Waffle House Employment Job Application

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Waffle House restaurant prides itself on being able to offer employees a rewarding career, as they boast of being “America’s Place to Work”. Employees of the restaurant will be able to enjoy many benefits with plenty of chances to advance based on their job performance.

Start your career today under the “Yellow Sign” by submitting your Waffle House application.

The company philosophy is “bigger before better” and the restaurant places its focus not just on taking care of their customers, but also being able to take care of their employees. Waffle House chooses to reward its employees for their hard work and shares ownership with members of its management team.

In addition to offering quality service, Waffle House also serves a menu with breakfast items as well as lunch and dinner items such as hamburgers and salads. Of course, the menu also offers waffles with several topping and filling options.

Waffle House Careers

Only those interested in seeking a management career with the restaurant chain or one of its franchises should complete and submit an employment request online. These applicants can find the online application by visiting the Waffle House website under the Careers/Management Careers tab.

Those interested in applying for associate positions will need to contact the restaurant manager of the location they are interested in applying with. The restaurant manager will be able to provide the applicant instructions on how to apply for an associate position. Be sure that when you go into the restaurant location you are dressed as though you are going to have your interview. This can help you to show the interviewer or hiring manager that you are professional.

Access the online job application here.

Minimum Age for Employment

In order to submit a request for employment at Waffle House, you must be 16 years of age or older. Applications from those younger than 16 years of age will be rejected without further review.

Hours of Operation

Locations are open 365 days a year, including holiday’s and are open 24 hours a day.

Entry Level Positions

There are several entry level positions at Waffle House restaurants. There are salespeople, servers, grill operators and cooks. The servers are responsible for greeting customers and taking their meal orders. Grill operators and cooks are responsible for working in the kitchen areas.

Some of the other positions include bussers, dishwashers, prep cooks, line cook and the host and hostess.

Be sure to ask what the job duties of each position are when applying to give yourself a better idea of which position matches your skills and the position that matches the one you desire.

Wage for these positions typically start at a little before minimum wage. However, if hired with previous restaurant experience, you will be given the chance to earn more starting out.

Servers also have the potential to earn more through tips the customers leave them and can also expect to earn raises that are scheduled and forty cents during their first year of employment with Waffle House. If grill operators meet sales goals, they are given a chance to earn bonuses.

Management Positions

Management positions include assistant manager, general manager, and district manager. Those that will be future managers at Waffle House must complete training courses in Norcross, Georgia at the Waffle House University.

Manager trainees’ salary starts at $28,000 yearly and through promotion or annual raises. Assistant managers typically make $32,000 yearly and general managers make $42,000 yearly.

The district managers are responsible for supervision of the management over multiple restaurants. District manager’s wage is $70,000 yearly.

Through hard work, skills, experience and dedication, employees have the potential for a promotion into the management roles, which is a common place for wait staff to advance into.

Some of the duties for managers include scheduling of the shifts for employees, interviewing candidates for open positions and supervising the daily operations for the Waffle House restaurants.

Direct Competitors

It’s always a good time for waffles, which is why Waffle House has been around for so long. Of course, breakfast at night is the most satisfying event of all. Since you are interested in the tastiest of squares, you should also consider applying to additional places, just to be safe. We would humbly suggest looking into Walmart for their flexible scheduling and great benefits. And, speaking of houses, you could also learn a thing or two about building and handiwork by applying for a position with Lowes. Depending on the length of your commute, you could also consider Home Depot as an alternative option. Remember to keep yourself in the equation and do what is best for you. 

Suggestions for Applying

When completing your application form, you will want to make sure to answer each question on the application. You may wish to print out a secondary copy of the application in the event you make a mistake on the first copy.

If you come across a question on the application that does not apply to you, be sure to write “n/a”. Doing so will show your interviewer and the hiring manager that you took the time to read through the entire application.

Add all your previous work history, especially if you have past experience working for a restaurant. List all job duties you performed at each past job as well, as this can help your chances of being chosen for an interview.

If you do not have much previous experience, then don’t worry as many hired for entry level positions have little to no previous experience. The good news is that if you are hired, you will be provided the opportunity to advance your career while working for Waffle House.

Also, make sure to add any previous customer service skills and make note on your form if you want to work an overnight shift. Over night shifts is always a need for the restaurant, since it’s open 24 hours a day.

Before submitting your application, give it one last look over to be sure that it is professional in appearance and that correct spelling and grammar were used.

Additional Suggestions for Applying

When applying for a management position with Waffle House it is important that you list any previous management experience you have, your college education background, if you have any degrees or certifications and any other skills you possess in terms of leadership roles and customer service skills.

Most management applications require this information, unless you are being promoted from within the restaurant.

Be sure that you are filling out your management Waffle House application online, as physical applications for this position are not accepted. Along with your application, you will need to submit your resume along with a cover letter.

Your cover letter should include reasons why you would be a good fit for the Waffle House management team and include information about your background that shows that you would be an asset to the restaurant.

You may also wish to include with your resume a time when you were a team player either at your previous place of employment or on a team for a sport. Give a specific example and the outcome.

Think of a second example of a time when you were a team player to bring up in your interview. Make sure you are not using the same example you provided in your resume. Be sure that you are providing what the outcome of the project or goal was. This will help show your interviewer that you are a team player and would be a valuable asset to Waffle House as an employee.

If you need assistance with these forms, you can find templates online to help you get started.

Company Benefits

There are numerous benefits of working for Waffle House. Employees can receive health insurance for themselves and their family. The coverage for health insurance begins 28 days after the first deduction from payroll is made.

New employees are eligible to enroll for health plan on their first day of employment.

Employees are provided the choice between a more comprehensive and a basic health insurance plan. Dental insurance and benefits are also available for employees.

If an employee chooses to enroll in a health insurance plan, they will also be provided with life insurance plans as well. Employees are given the chance to increase the dollar amount provided by the company for additional fees. Vision discounts are also offered for selected optometrists.

Another perk of working for Waffle House is the ability of purchasing stock after one year of service with the restaurant. However, for salary employees, they will have the opportunity to purchase stock after ninety days of employment in an effort to allow employees to increase personal wealth.

Once eligible for receiving stocks benefits, employees can select to have up to 10% from each of their paychecks in order to purchase stock.

Annual cash bonus is also provided by Waffle House and is based on how many years of service the employee has provided.

This benefit begins after employees have provided three years of service. Staff is provided the choice between receiving a bonus check or they can apply it towards the purchase of more stock.

Two weeks of vacation is earned yearly, and for those that have worked for the restaurant for more than 10 years, they earn three weeks of vacation. If employees opt to work during a vacation week that is scheduled, then they will earn one check for the vacation and one for their regular paycheck.

Company Facts

When you submit an application for any type of position, you will want to make sure that you research the company you are applying for. The first reason is so you have a better understanding of the company you are choosing to start a career with and the second reason is that in the event your interviewer asks you what you know about the company, you are able to answer their question.

Also reflect on why you would make a great addition to the Waffle House team.

Below are some key facts about Waffle House to give you an understanding of what the company is about.

Two neighbors created the first Waffle House in 1955. One neighbor working in real estate and the other the food industry, however, they both shared the desire to create a business that was focused on quality as well as people. Their names are Joe Roger and Tom Forkner.

Waffle House is a well-known icon restaurant for those living in the south with over 1,500 franchise and company owned locations in 25 states. Most people are easily able to recognize the “Yellow Sign” that has helped make the restaurant stand out.

Waffle House has many regular customers that frequent their restaurant locations. These customers are often greeted by name. Waffle House prides itself on offering quality food, fast service and affordable prices.

Because they have so many regular customers, Waffle House created the “Regulars Club” which offers those customers who frequent the restaurant weekly or for some daily with access to coupons and other items via email.

Waffle House restaurants offer a full view to the kitchen where meals are served up hot on real china.

Menu items at Waffle House include waffles, omelets, bacon and even T-bone steaks. A visit to the Waffle House website allows you to access a list of statics on every breakfast food that has been served by the restaurant since the first location opened in 1955 in addition to how many coffee servings, hamburgers, hash brown orders, and any other items by the minute on any day.

Restorations have been made to the original Waffle House restaurant in order to replicate its state it was in during 1955 and it even includes a museum containing memorabilia from its first fifty years of service.

As you can see, by choosing to apply, you are making a decision to apply for a career with a company that provides customers with excellent customer service and a menu with popular breakfast items on the menu along with lunch and dinner items such as sandwiches and salads.

Waffle House offers attractive benefits for its employees and has a willingness to help their employees advance in their career.