Pizza Hut Employment Job Application

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With franchises located all over the globe, Pizza Hut is one of the well know chains of restaurants that serves pizza as both delivery and carry out. Pizza hut got its start in 1958 with its first location in Kansas.

Offering tasty pizza along with wonderful customer service and a sturdy marketing strategy has allowed Pizza Hut to make a name for itself and help build a strong customer base over the years. Everyone from all walks of life is encouraged to submit a Pizza Hut application to join the Pizza Hut team.

Anyone interested in finding employment at this fine pizza establishment will need to visit the company career portal online. The same application form is used for corporate roles and for those wanting to be team members and have a management type position within the restaurant locations.

Minimum Employment Age

You must be 16 years of age or older and able to provide a valid work visa in order to be considered for employment. Submissions from those under the age of 16 will not be considered for employment and will be rejected without being further reviewed.

Hours of Operation

Outlets are open daily from 11am until midnight, and may be open for extended hours in the event of a public holiday. Also, different branches may be open for different hours depending on how many orders are being placed.

Entry Level Positions

There are numerous entry level jobs available, including team members and server positions. Minimum wage is offered either on an hourly or monthly pay system as determined by state laws for entry level positions. In order to avoid disappointment with the wage you could earn, you are encouraged to look up the minimum wage amount for the state you will be applying for a position in.

Pizza Hut offers both full time and part time positions and you will be asked during the employment process to state which type of position you are interested in. Team member tasks include assisting in the kitchen, taking orders from the customers, working on the cash register and serving customers. Management has its employees best interests at heart and team members are not expected to work twelve hour shifts, which allows a flexible schedule for students.

Team members that are interested in making deliveries for Pizza Hut are required to have a valid driver’s license. Any applicant without a valid driver’s license is asked not to apply for this type of position.

Once a valid driver’s license has been obtained, you will be able to reapply or ask your manager to allow you to make deliveries for your location. Deliveries cease one hour before the restaurant location is to close in order to allow employees on the closing shift to close the restaurant.

Management Positions

Pizza Hut is always hiring for entry level and management level positions and anyone interested in a career with the restaurant is encouraged to submit an application for a management position, along with an updated resume.

pizza hut app form

Many restaurant managers started off as team members and moved up within the company for other management levels. Employees are given many opportunities to advance in their career and receive promotions regularly. Company courses are also available for chosen individuals in order to help them advance with the restaurant chain. Applicants from outside the company are also encouraged to submit an employment form for management.

Competitive rates of pay are offered and managers are offered life insurance, medical coverage and retirement benefits. However, please note that only full time staff is eligible for managerial roles. Therefore, if you are applying for a part time position you will need to move into a full time position in order to advance to a management opportunity in the future.

Tips for Applicants

To complete your request for employment, you will need to log on to Pizza Hut’s website and click the Careers tab, which can be found at the bottom of the website’s landing page. Be sure to fill out each space on the application and if a question does not apply to you, be sure to mark your answer as “n/a”.

The following link may also be used when applying for employment: This link will allow you to achieve direct access to the career center portal in order to complete your request.

Applicants are encouraged to read through all job requirements before they submit their form to be sure they have a clear understanding of what they are being asked to complete. Applicants may choose to apply for the following positions online: team member, management, server and corporate positions.

A resume must be included with your submission for employment and your resume is required to be up to date. Having a resume that is up to date and put together well can help to increase your chances of being notified for an interview with Pizza Hut.

Be sure that your contact information is the most up to date and accurate so that you can be contacted to schedule an interview if your submission is chosen.

Additional Hints for Applicants

If you choose to apply for a management position, you will need to submit your resume that contains your job history, in addition to your job skills. Be sure to read over your resume to check for any spelling or grammatical errors, as they could have the potential to leave a bad impression on the interviewer.

Be sure to include job tasks you previously completed with your past employment to give your interviewer an idea of what tasks you will be able to complete for Pizza Hut. You may also be required to submit a cover letter. Be sure in your cover letter to include why you would be a good fit for Pizza Hut.

Applicants are encouraged to have basic IT knowledge, as this is a skill that is highly desired in today’s job market. Those applying for a management type position with Pizza Hut are expected to be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel, as they will be utilizing these applications on a day to day basis. IT knowledge also helps because you will be working with computers when taking the online orders and if you plan on advancing with the company to a management position in the future.

There is a section for interviewing tips on the career portal for Pizza Hut that applicants are encouraged to use when applying for a position with Pizza Hut. If your application is chosen, you will be notified by the hiring department at Pizza Hut to be given your interview date.

Remember to brush up on facts about the company and do your best to remain calm and confident and answer all the questions you are asked. You may also wish to practice with a partner for how you plan on answering your questions. If you’re not chosen, then you can be asked to submit another form for other opportunities in the future.

Direct Competitors

Pizza may be the universal food that everyone loves, but sometimes you just want something different, like Mexican food or a fancy sit down place. Working for Pizza Hut will grant you a rewarding career, as would somewhere like Taco Bell. There’s a reason they have combinations of the two, both just work. And, if you’re thinking about being a server, consider Red Lobster for those nice tips. Sometimes food just isn’t the place for you, so why not try applying to Dollar General for that diverse customer base? Don’t forget, we’re always here to help and bring you plenty of options. 

Company Benefits

Staff at Pizza Hut is encouraged to move up within the company and take part in any activity or opportunity that is offered by the company in order to advance their career. Pizza Hut is focused on taking care of the customers and employees and staff is encouraged to share their concerns with members of management. The company prides itself on keeping open communication with its staff and a willingness to listen to its employees, regardless of their job position.

In addition to offering reasonable wages, employees of the restaurant chain are also offered health and life insurance, paid leaves and retirement benefits. Discounts are also offered to the staff and the majority of benefits are offered to full time employees only. However, some benefits are available for part time staff. Members of the staff that are part time are urged to apply for a full time position.

All employees are given equal opportunities when applying for an open position. As long as applicants are over the age of 16 with a valid work visa, there are no discriminating qualifications that would keep Pizza Hut from accepting their application.

Facts about Pizza Hut

When applying for an open position it will be in your best interest to take the time to research the company and educate yourself with facts that you can use during the interviewing process. Doing so will give you a chance to discuss certain facts about the company should you be chosen for an interview. Often time’s interviewers may also ask if you know anything about the company.

Yum! Brands Inc. is the parent company of Pizza Hut so you may also want to research this company as well in case you are asked if you know anything about the parent company as well. Below are a few facts about Pizza Hut and its parent company.

The owner of Pizza Hut, Yum! Brands, Inc. is the largest restaurant company in the world. Yum! Brands Inc. purchased Pizza Hut in the 1990’s although Pizza Hut was founded in 1958.

Dan and Frank Carney founded the restaurant and opened the first location in Wichita, Kansas.

Pepsi Co. was the original owner of Pizza Hut before the Yum! Brand Inc. purchased it in 1997.

Each of the 10,000 locations globally offers their own versions of pizza that are geared towards the taste of their local customers.

Pizza Hut puts a focus on families making it a family-friendly restaurant and the majority of the ads run by the company also focus on families. Because their menu is affordable it is popular with university students and some Pizza Huts are located on university campuses as a result in order to reach this market as well.

Customers have the ability to place orders online instead of having to call their order into a restaurant and in doing so are able to partake in special offers they would not be able to receive by calling in an order for pick up or delivery.

Pizza Hut places a focus on online orders to also cut down on the number of callers that are received and provide their customers the ability to either pick up their order or have it delivered. Focusing more on online orders in an effort to reduce the need for customer service staff allows them to offer discounted prices on their menu items.

Despite being known for the red roof that many of the Pizza Hut restaurants sport many of the newer restaurants host more modern décor. The famous red roof can still be found in the US locations as well as in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Fast food can be purchased at The Hut and Pizza Hut Express which are alternate versions of the Pizza Hut restaurant. Some Pizza Hut locations contain a Taco Bell or a KFC which gives diners other menu items to choose from besides just pizza.

During the holidays such as Christmas and the Chinese New Year Pizza Hut offers seasonal pizzas on their regular menu. These seasonal pizzas are only available during the holidays and do not remain on the regular menu during the rest of the year.

As you can see, by submitting your application for employment to Pizza Hut you will applying for a company that takes care of its employees and offers opportunities for their staff so that they can achieve the best. You will be provided with the necessary tools to be able to advance your career with Pizza Hut.