Tips for Acing your Taco Bell Job Interview

Fast food jobs tend to be fast and furious. You will apply, schedule your interview, and be hired before you know it. That doesn’t mean you don’t have time to prepare though. Now that you’ve done your research and applied, it’s time to get ready with our Taco Bell job interview tips. It may be a fast process, but that doesn’t make it easy.

Taco Bell has a reputation for being very flexible with scheduling. Their hours allow them to be this way so this is a great job for anyone, especially those still in school. Now that you’ve applied to this company, it’s time to understand how they conduct their interviews and how you can get hired.

Getting Hired at Taco Bell

After the application, the only thing standing between you and a job is the interview at Taco Bell. When you’ve scheduled it, you should prepare by practicing some basic questions. You can also find a nice business casual outfit to wear that shows your professionalism to the interviewer.

The interviews here typically last only fifteen minutes or so, which means that every word you say counts. The interviews are most commonly held in the restaurant either in an office or a secluded area so there are no interruptions. The topics that are covered usually range from ethics, to availability, to prior experience in the industry or elsewhere.

Beyond the normal questions, expect a few curve balls that address the menu and your personal experience with the company. We’ll delve into those momentarily. Some final tips before we move on would be to keep your posture, eye contact, and voice level all in check to make the interview move as smoothly as possible.

Typical Interview Questions

To better help you prepare for the upcoming interview, here are some common questions asked and answers to give.

1. What do you wish to gain from working at Taco Bell?

Example Answer: Talk about the various opportunities for career growth or experience. Remember to stay positive and mention several things that the company can offer you.

2. What would you do if you’re running late for a shift?

Example Answer: The best way to answer this question is to say that you would call ahead and notify the manager on duty that you are running late. Apologize and give them an approximate time that you expect to arrive. Assure them that it would only happen in a rare instance.

These Taco Bell job interview tips will give you an edge over the competition and boost your chances of success.

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