TGI Fridays Employment Job Application

TGI Fridays LogoKnown as a restaurant that takes the concept of having fun seriously, and consistently serves great food and a variety of handcrafted drinks, TGI Fridays has earned a reputation of being America’s most iconic bar and grill. Because of the casual dining restaurant chain’s popularity, the fact that thousands of aspiring job seekers send their TGI Fridays application in every month is not surprising.

With a menu that offered tasty dishes and exciting handcrafted drinks served in an ambient atmosphere decked with red striped canopies, Tiffany lamps, antiques and brass rings, TGI Fridays is a favorite hangout for people who wish it was Friday all the time.

If you are looking to find employment at one of the biggest restaurant chains in the United States, you can apply online or in person, and possibly land the TGI Fridays job that best suits your skills. If you prefer to apply online, you can visit the company’s official website and send your filled out form here.

The link that takes you to the careers page of the official website of TGI Fridays can be found at the bottom right hand section of the home screen. After clicking the link, you will be taken to the site’s careers page where you can see a list of the available TGI Fridays jobs that you can apply for.

Once you are on this page, you will see that there is a link near the bottom of the screen asking you if you are “ready to get your Fridays on?”. Click the link, and you will be taken to a screen that shows a more comprehensive list of job openings with TGI Fridays that also include descriptions of every position available.

After selecting the position that you want, click next to see the page where you will be asked about your location and at which TGI Fridays location you would like to be assigned in. The next screen will then show you some information about which restaurant locations are currently in need of the position that you want to apply for.

After you have successfully completed the online process, you will be scheduled for an interview. You will also notice that the careers page of the company’s official website shows relevant information about employee benefits and training opportunities, as well as links to TGI Fridays official Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages.

If you would like to receive email notifications about the status of your TGI Fridays employment, you can also subscribe to career and email updates on the company’s official website.

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About The Company

The TGI Fridays chain was founded in 1971 by businessman Dan Scoggin, although the original concept was created in 1965 by Alan Stillman, whose intention was to establish a venue where the young single people of East Side Manhattan can just hang out and mingle. At the time, there were no other places that had such an atmosphere, and to this day many believe that Stillman had unintentionally created the first singles bar.

Stillman’s TGI Fridays was one of the first to make use of promotions such as ladies’ night, and one of the few locations that had to cordon off waiting areas for people who were outside because the place was full. Back then, it was unusual for a bar and restaurant to have cordoned waiting areas, but because TGI Fridays was so popular at the time it was decided that they needed to have one installed.

With the success of his first restaurant, Stillman decided to open others which were all located in different cities. Franchising started in 1971, and it was at this time that Scoggin bought his first eight locations.

Soon, Scoggin’s franchises were performing so well that they tripled the profits that Stillman’s restaurants were making. Stillman decided to form a merger with Scoggin, and TGI Fridays Inc. was born.

In 1989, the restaurant’s focus was changed in order to concentrate less on the young single crowd, and instead develop a more family oriented atmosphere. TGI Fridays still served alcoholic beverages, but focused more on quality rather than quantity in order to discourage excessive alcohol consumption.

Today, there are over a thousand TGI Fridays restaurants operating in 44 states in the US. The company also has more than 900 international franchises scattered across the globe in countries such as Mexico, Egypt, Poland, Norway, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and the Czech Republic.

There are also TGI Fridays locations in Asia, in countries such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam. TGI Fridays franchises can also be found in the Middle East, in countries such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

Aside from their famous Cajun Chicken Fingers and Jack Daniels Glazed Ribs, some of the other more popular dishes served at TGI Fridays include their onion rings, which are lightly battered and fried to a golden crisp, and their Sizzlin’ Beef Fajita Tower, which is a delectable creation that consists of vegetables, warm flour tortillas, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, and pico de gallardo.

Direct Competitors

At TGI Fridays, every night is a party, and you can be part of it. Great food, handcrafted drinks, and a perfect atmosphere. It’s no wonder you wouldn’t want to work here. Other restaurants have adopted this approach, and they’re looking for you as well. Apply to Applebees, where the karaoke is almost as good as the food. Check out Chili’s, where the people are always nice and the business is always bumping. Finally, apply to Hooters for a sweet and savory experience that goes further than the great tasting wings. 

Working at the Restaurant

Once your TGI Fridays form goes through and you find yourself hired by one of the largest casual dining restaurants in the country, you can expect to be immersed in a work environment surrounded by people who are dedicated to fulfilling a commitment to providing the best TGI Fridays experience to all of their customers.

People who have worked or are still working at TGI Fridays agree that the company takes great care of its employees, and provides equal opportunity for everyone. Should your TGI Fridays form go through successfully, you can expect to find yourself working in a challenging, fast-paced environment surrounded by people who you will eventually call family.

Working at TGI Fridays also means you get to train with some of the best people in the industry. There are plenty of training opportunities available, making sure that you are fully equipped to take on the challenges that stand between you and career growth.

Should your TGI Fridays employment form get accepted and you are hired to work at one of the many restaurant locations in your area, you will also be entitled to all the benefits that the company provides. Of course, you will also receive a highly competitive salary.

Hiring Process

The length of time it takes for the entire TGI Fridays employment form and hiring process depends on the position you apply for. If you are looking to get hired at an entry-level capacity, you could be reporting for your first day of work in a week or two.

For management and corporate positions, the process could take a little longer. Unlike entry-level applicants who only go through one or two interviews before getting hired, managerial and corporate applicants can go through as many as three different interviews.

Interviews can be as short as a simple conversation with the manager about your reasons for applying for the position and what skills you can bring to TGI Fridays, or it could be a lengthy discussion about career goals, previous work experiences, and areas of opportunity that you can work on in the future. It is important to present yourself as an individual that possesses the aptitude and attitude that the company is looking for.

After the interviews, you will be asked to take an exam that will assess the level of your knowledge and expertise in relation to the position that you are applying for. This part of the TGI Fridays hiring process that also includes questions that help the company’s recruitment personnel determine how you would handle certain situations and whether your attitude towards those situations fit the company’s needs.

Salary Information

In comparison to other restaurant chains, TGI Fridays also offers a very attractive compensation and benefits package. Should your TGI Friday employment be successful, you will be entitled to receive a salary based on the position you get hired in.

Entry level positions such as cooks, servers, bartenders and hosts receive an hourly pay, with the possibility of an increase based on experience and length of tenure with TGI Fridays. Hosts and servers get paid around 5 USD to 8 USD per hour, while cooks and bartenders can receive a salary range of about 7 USD to 12 USD per hour.

A successful TGI Fridays employment for management positions, on the other hand, offers better salary options. Managers can receive salary amounts that fall above the national average, at around 40,000 USD to 50,000 USD, possibly higher depending on experience.

Employee Benefits

TGI Friday’s employees receive benefits packages based on their position in the company. For employees that receive an hourly wage, the list of benefits includes the following:

  • employee discounts
  • healthcare benefits
  • credit union
  • tuition reimbursement
  • wellness discounts
  • legal assistance plans
  • sick days

For employees that get hired in a corporate or managerial capacity with TGI Fridays, benefits include:

  •  healthcare
  • dental plans
  • 401(K)
  • savings benefit
  • educational assistance
  • meal discounts
  • paid time off
  • personal days
  • sick days
  • vision plans
  • life insurance
  • accidental death and dismemberment benefits

Interesting Facts about The Company

During the interview phase of the TGI Fridays application process, knowing some interesting facts about the company can impress your interviewer, and give the impression that you came prepared. Here are some facts about TGI Fridays that you can mention during your interviews.

  • The TGI Fridays name was derived from the expression “Thank God it’s Friday!”, or the alternative meaning “Thank Goodness it’s Friday!”
  • Alan Stillman, one of the restaurant chain’s original creators, also opened other restaurants that had names taken from the other days of the week. These included places that were called Tuesday’s, Thursday’s Wednesday’s and Ice Cream Sunday’s.
  • TGI Friday’s developed the original recipe for loaded potato skins, which not only went on to become one of the restaurant’s signature dishes, but also one of the most popular American dishes today.
  • A brand extension called Friday’s Front Row Sports Grill exists in two Major League Baseball stadiums; one of them is in Chase Field, located in Arizona, and the other is in Miller Park, in Milwaukee. The two feature a combination of the Friday’s concept and a sports bar atmosphere.
  • TGI Fridays is also widely credited with the invention of the Long Island Iced Tea, which is an alcoholic beverage whose main ingredients include vodka, gin, tequila, rum, triple sec and a splash of cola.
  • In some restaurants located in other countries such as Ireland or the UK, the name of the company is stylized as “FRiDAYS” or “T.G.I.s”.
  • In 1986, TGI Fridays hosted the first national Bar Olympics, which is a flair bartending competition where bartenders are encouraged to show their personality. Since then the Bar Olympics has grown to become widely popular as more bartenders developed new and innovative ways to mix and serve drinks.

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