Tips to Ace Your Target Job Interview

When it comes to major retail stores this is one that comes up on a lot of people’s lists. It’s a great company to work for and with our Target job interview tips, you can start a rewarding career with them today! What does it mean to work for this company though, and why should you? Well, a more detailed answer to that question lies elsewhere.

That being said, as a previous Target employee myself, I can speak to the company’s great training and career opportunities. Now that you’ve applied, it’s time to consider how the company conducts their interviews and what they expect in a candidate. These kinds of things will be great knowledge for you as you prepare for the job interview.

How Target Conducts Interviews

Once you’ve applied to the company, the next step is waiting for the call to schedule your interview. The process varies in length, sometimes you will hear from a hiring manager within a few days or sometimes it can take up to a couple weeks.

For an entry-level position there are usually two interviews conducted. The first is with a mid-range leadership individual with the company. This interview consists of basic questions that cover your past experience and personality traits.

The second interview is usually directly after the first one and is usually conducted by an upper-level of management. This interview will dive more so into the details of the job and the interviewer will most likely ask you detailed questions about previous positions you’ve held. Going through the second interview with a cool head is easy, you just have to focus and try to formulate some answers ahead of time for expected questions.

In terms of uniform, Target employees wear red collared shirts and khaki pants in most capacities. That being said, interview attire should be similar with a business casual look that showcases your professionalism. Let’s dive deeper into the questions you can expect.

Common Questions to Expect

The target interviews you go through will be short and concise in their length. Answer questions with succinct answers and confidence. Here are some example questions to be ready for:

  • What do you like about Target?
  • Tell me about the last time you shopped here.
  • Give me an example of a time when you suggested a change that was accepted.
  • What departments/responsibilities are you most interested in.

Keep these Target job interview tips in mind as you await the call to schedule your interview. Remember to keep a cool head, remain confident and smile!

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