Service Industry Jobs Application

A business enterprise can, speaking in broad terms, offer to its customers and clients either a product or a service, or a combination of the two. Service industry jobs would therefore mean working for any organization within an industry that provides services to its target market instead of tangible products.

A service can be described as any undertaking that seeks to facilitate the customer or the client. It could be offered by an individual, a small business, or a multinational organization. Examples of most commonly available and popular services include banking, airlines, hotels, accounts, law, and medicine. There is an incredible variety of jobs available across a range of service industries, and each industry creates new jobs within itself every day.

Different Types of Service Industry Jobs

Service industry jobs can range from part time jobs to help pay the tuition to full time, corporate jobs and from entry level jobs at minimum wages to six figure salaries as specialist surgeons and lawyers. These jobs are for highly qualified, extremely talented candidates, as well as for people who have not had the opportunity to gain a lot of education or experience. If you are more inclined towards a career in the service industry, take a look at a few service industry jobs listed below:

  • Airlines: In an increasingly globalized world, with a growing number of multinational corporations, the airlines are in high demand. This leads to the creation of plenty of jobs, including pilots, stewards, flight crew, and airport staff.
  • Accounts: As long as people earn and spend money, they will find it necessary to maintain accounts. This allows you to work as a personal accountant, or as part of an accounting team within an organization.
  • Banking: Banks offer plenty of service industry jobs, and they offer very decent wages and salaries too as their services generate incessantly high demand. Jobs in banks range from consumer loan executives to commercial loan managers and branch managers.
  • Beauty: Women always need services for personal grooming, and even men are increasingly appearance conscious these days. This leads to rewarding opportunities in the beauty industry, creating jobs for hairdressers, cosmologists, masseurs, and makeup artists.
  • Child Care: The days of a single bread winner in the household are long gone. Where both parents find it necessary to work, day care and babysitting jobs open up aplenty and they usually pay well.
  • Computers: Every household today has a computer or three, yet most of us are not entirely tech savvy. Thus, installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair services are in constant demand and provide for a sufficiently lucrative career.
  • Cleaning: Now, if you could pay someone to take care of all your cleaning chores for you, would you not be absolutely thrilled? Well, there are people who pay maids, housekeepers, janitors, and gardeners to keep their houses and offices in order.
  • Delivery: Plenty of service industry jobs are available in courier companies such as Fedex and DHL, including truck drivers, sales associates, couriers, and package handlers.
  • Education: Most people fail to realize this, but teaching is also a service, a rather noble one too. And if you cannot teach, there are plenty of other worthy and rewarding jobs available within the education services industry.
  • Food: People will eat, and not always at home. They choose to hire cooks and caterers for parties and events, and head out to restaurants every once in a while. As such, there are always job opportunities for cooks, caterers, waiters, and kitchen staff.
  • Hospitality: The hospitality industry is vast indeed, and it is global too. There is a multitude of service industry jobs within it, and more are created every day. These include jobs at hotels, motels, and tourist resorts, ranging from bellboys and waiters to receptionists and managers.
  • Law: It takes a lot of study, persistence and hard work to become a lawyer, yet the rewards are highly lucrative and manifold. Once your credibility as a lawyer is established, you can set your own hourly rates.
  • Medicine: Another noble profession, and potentially an extremely rewarding one too. A lot of people do not see it this way, but doctors work at service industry jobs too. They are, after all, providing an essential service to the community. Further jobs in the medicine industry include nurses and other hospital staff.
  • Relocation: People choose to move houses as they climb up and down the social ladder, looking for the perfect place to live. Businesses too, often relocate to adjust to changing circumstances and fortunes. All this movement creates a ton of jobs in the relocation industry.
  • Travel and Tourism: There is a plethora of service industry jobs in the travel and tourism industry, ranging from travel agents to rent-a-car drivers and from tour guides to language interpreters.
  • These are only a few possibilities and opportunities that are available in a selected range of service industries. Before you opt for one, take a moment’s pause and consider where your best talents lie, which industry are you most interested in, and which path leads you towards a satisfactory and rewarding career. Take into consideration the benefits of working in the service industry, and then pick a job that you know you will enjoy.

    The Benefits of Working in the Service Industry

    Service industry jobs offer a host of benefits, not the least of which is the fact that you will constantly be helping people by facilitating their lives in one way or the other. Furthermore, service industry jobs tend to offer a lot of growth potential as they rarely require any technical expertise or knowledge. These jobs provide ease of entry and can often lead to glittering, life long careers.

    You can get a job in the service industry as a student working part time to get through college, as a fresh graduate who has little or no prior work experience, or you can choose to switch careers at any time of your choosing if it strikes your fancy.

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