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Staples opened its first store in 1986 after being conceived a year earlier by Thomas G. Stemberg and Leo Kahn. Staples is a top of the line office supply company with a commitment to quality products that are available when you need them.

Committed to making the experience of shopping for office supplies easier and the savings greater than at any other retailer, Staples has moved to the head of the pack. The mission of Staples is to consistently do more.

These are the values you will find if you explore career opportunities, and the environment the company has created. At Staples you will find more products, more savings, more ways to shop, and more ways to make business easier for customers. When you are recognized as the best at what you do more people become interested in what you do.

More people are interested in working for a leader and an innovator than for a company that seems to be standing still. This is why so many Staples  applications are submitted multiple times every day by job seekers from around the world.

Apply Online to Staples

If you have never considered Staple’s career opportunities before you will be surprised by what the world’s largest retailer of office supplies has to offer you. The company is also the world’s second largest e-commerce business with customers in more than 26 different countries.

It is our world-wide experience that has shaped us, our values and our commitments. In retail, in e-commerce and in Business to Business (B2B), our values, our energy, and our commitment to our customers sets us apart.

When you join the team, you join a world-class organization. When you join Staples you join an innovator with operations in North and South America, New Zealand, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Staples has thousands of employees and millions of customers around the globe.

You can join the ranks of Staples employees by going to the website and completing the Staples online employment forms. First go to and select “Careers” from the task bar at the bottom of the page. On the Career page now select “Search for a Job” from the task bar at the top of the page. Here you can enter the keywords, the location and the type of Staples jobs you are looking for. Enter the information and enter Search. List of jobs will appear on the right side of the page. Select the job you are interested and complete the online Staples employment forms.

What You Need to Know Before Apply to Staples

It is always helpful to know some information about any company you are applying with before completing the Staples online employment forms.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older in order to work for Staples.
  • Staples Retail Store hours are Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Operating hours for Staples e-commerce operations, technology, B2B and the career opportunities at Corporate have different hours from the retail stores.
  • Staples has over 86,000 employees in over 26 countries. 27,000 new jobs are added every year.

Types of Employment Opportunities at Staples

Staples operates in various business areas in different countries. As you search for Staples jobs online, have in mind the country and location where you would like to work or the business area you would like to work in. This will help you to choose the right form to complete. Business areas consist of:

  • Sales: This includes retail sales, telephone sales, and business to business (B2B) sales. No matter what the area of business, the goal is the same – to make the workday easier for customers.
  • Supply Chain/Distribution: These associates make sure that supplies go to the right place at the right time. They pride themselves on attention to detail and meeting customer need. The Supply Chain associates on the other hand manage inventory and its budget.
  • Retail Stores: It is the retail associate who is closest to the heart of Staples as it was founded on this area of jobs. It is these associates that are closest to the customers and make life easy for them
  • Corporate Functions: Within Corporate are the departments that make the overall company run such as IT, HR and Marketing. Within Corporate also lives e-commerce and Business to Business (B2B) operations. Customer Service, Finance, Marketing and Strategy round out the career opportunities at Corporate.

Direct Competitors

Whoever got the idea to start selling office supplies, paper, paper clips, pens, desks, and the like, was absolutely brilliant. The need for these things in offices around the world is what has made Staples so successful and you can share in that success when you apply. Once you’re finished with that, apply to Office Depot for an equally valuable career option in the same vein of sales. For a similar and more varied selling experience, consider applying to CVS where you’ll have access to just about everything your customers could want. Working in places like these will bring you great pride knowing you are keeping the wheels of the world turning. 

Levels of Jobs

The company has both full and part-time positions available as well as entry-level and professional opportunities. Jobs at the corporate office includes all of these possibilities and compensation can run from around $8.00 an hour for entry-level to over six figures for the executive level.

In the retail environment Staples jobs look like this:

Store Non-management

  • Service Desk Associate is an hourly position and the starting wage is $8 per hour.
  • Cashier is an hourly position and the starting wage is $8.50 per hour.
  • Print and Copy Center Associate is an hourly position and the starting wage is $8.60 per hour.
  • Driver is a salaried position and the starting wage is $21,000 per year.

Store Management

  • Shift Supervisor is a salaried position and the starting salary is $33,000 per year.
  • Assistant Manager is a salaried position and the starting salary is $46,000 per year.
  • Sales Manager is a salaried position and the starting salary is $47,200 per year.
  • General Store Manager is a salaried position and the starting salary is $65,000 per year.

Additional Staples Jobs at Corporate

These positions are corporate positions but might be located anywhere in the 26 countries where stores are located. These positions include:

E- Commerce Development Labs Positions, Software Engineer, User Experience Specialist, Senior Analyst, Process Excellence Manager, Analyst Marketplace Supplier Standards, Product Manager, Content Specialist, Certified Technicians, Facility Solutions, Furniture Sales, Promotional Products, Account Manager, Business Development Sales Consultant, and several more.

This list shows the wide diversity of career opportunities throughout the world. Apply online now!

Benefits Associated with Staples Career Opportunities

In keeping with their values that place their employees at the center the company’s success, the company offers excellent benefits as well as competitive wages. Fill out the Staples online employment forms and get started on your road to success and a lifestyle that includes:

Those who work at least 20 hours per week are eligible for:

  • Associate, Family, Spouses and Same Sex Partners Medical Insurance, dental insurance and vision insurance.
  • Discounts on Life, Dependent Life, Accidental Death, and Disability Insurance.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • In store discounts as well as entertainment discounts.
  • Paid Training/Staples University
  • Annual Scholarship Programs
  • Paid Time Off
  • 401 k Retirement
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Assistance with discounted Homeowners Insurance, Auto insurance, Personal Injury, Legal and Pet Insurance.
  • Tuition, Lab Fees and supplies reimbursement for eligible classes.
  • Employee Referral Bonus Programs

Go online now and complete the employment forms.

Global Associate Resource Groups (ARGs)

Staples has established Associate Resource Groups throughout the company. These groups are designed to give associates a greater voice in the company. ARGs give associates a collective voice and a formal community from which to enhance their sense of empowerment with the company.

ARGs give associates a collective voice in the decision making of the company and a place to acknowledge and celebrate the differences among associates. Each specific ARG has its own focus based on where they are and the groups they interact with and membership is open to all.

Staples believes that these ARGs are just one example of the many reasons that this is the best place to work.

United States Veterans Program and Staples Application Tips

Staples is committed to providing opportunities for veterans and retaining them. In fact the company has made a public commitment to hire Veterans and Military Spouses. In addition, Staples makes provisions for all full and part-time associates to receive Paid Military Leave in which the associate is paid their wages minus their military pay throughout their military leave.

Associates on military leave may continue to receive paid health care and are entitled to rehire upon completion of military service. Complete Staples online employment forms today. Staples participates with the military on recruiting events and fairs, and also has a Veterans Associate Resource Group (ARG).

Hints for Applying and Interviewing at Staples

  • Fill out the employments forms completely and with care.
  • Read as much information about Staples history, values and mission on their website before interviewing.
  • When interviewing make and maintain eye contact, shake hands firmly and ask questions about the company and the Staples career opportunities you are applying for.

Some History of Staples

Founded in 1985 by Thomas G. Stemberg who joined with former rival Leo Kahn, their first retail store was opening in 1986 in Massachusetts. Stemberg was working on a project in 1985 and needed a printer ribbon but could not get one because it was the 4th of July and the local office supply shop was closed.

The company grew out of Stemberg’s frustration that small local stores were not really responsive to customer needs. Stemberg combined his background with Kahn’s supermarket retail experience to form what is not the largest supplier of office supplies in the world.

With additional jobs being added to worksites around the world every day, it is time for you to apply and move on to the start of a great career.