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Are you looking to have a promising and very rewarding job in retail? If you are, then kick your fledgling retail career into high gear, and be part of one of the most widely recognized names in the lifestyle footwear business today.

Known globally for its trendy and stylish brand image, SKECHERS has grown to become one of the leading American shoe companies in the world. It offers thousands of athletic and casual footwear for men, women, and children.

Exciting opportunities await you. Submit your SKECHERS application today and take the first step towards a brighter future in the shoe retail industry.

Applying to SKECHERS Online

Starting a career with the popular shoe brand begins with a visit to the company’s official website. As one of the biggest names in the lifestyle footwear industry, SKECHERS offers plenty of great careers for qualified individuals who are looking to move up in life.

From the homepage, scroll towards the bottom and click the “Careers” link, which is located at the lower left hand corner. This will take you to the company’s careers portal, where you can search for current retail and corporate openings that you can apply for.

On this page, you can also read about the company culture and the benefits of having a job at SKECHERS. Choose whether you want to look for retail or corporate jobs, and begin your search. When you find a job listing that interests you, click the title link and read through the job description.

When you are done reading the job description page, you can click the button to submit your resume for this position, or apply online. You may also download a printable copy of the SKECHERS employment form and hand it in personally along with your resume to the nearest outlet.

Before you can apply for the job online, you will be asked to sign in to your applicant profile. If you have not set up and applicant profile yet, you can register for an account using your email address, or simply sign in using your Facebook account.

Once signed in, fill out the online employment form. Be sure to provide accurate information, especially your contact details, so that the company’s hiring managers can reach you when they schedule you for interview. To start applying for job online, visit the SKECHERS careers portal here.

Minimum Age Requirement

In order to seek legal employment at SKECHERS, you must be at least 18 years old at the time that you apply for your desired position. If you are below the minimum age requirement, you must be able to present a legal work permit.

Bear in mind that some states allow individuals who are at least 16 years old to seek legal employment. Be sure to check local state employment laws before you apply for any position in the company so as to avoid any legal complications.

Business Hours

Most SKECHERS shoe stores are open every day from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. If you want to check the exact store hours of a particular outlet, you can use the store locator available on the company’s website in order to find more information.

About the Company

SKECHERS began in 1992, when deposed LA Gear founder and Chief Executive Officer Robert Greenberg set up a new company that initially served as a distributor for Doc Martens and several other shoe brands. He was joined in his new business venture by his son Michael.

Using the experience that he gained from LA Gear, Greenberg started marketing his new company towards young, hip consumers. Unfortunately, SKECHERS soon had a falling out with the makers of Doc Martens, R. Griggs Ltd., which meant it had to start relying on its own label in order to remain marketable.

The company had its first big break under its own label in 1993 when it introduced the Chrome Dome, which was a line of urban street boots that were designed to appeal to both men and women. It also reflected the growing popularity of the grunge look, which was worn by thousands of young consumers at the time.

Because of the success of the company’s initial design, it was able to hold its own among the other popular shoe brands in the market. SKECHERS became known as a trendy and fashionable brand, and soon stores such as Foleys and Nordstrom started carrying the label.

The company started selling apparel in 1995, and in a span of two years, it had already done enough to allow it to expand towards overseas markets. As a result, SKECHERS became a significant presence in the shoe industry in Europe and Southeast Asia.

The decision to expand internationally proved to be a good move, as the label sold well in other countries. By 1998, SKECHERS owned and operated at least 30 standalone stores, and had signed deals with more than 2000 companies, such as Dillard’s, Nordstrom, Foot Action, and Finish Line.

In 1999, SKECHERS was taken public and began trading in the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol SKX. The company continued to do well as a publicly traded entity, further increasing its brand recognition through larger and more comprehensive advertising campaigns.

Today, the company remains as one of the top American shoe manufacturers in the world. It boasts of an extensive network of global distributors that sell SKECHERS products in over 120 countries and territories, and nearly 900 company-owned stores around the world.

Employment at the Company

Working at SKECHERS can be quite the experience. The company recognizes that its success can be attributed to the hard work, dedication, and commitment of its employees. This is why it strives to create a fun but professional work environment for all of its personnel.

Should you get hired for a job in the company, you will be working with individuals who share the same passion for excellence as you. You get to meet new friends and make new acquaintances while also earning a fairly handsome paycheck.

Take your retail career to the next level. Submit your SKECHERS application today and begin what could just be the only career that you will ever want to have.

Current Job Openings

As the company continues with its efforts to expand, more careers with SKECHERS become increasingly available to qualified and highly spirited applicants who are looking to become part of the team. Individuals who have little to no experience may be considered for a number of entry level jobs.

One of the more commonly viewed entry level jobs on the company’s careers portal is the position of sales associate. Individuals who get hired for this position have the responsibility of presenting, and suggesting products to customers.

Other duties of a SKECHERS sales associate include stocking and displaying products, bagging purchased merchandise, and maintaining the cleanliness of their assigned areas. In order to be considered for the job, you must be energetic and customer-driven. Sales associates generally make around $9 to $10 an hour.

Qualified individuals who have had substantial experience in retail management may also be considered for the position of Store Manager or Assistant Manager. Both positions have the responsibility of overseeing store operations and making sure that the store remains profitable.

Assistant Managers usually take care of administrative tasks, such as creating work schedules, hiring and training new employees, and managing employee payroll. They are sometimes asked to perform sales associate tasks, especially during peak hours. Assistant Managers make around $28,000 to $32,000 a year.

On the other hand, Store Managers are responsible for driving sales and developing business strategies that aim to increase profit. As head of store operations, the Store Manager is responsible for making sure that all employees adhere to the standards and policies set by the company. If you get hired for this position, you stand to earn around $35,000 to $47,000 in annual salaries.

If you want to see the complete list of current job openings at SKECHERS, you can visit the company’s careers portal here.

Direct Competitors

If you are not sure about whether becoming part of team SKECHERS is a step in the right direction or not, feel free to research other companies to see if they can provide you with the career opportunity that you are looking for.

Do you just love being in the mall? With more than 3000 mall stores in and around the United States, Foot Locker could have the ideal career opportunity for you. Alternatively, if you enjoy the skateboarding culture, you might just be interested in a job at Vans.

Job Application Tips

It is important that you make a strong positive first impression during your interviews. You can achieve this by being coming in early for the interview dressed in proper attire. Be confident but not arrogant, and do not limit your answers to a simple yes or no.

Many of the questions commonly asked during the interview will be about your past work experiences. Other questions could include:

  • “Why do you want a job at SKECHERS?”
  • “How well do you work with others?”
  • “What do you expect to gain from working in the company?”
  • “How do you see yourself as a retail professional five years from now?”

Employee Benefits

Working with one of the top shoe companies in the world does have its perks. Aside from the flexible work schedule and competitive salaries, employees may also qualify for a number of great benefits, such as health, dental, and vision coverage, life insurance, product discounts, flexible spending accounts, 401(k) retirement plans, and employee stock purchase plans.

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