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Wawa is known for its extensive line of coffee, latte, and cappuccinos, as well as its made to order hoagies and hot breakfast meals. Let’s discuss what you can do to add points to your Wawa application.

The convenience store is truly convenient, with flexible operating hours and a wide selection of food and other items. Wawa is also known for its excellent customer service.

Its attractive benefits and potential career growth makes it an ideal job for entry-level workers who are looking to explore the grocery industry.

Online Wawa Application

Wawa is US chain of convenience stores and gas stations located along the East Coast. It operates branches in Pennsylvania, New Jersey,Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida.

It is known as the largest convenience store and third largest food retailer in Greater Philadelphia.

Wawa began in 1890 as a dairy farm that offered home delivery. Its founder, George Wood, imported cows from the British Island of Guernsey to Delaware County, Philadelphia.

Pasteurization was not available at the time, but Wood invited doctors to certify his milk as sanitary and safe for consumption, and his business grew.

By the 1960’s, customers began buying milk in groceries instead of having them delivered, so Wood decided to open the Wawa Food Market in 1964, which is still in operation today.

The Wawa Food Market then expanded to other food items aside from milk.

Wawa also carries chips, drinks, and soda, as well as its own brand of iced tea, soda, and orange juice. It is known for its wide variety of coffee, latte, and cappuccinos, and its made to order hoagies, hot breakfast meals, the Sizzli, and a full deli with a digitized ordering system.

The name Wawa comes from the Native American word for the Canada Goose. The convenience store selected the goose as its corporate logo to pay homage to its history and to symbolize teamwork, group consensus, and encouragement.

Today, Wawa has over 600 stores, including branches of Super Wawa, or larger stores with gasoline pumps. It is also ranked as one of the largest private companies according to Forbes magazine, earning over $4 billion each year.

Wawa’s corporate offices are located in the Wawa area of Chester Heights, Pennsylvania in Greater Philadelphia.

Employment at Wawa

The Wawa application can be done online, on the careers page of their official website. Upon opening the page, you may select between “In-Store Hourly Positions,” “In-Store Management Positions,” “Corporate Positions,” and “Wawa Beverage Company Positions.” Click “Apply Now” at the bottom of your preferred category.

A new page will open with “Apply to an Open Position” and “Apply to a Location Near You.” If you choose “Apply to an Open Position,” the list of open applications will appear, while if you “Apply to a Location Near You,” you will have to select your state, city, or zip code.

Once you find a position you wish to apply for, you can read the Summary, Principal Duties, Other Job Duties, and Requirements. If you feel you are qualified, you may click “Choose a Location” located on the bottom of the page.

After selecting a location, you may choose to either log in your Wawa online application account or create a new account.

You may submit your resume as soon as you log in. The recruiting team will review your Wawa application and if you qualified, will contact you for an interview.

Working at Wawa

Working at Wawa is more than just a job. It provides an opportunity to combine teamwork, community, and career advancement. Wawa is dedicated to keeping its employees happy and healthy, in an environment that promotes teamwork and a family-like bond.

Its culture of support and pride has made Wawa a family as much as a business organization.

Wawa values its people and places a high priority on their health, well-being, and personal and career development. As such, a career at Wawa is the pursuit of possibility, using its Custom-Made Careers program, where employees can customize their own training plan.

The “Wawa University” utilizes comprehensive training courses that cover Brand Fundamentals, Leadership Development, and Career Enhancement to strengthen career potential and meet career goals.

Wawa prides itself on being a company that is known for both its products and people. Wawa credits its success to its company-wide personal connection between employees and customers.

Minimum Age for Employment at Wawa

The minimum age for a career at Wawa is 18. If you are aged 18 or above, enjoy working in busy environments, and have a passion for customer service, click here to start your Wawa application today.

Hours of Operation at Wawa

Wawa’s standard operating hours vary per location.

Available Wawa Career Opportunities

Wawa is looking for energetic and passionate people who are motivated to give excellent customer service. Wawa is service-oriented so applicants must be friendly and polite. For management applicants, Wawa prefers employees with experience in grocery retail.

The company accepts entry-level workers and career associates who are hardworking and can work in teams.

If you believe you are perfect for the Wawa career opportunities listed below, please visit the careers page of the official website to start your Wawa application now.

  • Fuel Service Associate
  • Store Maintenance Associate
  • Customer Service Associate
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Fresh Food Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • General Manager

Aside from store openings, the Wawa application is also open for corporate jobs. There are openings in marketing, IT, finance, product development, human resources, and operations.

Wawa Job Descriptions

Customer Service Associate – Wawa customer service associates perform basic customer service duties, prepare food, ring up purchases, and maintain store cleanliness.

Customer service associates must enjoy working with people, and be service-oriented and organized. They normally earn $7 to $12 an hour.

Fresh Food Manager – Wawa fresh food managers run and maintain the built to order food and speciality beverage offerings. They manage and train employees, coordinate daily menus, ensure proper preparation, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Fresh food managers must have a passion for food and love for serving customers and leading employees.

Fresh food manages normally earn $11 to $16 an hour.

Assistant General Manager – Wawa assistant general managers support the general managers in store operations. The assistant general manager helps the team meet and exceed performance goals. They run meetings, manage work schedules, and handle the store team.

Assistant managers must have a hands-on, customer service–oriented approach and leadership capabilities. They usually earn $70 to $90 a week.

General Manager – Wawa general managers are responsible for overall store operations. General managers supervise day-to-day task assignments, hire, train, manage store employees, plan and execute sales strategies, deliver exceptional customer service, and meet and exceed performance and profit goals.

General managers must have previous work experience and a related college degree.

Wawa general managers earn $65,000 to $80,000 a year.

Wawa Interview Tips

The Wawa application process begins by submitting an updated and accurate copy of your resume. It is important to submit an accurate resume because this would let your interviewer understand your skills and qualifications.

If you have previous grocery retail experience, highlight that in your resume because it would add points to your Wawa application.

The Wawa application may take a week to complete, and will involve one-on-one interviews with a hiring manager.

For entry-level positions, it requires one interview, while those seeking higher positions will have to undergo a series of interviews.

Before you go in for your Wawa interview, you must prepare by doing research and familiarizing yourself with its history, its merchandise, and how it’s different from other grocery retail stores.

The normal Wawa interview will focus on personal details, employment history, relevant job skills, and flexibility of schedule. Entry-level applicants will only have to sit in for interviews for 20 to 30 minutes. Some sample questions for your Wawa application are:

  • Why do you want to work at Wawa?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Can you tell me about a time you provided exceptional customer service?
  • What is your greatest achievement and your worst failure?
  • What makes you qualified for the job?

You will also be asked how you would react in certain situations. While these are made-up, these are situations that are most likely to happen at a store when you start working. Take a few seconds to process the question and always remember to highlight customer service.

  • How would you greet a customer who just came in?
  • How would you handle a customer asking for assistance?
  • How would you handle a shift where there are too many customers?
  • How would you deal with a customer with a complaint at the grocery store?
  • What would you do if you saw someone steal from the store?

Anticipating questions ahead of the interview is a good idea. That way, you have a ready answer when the questions come. This would make your interviewer believe that you are efficient and capable for the job.

For management hopefuls, the interview will focus on past experiences as a manager and what you can bring to Wawa. The questions will focus on management style, and will also feature situational questions regarding employee relations and customer service.

For management hopefuls, previous experience is required, as well as a related college degree.

If you are an entry-level applicant with prior experience in grocery retail, answer questions with a relevant story in your previous work. Talk about customers, store operations, and busy days.

If not, make them want to hire you by citing relevant stories from your personal life or from school.

When you come across a difficult question, it helps to carefully think about the question before answering. Keep in mind to always answer in the affirmative, and to share a relevant story.

Wawa is looking for employees who are hardworking, dedicated, and can work under pressure and minimal supervision. These are important for groceries, especially during peak hours. Cite examples to make your answers more concrete.

Answer in confident, yet polite and respectful tones to let your interviewer know you are mature and professional. Exude energy and be enthusiastic because these are important traits in the grocery retail industry.

Steady eye contact, good posture, and a ready smile will prove that you have good interpersonal skills, another must for the job.

Wawa is looking for applicants who are professional and with good customer service skills. Therefore it is important come dressed in a suitable outfit. For men, a button-down shirt paired with slacks is a good choice, while ladies will do well with a modest blouse with slacks or a skirt.

After the interview, do not forget to thank your interviewer for taking the time to see you and that you’re looking forward to working at Wawa. You may be given a job offer on the spot, but if not, you may follow up after a few days.

Benefits of Working at Wawa

Wawa provides competitive pay, training programs, and flexible scheduling. The convenience store also offers an extensive benefits package. Below are some examples of Wawa benefits:

  • Medical coverage (including prescription benefits)
  • Dental plan
  • Vision plan
  • Wawa, Inc. 401(k) Plan
  • Disability coverage (both short and long term)
  • Basic life, accidental death, and dismemberment insurance
  • Supplemental life insurance (including dependent and spousal or domestic partner)
  • Flexible spending accounts (health care and dependent care)
  • Critical illness and accident or Injury benefits

Wawa employees also enjoy the following perks:

  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
  • Wellness reimbursement for weight management programs and fitness center usage
  • Annual wellness screenings and health coaching
  • Educational Assistance Plan
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Employee Credit Union
  • PTO (Paid Time Off)

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