Tips For Your Toys R Us Job Interview

Everyone loves toys. Some people may like the action figures, others the collectible ones, and then there’s dolls and what not. No offense, just not my thing, but my point still stands. Everyone would love to work for Toys R Us, which is exactly why you’ve submitted your application already. Nice job.

What’s the next step you ask? Well, beyond brushing up on the latest Christmas craze toys, you should prepare with our Toys R Us job interview tips, which I will be providing to you momentarily. We’ll discuss the various ways the company screens candidates, then we’ll go into some of the question you can expect.

How Toys R Us Hired Employees

There are over 800 Toys R Us locations nationwide, which gives you plenty of opportunities to find one near you. The company hires throughout the year, but especially during big holiday seasons. The company runs fairly large stores so they need a streamlined interviewing process to keep things moving quickly.

To facilitate this, the company starts with group interviews where you participate in answering questions among other candidates. This allows them to see multiple people at once and weed out the ones that aren’t going to work for their needs. Once you’ve made it through the group session, you will be interviewed in a one-on-one setting by one of the store’s managers.

Back to the group interviews, these usually are done with anywhere from two to ten different candidates present at once. Because multiple people are present, these types of interviews can take a few hours to finish. They begin with some introductions and personal employment histories for each candidate.

These type of interviews then move into group oriented activities and methods by which the observing managers can see how you interact with a group of strangers and work as a team. Think of it like a reality show and you’re being watched and judged (in a good way) to see how you handle a group of people.

One such activity would be taking a toy from the store and selling it to one of the other employees in a role play session. Directly after the group session, you’ll move right into the one-on-one interviews.

Common Questions to Expect

As we finish up these Toys R Us job interview tips, keep in mind these following questions as practice material:

  • Why should we hire you?
  • How would you describe yourself?
  • What past experience do you have?

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