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Stop and Shop has one goal in mind: delivering un-matched selection, quality, and value to its customers. For 100 years Stop and Shop has been operating on this single foundation and their success is evident. The super market chain has grown to 86 supermarkets.

This article is designed to assist inquirers and applicants in the hiring process: educating prospective/potential employees of company background, careers, interview process, work environment, among additional details relevant to your Stop and Shop Application.

Apply to Stop and Shop Online

Stop and Shop job employment process is efficient and accessible for online users. The company does this by providing a job website where applicants can browse available opportunities and job openings by category, by state, by departments, and by job title.

To access the job portal and postings, please refer to the official Stop and Shop website. Scroll down to the bottom of the home page where you will see “Career” link. Click the link and you will be directed to the careers and opportunities page.

How to Search for Stop and Shop Jobs Online

Stop and Shop is interested in candidates who are talented individuals seeking a diverse, friendly, and motivated team.

To search Stop and Shop job openings and to submit a Stop and Shop employment, users will want to go to this page in order to view the current job listings, posted job details and requirements, and other relevant information in regards to the search and employment process.

To search jobs/careers on Stop and Shop website, users can browse the career database through a number of ways. The search can be by department, job title, job hours (part-time versus full-time), by location, by supermarket, by Stop and Shop Office listings, and by “PeaPod” Stop and Shop delivery service.

Click here to learn more about PeaPod.

To browse through the available job postings and to get a feel for each position, please scroll to the middle left side of the careers page. You will see a tan-colored box with charcoal colored font headings and green links. Click the links to browse through each department and job title/description and job pertinent details.

How to Apply Online

To apply for Stop and Shop position or to submit a Stop and Shop form, please refer to the company’s designated career website. Select the corresponding link (font color green) for the desired position.

When selecting a desired position, you will be forwarded to Job form & Career Opportunity portal. To take a look at the landing page, it is available here. To inquire about Careers with Stop & Shop through BrassRing, please click on the link titled “Search Openings” to match your job wants, needs, and relevant work experience to an ideal job match.

To apply or submit a Stop and Shop employment form, select the “Submit Resume” link.

About the Company

Stop and Shop is a super market and grocery chain focused on customer care, customer satisfaction, and diversity. Introducing the modern self-service super market concept, the grocery chain grew quickly into a flourishing chain of 86 supermarkets.

For a full understanding of the Stop and Shop website, brand and positioning, services, and platform please visit their thorough and informative FAQ at this site.

Stop and Shop Company History

Stop and Shop started as a small grocery store in 1914 in Somerville, MA. The company was founded by the Rabinowitz family and they were also the first ones to introduce modern-built supermarkets in MA. Within half a decade, Stop and Shop has grown into a chain of retail stores consisting of 86 supermarkets.

Fast-forward to present times, Stop and Shop has over 375 stores in the Eastern region of the US. It serves as the go-to-grocery store of the people in New Jersey, New England and New York.

Direct Competitors

Stop and Shop is a small but very focused chain of supermarkets. Applying here will allow to join this growing team of talented and passionate people. Supermarkets are all over, but each one has their own unique method of presenting their products and wowing their customers. Apply to Safeway and kickstart a career in this supermarket that has been around since the early 1900’s. Apply to HEB, one of the biggest retailers that is currently growing and accepting new employees. Look into applying to Aldi, which started as a German store, and has made the leap to our side of the world in a big way, with plenty of big ideas. 

Employment at Stop & Shop

Stop and Shop employees are talented individuals, interested in beginning their career (just starting out) or growing their work experience in the supermarket and grocery chain industry.

Stop and Shop Employees are diverse, open, and commitment oriented individuals, whom desire an interactive and culture rich community. The company has a culture and community that is embodied through the supermarket’s location, merchandise, assortment, aesthetic, and customer care.

Employment at Stop and Shop offers rich experience in the food and grocery industry, growth and skill development, and better education opportunities (internships).

Stop and Shop Employment and Company Analytics
1385 Hancock St
Quincy, MA, 02169-5103

Industry: Retail

Employees: 10,000+

Company Size: 375 stores in seven different states. 59,000 associates from the community Stop&Shop serves.

Location: 7 different state regions and territories, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, and New Jersey. In addition to these territories, there is also a distribution center in Freetown, MA.


Community Involvement: A legacy of diversity, Stop & Shop chooses to empower its community through working in collaboration with the community to draw upon rich culture. Stop and Shop works closely with suppliers to ensure that community culture is both honored and conveyed through each super market location.

Whether you are looking for your first job or desire a more established and experienced career path, Stop and Shop has opportunities for you to browse through online. An array of full-time and part-time opportunities, you are bound to find the recipe for success when it comes to your career path and becoming more involved with the community.

Job Openings at Stop and Shop

All available online job titles and openings are listed online here and career listings are organized by job title and type. In addition to job listings and career paths, internships are also available.

Categories of Jobs Listed with Stop and Shop

Full Time/Manager (40 hours), Part-Time Store(under 40 hours), warehouse, distribution, PeaPod, Office Positions – Full Time, Office Positions – Internships

Stop and Shop Application Tips: Online Hiring Process

After submitting your Stop and Shop employment form, allow the hiring managers to review your profile within 2-3 business days. You should be contacted by then to schedule you for an interview with the store manager. The interview process may be a 2-part series, starting from a low-ranking manager to a high-ranking official of the district or region.

Interview Tips and Statistics

Stop and Shop values persistence when it comes to selecting job applicants fit for interviews. Numerous previous employee reviews and job forum applicants note that “hassling”, assertive follow-up, and persistence being rewarded when it comes to the online job process with Stop and Shop.

Persistence allows the employees who are hungry for the opportunity, who value the position, or shows passion for pursuing a career with Stop and Shop. It sets apart the job applicant (you) from the rest of the pack (job hunt competition). Reviews were gathered from forums and user reviews at this site.

Interview Sample Questions: per User, “Joselito

Stop and Shop asks questions like these in the Stop & Shop interview process, as noted by Indeed User, “Joselito” :

  • Joselito’s Advice: Be yourself, market yourself, and be candid…
  • Sample Questions:
  • What did you like / not like about your previous job?
  • What hours are you available?
  • Can you start right now?
  • How flexible is your schedule?
  • Why do you want to work with Stop And Shop?
  • How do you define customer service?
  • What are some of the challenges a grocery store faces?

Former Employees Reviews on Indeed Site

When selecting a job or career path, it is important to do research and read former/previous employees reviews and experience in working with the company. The said job resource portal serves as a fantastic and reputable resource for company information and authentic employee reviews and interaction.

Below is a former Stop and Shop Employee Review for your reference via Indeed’s forum section.

“Great place to work if you are retired or a student.” Customer Service Desk (Former Employee), Hartford, CT – March 24, 2014

Pros: you can travel to work at other locations in the summer

Cons: not enough hours

“Working for Stop and Shop has brought me to appreciate the grocery workforce. I meet many different people and maintained a great relationship with co-workers and customers. The position I held was not difficult to handle but it did come with lots of complaints from customers to me regarding the policy of Western Union. I enjoyed every day I worked there.” Anonymous User, Former Stop&Shop Employee.

Please refer to Stop and Shop FAQs online at the company website for job inquires, frequently asked questions, and for more information regarding the company as well as employment processes & opportunities here.

Salary Information

Salary may vary depending on your job title, years of experience, level of education and current work destination. Here’s an overview of the salaries offered at Stop & Shop according to reports provided.
Hourly Jobs: No Negotiation, Pay is set at Starting Wage. Pay Raise is available after “X” amount of years, depending on location and Manager.

Hourly Positions:

  • Cashier @ $7 – $10 with $8 being average pay
  • Clerk @ $7 – $12 with $9.05 being average pay
  • Deli Clerk @ $8 – $14 with $9.42 being average pay
  • Produce Clerk @ $7 – $10 with $8.57 being average pay
  • Customer Service @ $7 – $10 with $8 being average pay
  • Stock Person @ $7 – $9 with $8 being average pay
  • Shift Manager @ $9 – $11 with $9 being average pay
  • General Merchandise Clerk @ $8 – $13 with $10 being average pay
  • Meat Clerk @ $8 – $10 with $9 being average pay
  • Part Time Customer Service Head @ $8 to $13 with $9 being average pay
  • Team Lead @ $9 to $11 an hour with $10.19 being average pay

PeaPod Positions and Average Pay Rates:

PeaPod Delivers Stop&Shop Merchandise to Customers

Driver @ $10 -$11 an hour with $10 being average pay

Salaried Jobs: When interviewing for a salaried position just as Assistant Manager or Manager, previous applicants and employees recommend asking for the salary you desire. If your requested salary is out of budget and the DM wants to hire you, they will need approval before extending the offer.

Front End Manager, Dairy Clerk, Bagger, Interns, and other Salaried Positions: Salary Information reported as “X” confidential to company. Please discuss and negotiate salary with job applicant interviewer or Stop and Shop directly.

Stop & Shop Employee Benefits

Stop and Shop admission makes you eligible for the following benefits listed with Stop & Shop, should you be hired for the desired position. Benefits are important perks and forms of pay in the modern job market. Basic package includes:

  • Retirement plan
  • Medical and dental
  • Eye care plan
  • Paid vacations
  • Job perks
  • Life insurance

Please see the link here for full list of benefits and for further details in regards to Stop and Shop Employee Benefits.

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