Way, and many more.

Minimum Age for Employment

The minimum age for a career at Shoe Carnival is 18. If you are aged 18 or above, have knowledge of current shoes trends, and possess good customer service skills, click here to start your Shoe Carnival hiring process.

Hours of Operation

Shoe Carnival standard operating hours are 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM from Mondays to Sundays.

Direct Competitors

The combination of the shoes and carnivals has never been something I considered, however Shoe Carnival has made a fun and exciting way of shopping for shoes by combining these two things into one store. Payless Shoes is another shoe store to apply to, for their wide variety of choices and their constant sales. DSW or Designer Shoe Warehouse will allow to you sell the most high end and creative shoes at bargain level prices. With all of the choices in the shoe industry, you should apply to as many as possible and work for a place that sells the kinds of shoes you are interested in. 

Career Opportunities

Shoe Carnival stores are open for entry-level and experienced job seekers looking for part-time work and full-time jobs. Generally, Shoe Carnival is looking for talented and dedicated employees with diverse points of view who are passionate about customers, growth, and excellence.

Shoe Carnival is dedicated to becoming a well-respected company to its customers, investors, employees, and the communities it works in. If you feel that you have the above characteristics, or you are passionate about the brand, you may start your Shoe Carnival hiring process by clicking here.

  • Sales Associate
  • Cashier
  • Floor Associate
  • Floor Supervisor
  • Buyer’s Assistant
  • Assistant Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Media Production Manager

Job Descriptions

Sales Associate – sales associates assist in sales, stock shelves, and answer product-related queries and requests. Sales associates must be professional and enthusiastic at all times, with the ability to stand for long periods of time.

Cashier –  cashiers operate the cash register, scan purchased products, complete transactions, and answer customer queries. Ideal Shoe Carnival cashiers must have a friendly and courteous personality.

Assistant Manager –  assistant store managers supervise associates, assist customers, and hire and train new associates.

Store Manager – store managers manage store operations, coordinate with corporate headquarters, and maintain customer satisfaction. Store managers must have outstanding leadership, motivational, and organizational skills.

Interview Tips

The Shoe Carnival hiring process begins by submitting an accurate and updated resume detailing your personal information, the kind of job you’re looking for, previous experience, education, relevant skills and qualifications, and professional references.

An accurate resume would help your interviewer understand your qualifications better, and see if you are the kind of person who would thrive in a fast-paced but rewarding career in sports retail. Generally, the ideal Shoe Carnival employee is one who can work under pressure, is friendly, energetic, and passionate.

When the Shoe Carnival recruiting team receives your inquiry and considers you qualified for the job, you will be invited for an interview. For entry-level positions like sales associate, these usually means one interview with the hiring manager.

Those applying for a management position will have to undergo one phone interview and at least one one-on-one or panel interview with a district manager and other managers.

It is important to dress appropriately for your Shoe Carnival interview. Even though it is a fashion retail job, it is advisable to dress professionally.

There is no need to wear a suit and tie, but men should opt for a button-down shirt, paired with slacks and sensible shoes. For women, a simple blouse and a skirt or slacks would impress your interviewer.

Before your interview, it is a good idea to do research on the footwear retail store. Find out everything you can about Shoe Carnival, from its product offering, management style, and how it’s different from other shoe retailers.

You may do this by visiting a nearby branch and observing how employees interact with customers.

The Shoe Carnival interview will focus on your personal details, employment history, related skills, and availability. The interview questions will revolve around employee conduct and customer service.

Below are some examples of Shoe Carnival interview questions:

  • Tell me what you know about Shoe Carnival
  • Why do you want to work with this companyl?
  • Can you work weekends?
  • What is your favorite shoe brand?
  • What is good customer service, and how can you show this?

You might also be asked situational questions, and you have to answer how you would react and handle it. While the situations are fictional, it is a test of how you can handle crisis on the job.

Make sure to always answer in the affirmative, and to highlight excellent customer service in your answers. When asked a difficult question, take a few seconds to consider the situation and answer in short but informative responses.

  • A customer is not happy with a purchase he has made. How would you handle the situation, especially if he is upset?
  • A coworker is rude to customers, what would you do?
  • What would you do if you catch a customer stealing?
  • It’s almost the end of your shift, but your replacement hasn’t showed up yet. What would you do?
  • How would you handle conflict with a coworker or a superior?

It is a good idea to prepare answers for the questions because it will save you from possibly fumbling during the interview and panicking. Coming up with answers ahead of time will also give you time to come up with the best one to impress your interviewer.

During your interview, be friendly, enthusiastic, and cheerful. Knowledge on shoe trends and the products the store carries will be helpful, so share that during your interview.

You may tell your interviewer your style, favorite shoe brands, and what the next season might bring. Knowledge in shoe trends is helpful because it will show that you are passionate about the products sold and will be able to assist customers well.

Aside from your knowledge on footwear, increase your chances of getting a job at Shoe Carnival by saying you’re cooperative, passionate, and that you can work under pressure and with minimal supervision. These traits are important in a retail store where you have to work with a team and with a large number of customers.

You would do well by saying how dedicated and diligent you are and citing stories or past experiences to back it up. If you have prior retail experience, highlight that in your answers. .

It is also a good idea to ask questions, as this will be seen by your interviewer as genuine interest in working for the store. Asking questions will also give you details about the kind of job you’re going to do once you pass your interview.

If you are applying for a management position, this would mean more than one interview with upper management. You will most likely be asked what you know about Shoe Carnival, so it is a good idea to refresh or research about Shoe Carnival’s history, products and services carried, and management style.

It is advisable to visit a nearby branch and ask questions. Below are sample questions for management positions:

  • How do you handle associates who do not follow store rules?
  • How do you motivate associates?
  • What was the most difficult challenge you have faced as a manager and how did you do to overcome it?
  • What is your management style?
  • What can you bring to Shoe Carnival?

Throughout your Shoe Carnival application interview, keep eye contact, maintain good posture, and smile. Being professional will impress your interviewer and maybe even get you a job offer on the spot.

After the interview, thank your interviewer. You may follow up with your Shoe Carnival employment form after a few days.


The company offers competitive pay, paid training programs, and opportunities for personal and career growth. Employees also enjoy a range of exciting benefits called the Shoe Carnival Total Rewards.

Some examples of benefits are:

  • Competitive pay
  • Performance bonuses
  • Discounted employee stock purchase plan
  • 401(k) program with employer match
  • Medical plan choices for full time associates
  • Medical flexible spending account
  • Dependent care flexible spending account
  • Life insurance to full time associates enrolled in the medical plan
  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Long-term disability insurance for full time salaried associates
  • Paid time off
  • Paid holidays
  • Employee and family merchandise discounts
  • Relocation programs
  • Career development programs
  • Corporate fitness rates

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