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Tilly’s is a leading specialty retailer in the action sports industry selling clothing, shoes, and accessories. The company opened its first store in Southern California in 1982 and has grown to 146 stores in 20 states.

A successful Tilly’s application can guarantee you of fruitful long-term employment; various job perks; and other benefits that can help you start your career path the right way.

To work for such a large organization is a unique opportunity. You can establish a career path right on track and as lucrative as many other industries.

Important Tips for your Tilly’s Application

  1. When applying to Tilly’s online for Tilly’s jobs, ensure that you do not leave any blanks in order to improve your chances of being hired.
  2. Do keep in mind that Tilly’s Job employment Form is extensive in as much as the details of previous jobs sought as well as personal information and information on preferences. Hence due care must be taken to ensure that complete and correct details are entered.
  3. Each form filed at Tilly’s remains active for 30 days during which time it is compared against available openings. Shortlisted candidates are called for further interview. Candidates have an option to file another form after 30 days.

Tilly’s hiring process is discrimination free and Tilly’s focuses on diversity at workplace.

Tilly’s recommends candidates to inquire with stores and submit Tilly’s printable employment forms to Management representatives at stores for Tilly’s store jobs

For finding out about opportunities at Tilly’s stores and to learn what positions are available in your local area, please visit your nearest location in person and speak with a member of store management, or check the Jobs page. To find out about the Tilly’s stores in your area, use the store locator feature at the website.

For Corporate and Distribution Center positions, please visit the career page.

About the Company

Tilly’s offers one of the largest assortments of brands and merchandise from the top players in the surf, skate, and motor cross and lifestyle apparel industries available both in stores and online at the company’s official website here.

The knowledge of ever-evolving trends and access to the most popular brands allows the company to have an unparalleled assortment of merchandise. The selection and the look and feel of its stores are distinct and create a shopping experience that is unique, creative and fun

Tilly’s (originally known as World of Jeans and Tops) is a US based retail clothing company that has created a chain of 198 stores in 32 states in little over 21 years of its operations. The company primarily sells clothing, shoes, and accessories for various active lifestyles including surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding along with sports such as motor cross.

Tillys app form

Among the brands sold are Billabong, DC Shoes, Element, Fox, Famous Stars and Straps, Elwood, Globe Shoes, Hurley, O’Neill, Quiksilver, Vans, and Volcom, as well as an extensive selection of Levi’s.

They also sell store brands such as Blue Crown, RsQ, and Micros.

Available Jobs at Tilly’s

A job in retail business is always an exciting mix of customer interactions and sales pitches. The dynamic nature of jobs in Retail industry is sure to provide a constant challenge in terms of constantly updating industry practices and formats.

In USA, according to the latest data available, Retail jobs industry provides direct employment to over 42 million people and is responsible for more than 18% of US Gross Domestic Product. The specific sub-segment of Clothing and clothing accessories stores generates close to 2 million jobs alone.

With many experts pointing out to the growth in other Industries and an overall boost in the economy, Retail Industry is placed very attractively.

Although the effect of the recession is still wearing on the retail job industry and retail job market, many experts and job hunters are reporting improvement in many regions, with many cities adding thousands of jobs from 2011 to 2012 and continuing the same trend from 2012 to 2013.

By all accounts, the current year promises to bear fruits of job additions within the industry. In all, forty of the largest cities in the U.S. had more people employed in retail jobs in April, 2012 than a year earlier

Tilly’s presence in over 32 states through more than 198 outlets means that they have to regularly hire entry-level associates, as well as professionals for various capacities. They offer numerous job opportunities in both part-time and full-time capacity

Job opportunities are available primarily in three segments – Corporate, Retail and Distribution Center. For Tilly’s jobs, apply online at the website if you want more information about job openings.

Retail Positions – offers employment opportunities in following areas

  • Sales Associates,
  • District Managers,
  • Store Managers
  • Merchandising

For further details on currently open job positions, visit Tilly’s online.

Corporate– this is where the more specialized jobs are available. You’ll find exciting career opportunities in Finance, Operations, Accounting, Information Technology, Legal, Accounting, Copywriting, Human Resources, E-commerce, etc.

Distribution Center – these centers act like the nerve center of the operations. Receiving orders, dispatching items, maintaining correct records of inventory, invoices, order fulfillment functions are some of the critical activities carried out here.

While at Tilly’s jobs online, jobs across Business Organizations are certainly available, one has to look deeper to find the core areas of interest.

At Tilly’s online jobs section, the job opportunities are categorized into functional areas. These functional areas range from Order Taker to Cook to Managerial positions. On the other hand there are various diverse positions available at the website for corporate jobs section ranging from Customer Experience to IT, Accounting, Project Manager, etc.

Employment at Tilly’s

Tilly’s offers exceptional career opportunities for fresher, talented and experienced people at various levels and functional areas within the Organization. These opportunities exist in Corporate Office and Distribution Center located in the city of Irvine in Southern California or at one of the many Tilly’s Stores spread across 32 states.

At the Corporate office and Distribution Center, all employees enjoy a casual dress code and a fun, fast paced work environment. The company creates a positive working environment where people feel valued and respected for their dedication and commitment to the team.

At Tilly’s the management are committed to investing in employees’ professional growth and development. The company demonstrates this commitment by providing a training program for all levels of Store Management. This foundation further enables the management team to take full advantage of the career opportunities that accompany Tilly’s steady growth.

Minimum Employment Age

Tilly’s requires all Corporate and DC employees to be at least 18 years of age or older. For store jobs, the company requires employees to be at least 16 years of age or older. See more FAQs about Tilly’s Job page online

Tilly’s Store Hours

Hours vary by location; however, general hours of operation are 6 a.m.to 10 p.m. These schedules may vary from state to state pursuant to local practices.

Direct Competitors

Tillys is a specialty retailer for all of your sports related needs. Other stores like this can be found, and to increase your chances of getting hired, we recommend applying to more than one. Consider Sports Authority, a long standing line of stores with great quality and wide selection. After that, apply to Dick’s Sporting Goods, an even larger sporting good store with plenty of options and a clean design to their locations. Finish your spree by applying to Big 5, one of the biggest leaders in athletic products and footwear. Winning the game is all about having the right skills and the right equipment and with your help, all of your customers will be on the road to becoming winners. 

Most Common Positions at Tilly’s & Income Information

A retail business chain of this size needs to hire constantly. The company is always looking for motivated, talented and focused individuals to fill in various positions available at Corporate Division, Distribution centers or Stores. Compensation varies by experience.

Nevertheless, they generally start their inexperienced Sales Associates at minimum wage, but it may be higher if you have previous retail experience. Fortunately, the company offers in-house training and career development programs to help the entry-level staffers to upgrade to upper-level jobs.

Information on Job Opportunities at Tilly’s

Apply online at the Jobs section to find more information on job openings. The company regularly staffs the following positions:

Sales Associates – associates are the first point of contact for any customer and form a very important link in the chain. Tilly’s carefully chooses its sales associates by focusing on etiquettes, customer care skills and passion towards sales jobs.

Shipping Clerks – The Distribution center operations are the nerve center for a retail business. A shipping clerk scans merchandise as it comes down the shipping lanes or loads merchandise into trucks on an as needed basis and is responsible for a host of other tasks like verifying paperwork, verifying correct cartons are loaded for the order, adhering to safety procedures, among other functions.

Store Manager – A Store manager is required to lead a team of sales associates and be the point of contact for all the store related issues. Store manager must carry previous experience in a similar role and must demonstrate capability to lead and nurture fellow team members while presenting a great customer experience to shoppers.

Tilly’s Benefits

Tilly’s offers the following benefits to eligible employees: Medical, dental & vision coverage, long-term disability insurance, 401k retirement plan, paid vacation days, paid sick leave, paid holidays, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and of course, the clothes at a discount price!

Why Tilly’s

Well, there are more than a handful of reasons why one should consider working at Tilly’s. A closer look at the  Jobs section can provide many reasons for one to work here. For few other reasons, please read below.

  • Tilly’s has partnered with international shipping solution FiftyOne, offering its merchandise to over 90 countries. You can now shop at their site in your selected currency and see your complete order total, including shipping fees, customs, tariffs and taxes when you check out.
  • Today, the company operates more than 198 stores in 32 states, with corporate offices in California. What does that mean for you? Simply, wider options, broader horizons and multiple disciplines to learn, at the very least. To make sure that this wealth of options plays out right for you, first you must study the possible options and see which fits you the best at Tilly’s Jobs.
  • Such a large organization offers a wealth of career opportunities to job seekers. In addition, they offer a fun-filled and exciting atmosphere for both workers and customers. Regardless of the kind of job you want to find,  the website has forms for employment and will guide you in selecting a satisfying career.
  • Training and Competency Development: Management are committed to investing in their employees’ professional growth and development. Tilly’s demonstrates this commitment by providing a training program for all levels of Store Management. This foundation further enables the management team to take full advantage of the career opportunities that accompany the company’s steady growth.
  • Entry Modes. Perhaps the most important differentiator, one has the option of choosing between the various opportunities offered at Tilly’s. Not only does the company offer employment at various levels and various sections (or business Organizations), there are various resources available to help make the right choice.

Apply today, and benefit from these opportunities or search for relevant jobs.

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