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From their simple startup in 1907, as a company which delivered parcels through a bicycle in Seattle, through the years United Parcel Service (UPS) has grown to be the world-wide market leader in logistics, mainly parcel delivery services and specialized transportation.

Over the years, UPS has managed to build a diverse around-the-world network of global and technological resources and human assets. The company also serves a number of corporations which enables corporations to generate repeat clients and business growth due to the exceptional services. Each day the company moves goods and information in more than 200 countries!

When you apply for a position, it isn’t merely a job you are applying for but consider it the first step towards a lifelong rewarding carrier! The UPS application is really simple and rather easy; you can easily check out the available positions and make your move by visiting their website.

Apply Online to UPS

Joining UPS is simple and easy, they already have a diverse team of employees from all parts of the world and they are continuously looking for hardworking and dedicated employees. You can simply visit their human resource website and checkout the best suitable job for you according to your location, education, skills and experience. From entry-level to middle level and senior management, you will surely find a job that is perfect for you!

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Things To Know Before Applying

Want to work in a diverse corporation with lots of exciting opportunities? UPS is the place to be. They offer employees a number of benefits and flexibility in work hours. But there are some things you should definitely consider first if you are looking to nail the process the first time you go for it!

Have a look at these things-to-know before going for a UPS position.

Minimum Age For Employment

The minimum age for employment is 16 years. However, there are some jobs that require you to be older, such as a driver. The well-spread network gives people a lot of options for employment.

Hours Of Operation At UPS

Due to the various numbers of locations, the hours of operations vary depending on the nature of the job. Around the world, there is barely an hour when the company isn’t operating, this allows for such flexible timings which are suitable for almost everyone’s schedule. You can visit the UPS recruitment website, select your location and the job you wish to apply for to have an idea about the timings and hours of operation.

Available Positions At UPS

Careers vary a lot based on your education and experience. They hire fresh students who recently graduated from high school and experienced professionals as well. Entry level positions don’t really require previous work related experience or a specific educational degree and these jobs can be started off from the age of 16.

UPS offers exciting career opportunities for those people looking to work in a diverse, supportive and moderately casual work environment. The part-time jobs are a great option for specially students looking to earn something while studying. The company also offers great scholarship programs for students looking forward to studying while working.

Normally, entry-level jobs consist of positions like drivers, package handlers, cashiers etc. Management level jobs which require specific education and some experience consist of jobs like store manager, warehouse manager, supervisor, freight forwarding account executives etc.

Having a hardworking and challenging attitude coupled with the extensive training you will get at UPS will surely furnish your initial steps towards a bright future.

Here is a list of positions available; you can also log on to their websites for more information:

Entry-Level UPS Positions

  • Package handler
  • Inside sales representative
  • Dockworker
  • Package delivery driver
  • Data entry operators
  • Customer services agents

Middle And Upper Management Level

  • Customer Financial Services
  • Customs (Import/Export)
  • Engineering and Planning
  • Human Resource
  • IT
  • Legal
  • Operations Management
  • Properties
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Security
  • Vehicle Maintenance

Click here to browse all the vacant positions and jobs at UPS, once you have found the job you wish to go for, read the requirements and qualifications for the job attentively and then click the ‘Apply’ button.

Direct Competitors

Delivering packages is the one of the most useful professions you can have. People need their mail, and working with UPS will make you the grand chariot that brings them their items. Since you know your way around a vehicle, try applying to FedEx as well for another potential position in the delivery industry. Be sure to apply to Autozone and grow your knowledge of cars and all of their inner workings. Before you finish for the day, apply to the American Automobile Association, a rewarding job where you can assist other drivers on the road and save them from a nasty towing bill. 

Employment Information

Logistics isn’t just supply chain systems and delivery management, UPS is made up of diverse teams of individuals who have the same goals and objectives as the company’s. The company constantly conducts a large number of interviews to filter through to the best candidates who can fill the wide range of positions in customer service, management and corporate positions.

The job interview may normally involve a few panels, one on one and group job interviews depending on the position you applied for. Additionally, candidates may be required to take drug tests and background checks depending upon the level of entry/career level.

A comprehensive list for the requirements is provided below.

Entry Level Positions At UPS

Applying for handlers, drivers, and customer service representatives requires the least amount of education and experience. As these jobs might require regular interactions with clients and customers, therefore the main criteria here is to follow ethical guidelines strictly. The employees hired represent UPS and they are required to be polite and helpful towards every customer.

Pay Scale For Entry Level Jobs At UPS

Most entry-level jobs get paid according to hourly rates, which vary according to the location and experience of the incumbents. However, the salaries are decent and satisfying for all locations. Just for an example, a package handler can make up to $9 to $12 per hour and a courier can make more.

Management Level Positions At UPS

Management level positions require the employees to showcase their true skills in term of leadership, planning, execution and organizational skills in front of a global audience. Employees in the upper management level enjoy superior salaries and benefits based on their experience and education. The minimum requirement for management positions vary in terms of experience, education and the positions.

The management level positions include jobs for business management, HR, consulting, legal, and marketing and communication, finance and accounting and risk management departments. Through a systematic interview process, UPS evaluates the best possible candidates for the positions and pay scales are decided according to academic qualifications and work experience.

Pay Scale For Management Level Jobs At UPS

The remuneration package for the management positions are customized according to experience, responsibilities, skills and education of each individual. Senior management positions provide a great salary package which might range anywhere above $40,000 annually.

Benefits Of Working At UPS

One of the best parts about landing a job with the company is the value they provide to each employee, they consider employees as valuable assets and the foundations of the company’s success. UPS understands the individual needs of the employees and they offer customized benefits and perks to suit each employee’s needs and their family’s as well.

Due to their extensive emphasis on customer satisfaction, they provide packages which allow each employee to balance their work, education, family and friends adequately.

Some of their benefits include:

UPS Tuition Assistance Program

To assist employees in their higher education, the company provides a Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). This is an ongoing effort to recruit, retrain and develop qualified individuals.

In the United States, tuition assistance is available to:

  • Full-time non-union employees
  • Part-time management employees
  • Part-time union employees

Few years back, UPS provided $24 million as tuition support for over 14,000 students and since the program began, the company has invested $187 million is tuition assistance.

Health And Wellness Program

UPS administers a number of health benefits for employees and their families. While there might be variation in the available plans, these are some basic health benefits:

  • Business Travel Accident Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Child/Eldercare Spending Accounts
  • Dental
  • Healthcare Spending Accounts
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-Term Disability with Inflation coverage
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Medical
  • Prescription Drug Program
  • Supplemental Group Universal Life Program
  • Sickness & Accident Insurance
  • Work-Life Balance Programs
  • Vision

Compensation And Savings

UPS also provides a number of compensation and savings plans like:

Employee discounted stock purchase plan

The company believes that sharing rewards and risks with employees develops a sense of ownership in employees. Employees can purchase stocks through the Discounted Employee Stock Purchase program and their 401 (k) plan.

Competitive salaries
UPS offers highly competitive hourly wages, salaries, and total compensation plans. From its drivers to its IT professionals, employees are among the best paid in the industry.

There is also a manager’s incentive plan which is based on profit-sharing for management level employees.

Basic Tips For A UPS Application

The first step towards your employment is filling out the employment form, which needs to be done attentively to avoid any errors. This form is the first thing the HR recruiter would see about you. It is practically the first impression and it needs to be a good and lasting one. Be sure to follow the following tips:

  • Be to the point: There isn’t much space on a UPS employment form to fill out your entire educational and experience related details, so this makes filling out the form a little tricky. You should be concise and to-the-point about everything. Be picky when deciding which information to fill out on the form, avoid filling out details which are irrelevant and not that impressive. The company doesn’t settle for anything less than the best so try to be the best by making the best impression.
  • Sell Yourself: You might have heard this number of times but it is absolutely true. try highlighting all the great things about you, your skills, your educational achievements, your track record of the previous jobs, mention every good thing that will make a company hire you. Include any awards and trainings you have had as well.
  • Recheck: When you have successfully filed out the form, read and recheck it again. Ask your friends and family to go over your employment form and ask them what they think of it. Don’t leave anything blank and improve anything you think can be worked upon. When you are sure you have been really thorough, send it in and wait for a UPS recruiter to call you up.

Additional Tips

After you have submitted your employment form, there are still a few things you should consider doing;

  • Keep track: After you have submitted your form, find the location of the office where you applied. Follow up through a call or by personally meeting up with an HR recruiter at UPS. Be confident and smile to go along with your impressive resume.
  • Put your best shirt on: try to get an idea what is the dress code, if it’s a shirt and a tie, leave your jacket at home. Iron your clothes properly and be sure you are in the best shape. Preferably, rehearse in a mirror before you leave.

Quick Facts About UPS

These facts will help you a lot in your job interview and it is mandatory that you know these facts about UPS:

  • UPS is for United Parcel Service
  • The company was founded in 1907
  • The company serves more than 220 countries
  • The company has around 1907 operating facilities
  • The company owns 235 jet aircraft fleet and 293 chartered aircraft fleet
  • UPS handles 16.3 million packages and documents daily!

If you are looking for a carrier and not just a job, and you are willing to work in an exciting, diverse and opportunity-filled environment, submit your employment form today!