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At Bealls, you will get the chance to work for one of the oldest retail companies in the country. The department store sells a wide selection of clothing articles, shoes, jewelries, swimwear, and home supplies. If you want to work in an environment that screams old-fashioned yet modern, then grab the opportunity to send over your Bealls application via the career website.

To learn how to apply online, spend a few minutes reading this article and get the latest and important information about the said retail corporation. You will learn how to company started, its expansion over the years, its selection process, products and services, employee benefits, among many others.

Tips for Applying to Bealls Inc. Online

Make use of the Bealls official web-based platform to experience a much faster and smoother online selection process. This is also where you can view the present job vacancies at the company. However, you must register first before you are able to send in your employment form, resume and cover letter.

In creating your account, you can register using your social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. You may also opt to build an account using your resume or an online form so you can arrange your profile specifically meant for targeting certain Bealls jobs. After this, you should be able to apply to on-going career opportunities.

Using the Job Search Feature

You can sort out all of the results pertaining to the job listing using the basic and advanced job search tool. Simply put in the keywords relevant to your preferred positions, select the job category, location and position type to do a complete search.

If you are on the hunt for everything that is available at Bealls right now, just select “all” at each search bar. Allow the results to load for a second to see the list. Read on the job titles and select one or more that has captured your interest.

Read the job requirements, qualifications and the job description in order to measure yourself (i.e. skills, experience, education, location, age, etc.) up. This way, you will be able to know if you are the right candidate for the position and if it is worth applying for. This is especially true for individuals with a bachelor’s degree who are looking in at the company’s corporate opportunities.

Additionally, the company provides a tracking software program for applicants to check out their status after some time. You can find it at the bottom part of the registration or login page. Visit here to learn more.

As a Walk-In Applicant

If you decided to hand in your resume personally to a manager, visit a Bealls store near to your residence. Walk-in submission is however recommended for store positions only. These store positions include store manager, supervisor and sales associate.

You can also reach the recruitment officers via email at Use this email address to also follow up on your status regarding your candidacy for a position.

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About the Company

Bradenton, Florida is the home of America’s almost a hundred year old department store, Bealls. The retail giant was established in 1915 operating under the name of The Dollar Limit Store. The company was named after its founder, Robert M. Beall, and has been led by direct descendants of the said patriarch throughout the decades.

Robert Beall, Sr. was only 22 years old when he opened his first dry goods store in Florida. The first store was located beside the Manatee River in Bradenton, which is a town that only had 3,000 people. It was named as The Dollar Limit because all goods were priced not more than $1.

However, when WWI was over, the prices increased that Beall had to change the store name into Five Dollar Limit. So when did the family decided to name it as such today? Right after Beall’s, Sr. son graduated from the University of Florida in 1946, he decided to join the company.

In 1946, V Dollar Limit was given a new name which is now the Beall’s Department Store. Egbert R., the eligible successor of the company, continued the legacy of his father from the 1950’s and beyond. He was responsible for the many milestones achieved by the company like a series of store expansions, including its division Beall’s & Burke’s Outlet Stores.

Bealls Outlet was established first in 1987 with locations in Arizona and Georgia. Later on the Burke’s Outlet label was adopted to name the stores located in Arkansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Louisiana. The stores became well-known for its discounted prices on all items.

Today, Bealls proudly offers its more than 400 stores to customers that are looking for affordable and quality goods. The company plans on expanding more in the years to come, so they’ll be likely seeking dedicated team members to make these stores become fully operational.

Employment at Bealls

Headquartered in Florida with stores all over the southeastern region of the country, Bealls is committed to providing their team members friendly and thriving work places. The set-up is like any other department store but everything is kept clean and organized by the store associates.

Bealls employees are encouraged to express their own unique ideas and opinions about the company. It is this way that they are able to realize their worth and value as an asset to the organization. The future and core strength of the company lies on their team members as they make the best out of their full potentials.

If you are an individual who believe in equal opportunity and are determined to achieve many levels of success, you are at the right company to work for. So, submit your Bealls application form the soonest time possible to start immediately.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old
  • Must secure a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must pass background check and other pre-employment requirements

Store Hours

Mondays through Fridays: 9 AM to 9 PM

Saturdays and Sundays: 10 AM to 6 PM

Keep in mind though that the store hours may vary depending on the location.

Available Job Openings

Since Bealls will be constantly seeking qualified individuals to fill in their upcoming vacancies, expect to see latest additions of jobs to their listing.

Entry-Level Positions

Store Associate – Assists the customers as they shop at Bealls stores. You must provide the best service possible to generate positive feedback from the shoppers, keeping them from coming back and earn their loyalty eventually. It is the goal of the company to keep loyal buyers and convert more window shoppers into paying customers.

Store Analyst – Manages the inventories of the store, including purchase information and assortment files.

Merchandise Technician – Does clerical duties and responsibilities like data encoding and call vendors.

Pay scale: $7 to $8/hour

Management Positions

Store Supervisor – Provides assistance to the shoppers. You must also exhibit a very pleasing and friendly personality so that you will look approachable. You must also ensure that all standards and policies of the company are always met.

Store Manager – Leads the team to achieving the target goals and objectives. This can be done by promoting team effort and efficiency among associates in the work place.

Buyer – Leads designated divisions of the company with a goal to increase sales and profit. The buyer is responsible for laying out financial and negotiating plans with vendors regarding product pricing.

Pay scale: $33,000 to $47,500

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Direct Competitors

Bealls may be proud of its 99-year stint in the industry, but its giant competitors like Family Dollar and Wal-Mart make a better choice for applicants. Wal-Mart is appealing in terms of its nationwide store locations so you can easily find a Walmart store near you than it would have been if you’re looking for a Bealls outlet. Family Dollar is yet another bigger discount store that is a popular choice among Americans. Plus, they have longer store hours so you can benefit from the flexible schedule that they can offer.

Job Application Tips

At Bealls, the hiring process involves a one-on-one interview with the hiring manager and a panel interview with two managers. You will answer each question they ask and you are expected to explain yourself thoroughly. You must demonstrate a certain level of confidence to give them an idea on how well you can handle talking to various customers daily.

For store positions, the selection process can be completed in a single day. So, it is important to give your best shot right from the start. It is during the final interview when you will receive your job offer.

Interview Questions

  • What do you expect from us?
  • What are the qualities that you have for you to be considered in the position?
  • What are your favorite brands that Bealls sell? Would you wear them for casual or formal outing?
  • What would you respond to a customer asking for a friendly discount?

To ace your interview, wear smart business attire to look professional and confident. Arrive at the office on-time and don’t forget to smile as you greet the managers. Ultimately, demonstrate your pleasing personality by talking to them with enthusiasm and great interest in what they’re saying.