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When it comes to career choices, would you like to have a sense of adventure while working around some of the most popular brands in the world? If you are the type of individual that lives and breathes adventure, read on and find out how you can become part of one of the most enduring sporting goods retailers in the country today.

Established in 1959, Sport Chalet has grown to become a leading distributor of sporting goods and apparel in the United States. Go online and prepare to have the career adventure of a lifetime. Submit your Sport Chalet application today!

Applying to Sport Chalet Online

Turning your passion for sports and adventure into a career with Sport Chalet begins with a simple click of the mouse. The company’s official website makes it easy for job seekers to find the career opportunity that best matches their skills, interests, and experience.

From the homepage, scroll down and click the “Careers” link, which you can see towards the lower left hand corner of the screen. This will take you to Sport Chalet’s official careers page, where you can find out more about the company and view all of the currently available jobs.

Go over the list of current job openings. When you find one that interests you, click on the title link in order to see the job description page. You will then be able to read about the responsibilities associated with the position, as well as the basic requirements that you will need to meet in order to be considered.

When you are ready, you can either upload a copy of your resume or apply directly through the website by completing the online Sport Chalet employment form. Be sure to provide accurate contact details so that the company’s hiring and recruitment officers can get in touch with you for interview. If you would like to visit the official careers page, you can do so by clicking this link.

Minimum Employment Age

The popular sporting goods retailer implements a strict minimum employment age policy. In order to work legally at Sport Chalet, you need to be at least 18 years old.

Business Hours

Most of the company’s stores are open between 10:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. on weekdays, between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. on Saturdays, and from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Sundays. If you would like to see the exact hours of the Sport Chalet branch nearest you, use the store locator on the official website.

About the Company

Sport Chalet was founded in April of 1959 as a small ski and tennis shop in La Cañada Flintridge, California. The property was purchased by Norbert Olberz, who immigrated to the United States from Germany, and his wife Irene. The couple invested their entire savings in order to stock the shop with ski equipment and other merchandise.

Olberz and his wife spent as little as they could in order to keep the business running. They slept in cots at the back of the shop and cooked over a single burner propane stove in order to cut costs. From its humble beginnings, Sport Chalet grew to become a leading provider of sport specialty gear.

At first, the company stocked products that very few other retailers sold at the time, such as scuba gear and mountain-climbing equipment. Sport Chalet takes pride in being one of the first few companies to offer equipment for these outdoor activities which, at the time, were still relatively obscure.

Through the suggestions of a few of his customers, Olberz learned more about new trends and obtained information that would help him update his company’s product offerings. For instance, when surfing became popular in the 1960’s, Sport Chalet began carrying longboards and wetsuits.

In 1974, Olberz purchased a 30,000 square foot store located across the street from his first store. Inside the spacious new location, he built a realistic mountainside that included a ski ramp, allowing skiers to swing by and further hone their skills on the slopes.

Olberz doubled the size of the company in 1981 when he opened a store in Huntington Beach, California. The store slowly built a faithful following and is now a popular retail destination for surfers and beach-going enthusiasts.

The company went public in 1992, trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol SPCH. Nearly a decade later, Sport Chalet began expanding outside the state of California when it opened a store in Nevada.

Today, Sport Chalet has more than 50 stores operating across Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah. Each store offers traditional sporting goods merchandise, such as apparel, footwear, as well as core specialty merchandise, including snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain-climbing, diving, and scuba gear.

Aside from a range of sporting goods products, Sport Chalet also offers a number of specialty services that include custom golf club fitting and repair, scuba training and certification, ski rental and repair, racquet stringing, and even bicycle tune-up and repair.

Employment at the Company

Many of the company’s current and former employees agree that working at Sport Chalet is an adventure that lets you live out your passion for sports and the outdoors while also earning the rewards of hard work and dedication.

The company also understands the importance of rewarding hard work and dedication. Should you get hired for the position that you want, you also stand to receive a competitive salary and benefits package.

On top of the financial rewards, you will also be exposed to career opportunities that can help you move up and grow as a retail professional. Sport Chalet also provides various training opportunities and certification classes in order to make sure that all of the company’s employees become experts in their respective departments.

If the idea of learning new skills and having fun while you work appeals to you, go online and submit your Sport Chalet application today.

Current Job Openings

As the sporting goods retailer continues to grow, more Sport Chalet jobs become available to adventurous job seekers who are looking for a more exciting way to establish themselves as true retail professionals. At the moment, the company is looking for individuals who can fill a variety of job openings.

Entry level applicants may qualify for the position of Sales Associate. Should you get hired for this position, your job will be to provide customers with friendly and efficient service while also striving to meet the company’s sales and operational objectives.

In order to be considered for the Sales Associate position, you need to have good communication skills, an outgoing personality, and a strong passion for your interests. Previous retail experience is preferable, but not required. Sport Chalet Sales Associates typically make around $9 to $15 an hour.

Applicants who have substantial retail management experience may also be interested in applying for a higher position in the company. Sport Chalet is currently in need of individuals who can fill the positions of General Manager and Assistant Store Manager.

Managers are responsible for overseeing store operations and making sure that the store continues to be profitable. It is their job to hire, train and develop employees, help resolve customer concerns, and enforce company policies.

Because of their experience in the retail industry and the position that they hold within the organization, Managers receive a substantially higher salary. Assistant Store Managers make around $39,000 to $49,000 a year, while General Managers earn between $51,000 and $63,000 in annual salaries.

If you would like to see all job openings currently available at Sport Chalet, click this link.

Direct Competitors

Taking on a new job is always a difficult life-changing decision to make. If you are uncertain about whether a job at Sport Chalet is the right career move for you or not, look into what other companies can offer you as a retail professional.

If you have a passion for the great outdoors, but would like to join a company that has a much wider scope, perhaps a job at Gander Mountain might interest you. With over 130 locations in 25 states, the sporting goods retailer may just have the right opportunity waiting for you.

On the other hand, a job at Bass Pro Shops could be right for you, especially if your list of favorite outdoor activities includes fishing, hunting, and camping. The company has been in business since 1971, and it has grown to become one of the country’s top sporting goods companies today.

Job Application Tips

The interviews are arguably the most important part of the Sport Chalet hiring process. Make sure that you get to your scheduled interview on time, dressed in the appropriate attire, in order to make a positive first impression.

Many of the questions that you may get asked during the interviews will be about the information that you provided on your resume and on the employment for. Common interview questions include:

  • “Why do you want to work at Sport Chalet?”
  • “What is your favorite sport or outdoor activity?”
  • “How well do you work with teammates?”

Be sure to answer the questions as confidently as you can and with a smile on your face. Confidence can go a long way in raising your chances of getting hired for the job.

Employee Benefits

Aside from the competitive salaries and the abundance of training and career growth opportunities, Sport Chalet employees can also enjoy a number of great benefits. These benefits include employee discounts, life insurance, medical and dental coverage, 401(K), and disability benefits.

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