Family Dollar Employment Job Application

Family Dollar LogoHaving been in the discount retail business for over half a century, Family Dollar has gained a reputation of being one of the top employers in the country. If you are interested in starting a career with the company, submit your Family Dollar application today.

One of the biggest and most successful discount retailers in the United States today is Family Dollar. Founded in the late 1950’s, this company prides itself in being one of the few retail chains where customers can buy name-brand and quality private brand refrigerated and frozen food items, clothing, assorted household products, and even pet supplies for less than $10 per item.

How to Apply Online

As the company continues to grow, they will always have a need for qualified individuals who can fill a variety of job openings. In order to send in your form online, you must first visit the company’s official website.

From the homepage of the official company website, scroll towards the bottom and click on the careers link. This will take you to the company’s careers page where you can choose to search for jobs in their retail stores, distribution centers or even in their corporate offices. Then it’s time to prepare for the interview.

Once you decide on which career path to take within the company, you can use the search tool to find career opportunities that you could qualify for. If you choose to take up a career in the company’s retail stores, this page will show detailed descriptions of the different Family Dollar careers, from Customer Service Representative all the way up to Vice President.

After you find the career opportunity that you would like to apply for and click the link to it, you will be taken to a page where you can see the corresponding job description as well as the list of qualifications that you must have in order to be considered for the job. On this page, you can click the button to either apply online, or to add the listing to your job cart.

In order to continue or save listings to your job cart, you will need to set up a username and password. If you are applying for a position in management, you can submit your resume by attaching it to the application, by cutting and pasting a copy into an existing file on the site, or by creating a link to your personal professional web page.

If you do not have a prepared resume, but would like to include one with your application for any position in the company, you can use the handy Resume Builder which can be found on the company’s website. However, it is still best to have your updated resume ready before you begin.

Once your application has been completed, submit the online form. After your it has been reviewed and accepted, you will contacted regarding the schedule of your interviews.

You can visit their careers portal by clicking on this link.

Online Information & Hiring Process

Once you have been accepted by the company’s hiring and recruitment team, you will be scheduled for interview. Depending on the position that you are applying for, you may be required to undergo more than just one interview session.

Be sure to arrive on time for your interviews because coming in late can be taken as a sign that you are not genuinely interested in the position that you are applying for. If possible, be at your interviews a few minutes before the appointment so that you still have time to freshen up and look your best during the interview.

How you appear also affects how your interviewers think of you. Be sure to dress appropriately for the job that you are applying for, and if possible, try to make a positive impression on your interviewers.

Use a friendly tone if you interact with any of the store’s employees when you go in for an interview. It is common that one of the store’s employees will be the one to take you to the supervisor or store manager who will be conducting your interview.

After your interview, the employee that walked you back will be asked what their initial thoughts were about your personality and the way you carried yourself, so be sure to keep this in mind.

On your submission form, be sure to include specific examples of times when you were a team player and was able to accomplished a common goal as a team. Then think of another time when you were a team player for your interview. Doing so indicates to your interviewer that the example you included in your application was legitimate.

If one of your goals while working is to move up the ladder and become a member of the management team, be sure to bring this up in your initial interview. You can also ask you interviewer for tips or what steps you would need to take in order to achieve this goal.

On your own time you may also find it beneficial to learn marketing techniques and methods for supervising by taking college classes either in person or online. Doing so gives you an advantage in your efforts to earn a promotion.

During your interview, you will be asked about what you will be bringing to the company or why you are interested in working at Family Dollar. Have these questions in mind before your interview so that you are mentally prepared to give your answer.

After you make it past the interviews, if hired you will be notified of your work schedule. In a few days, you will be reporting for work on your first day with Family Dollar.

Facts about Employment

In order to work for Family Dollar you must be at least 18 years of age. The company is open Monday through Saturday from 8am until 9pm and Sunday from 10am until 8pm.

Positions include customer service representative, sales associate, field specialist, assistant store manager, district manager, security guard, maintenance tech, general warehouse worker, repack stocker, repack order filler, fork-lift operator, bulk order filler and shipping loader.

Job Opportunities

Family Dollar got its start as a discount store in 1959. At the time the founder, Leon Levine, was only 21 years old. His goal was to create a chain of stores which sold customers goods that cost less than two dollars. They has since expanded to 7,100 locations in 45 United States locations. Because of these many locations, Family Dollar has to employee a massive number of people. Currently there are over 45,000 Family Dollar employees.

The products offered at a discounted price include items for the home and other household goods, such as food, furniture, toys and home decorations. A large number of the retail stores also sell clothes. Due to low prices, Family Dollar is a popular place to shop.

In order to be considered for a position with Family Dollar you will need to have computer skills, be able to perform manual labor, possess leadership skills, and have a friendly personality.

The bulk of positions at the retail chain are entry level positions such as cashier, stockers, and sales associates. There are also management positions for hiring employees and supervising the current store employees. Managers also are responsible for maintaining the stores operations. You can access the form options directly by submitting via the Family Dollar career portal, here.

Job Positions and Salary Information

The available positions that Family Dollar is hiring for include both full time and part time staff, and are entry level positions at several of the retail stores. In order to be considered for one of these positions you must complete an online application. The hiring managers are searching for applicants to fill the below job titles:

  • Customer Service Representative – Customer service representatives are responsible for helping customers with their final purchase. In addition to assisting customers they are also responsible for answering questions, operation of cash registers, handling the money and completing any other tasks assigned to them. Customer service representatives normally earn an hourly rate that starts near their states minimum wage.
  • Stock Associate – Stock associates are responsible for keeping the retail store location neat and organized. They are also responsible for cleaning, stocking store merchandise, checking the expiration dates on food and completing other tasks they are assigned. Stock associates earn an hourly wage close to their states minimum wage.
  • Management – The supervisor roles at Family Dollar include store managers and assistant store managers. Managers are in charge of overseeing the daily operations of the store, creating the schedule for employees, hiring new staff and training store and stock associates. The starting yearly salary for a manager is between $20,000 and $40,000. Wage is based on job title, experience and location.

Other positions at Family Dollar include working at the staff distribution warehouse and corporate offices. Warehouse positions job duties include repack stocker, repack order filler, forklift operator and shipping and receiving worker. Positions at the corporate office include office and administrative assistant jobs.


Benefits of working for Family Dollar include having a flexible schedule, earning a competitive pay for working in the retail industry and being paid for job training. Associates that are eligible may also receive additional benefits such as future planning bonuses, health and wellness perks and other benefits.

The future planning benefits provide associates that qualify with 401(k) retirement plans and stock options. Health and wellness benefits provide medical, prescription, dental and vision plans. Other benefits include health risk assessments, dependent care and an employee assistance program.


Working at Family Dollar

The company strongly believes in the absolute power of teamwork. Family Dollar is a Fortune 500 company with revenues of over $7 billion a year whose success can be attributed to the efforts of each and every team member.

The company believes that excellent teamwork can only be achieved by creating a work environment where individuals openly communicate and share ideas about growing as individuals and as a company. By hiring and developing team members who are committed to the ideals of a goal oriented culture Family Dollar firmly establishes itself as a world class organization.

A typical day at many stores consists mostly of customer interaction. Customer Service Representatives assist shoppers in finding the merchandise that they need, and managers take care of any concerns that the customers might have.

If all goes through successfully, you will soon find yourself working for a company that also recognizes that having fun where you work is an essential element in building a winning team.

Family Dollar team members are encouraged to work hard, take pride in their achievements, and have fun doing it while creating the perfect balance between life and work.

As an employee you will also be entitled to a competitive salary and benefits package. There are also plenty of career advancement opportunities for qualified employees.

Direct Competitors

The concept of purchasing something for a single dollar is a business model that you wouldn’t think would work, and yet it does. Applying to Family Dollar is going to bring you a lot of those slices of green paper, but let’s dream bigger. Why not apply to Kmart as well? Sure, not everything is a dollar, but the experience will be invaluable in growing your retail portfolio. And while you’re at it, apply to Dollar General, because there’s more than one dollar store in town. If one takes you in and the other doesn’t, it’s their loss. If you’re really looking to join a massive team, apply to Walmart and kickstart your career today!

Application Reminders

Accuracy of information is very important when applying for a job. Be sure to go over your information provided again before submitting it in order to ensure that your address, telephone number, email address and other pertinent information are entered in correctly.

Feel free to list any specific quality that you might possess which could benefit Family Dollar as a whole. These qualities could include being a team player, or knowing how to speak multiple languages.

Another tip is to always review the information you plan to submit, try waiting for 24 hours before you submit it. Doing so gives you time to mentally review and add any significant information that you may have inadvertently left out.

Also, make sure that you fill out all the blank spaces and don’t leave any blank that pertain to you. If there are certain areas that do not apply to you, fill it with “n/a” in order to assure the recruitment team that you have gone over the whole form and did not miss any part of it.

Keep all information on your resume and on the application form clear and accurate. Any ambiguous details can be detrimental.

About The Company

The first Family Dollar store was opened in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1959 by a 21-year old entrepreneur named Leon Levine. His goal was to open a store that was capable of providing its customers with a variety of items for less than $2.

The concept proved to be a remarkable success as Levine continued to open new stores in other states such as Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia in a span of five years. The company continued to grow, and by 1969, there were already fifty stores in Charlotte, North Carolina alone.

Once Levine was able to start expanding his company, he began creating a standardized floor plan that each store would need to follow. His reason implementing the standardized floor plan was because he wanted shoppers to easily find the merchandise that they were looking for, regardless of which location they were shopping in.

The 1980’s ushered in a decade of aggressive expansions, as the retail chain’s 400th store opened in 1981. A year later, the total number of Family Dollar locations grew to 500, and by 1983 there were already 700 retail stores operating in the United States.

Towards the end of the decade, there were over 1500 Family Dollar retail stores in the country. However, the company’s rate of expansion slowed down a bit comparatively in the 1990’s, where only a thousand new stores were opened.

The company quickly began to expand again at a frantic pace in the 2000’s, with the opening of 3500 new stores in different location across the United States. It was also during this period when the company opened several distribution centers in the following locations:

  • Morehead, Kentucky
  • Maquoketa, Iowa
  • Odessa, Texas
  • Marianna, Florida
  • Rome, New York.

Family Dollar then joined the S&P 500 stock market index in 2001. A year later, the company was named one of the largest publicly companies on the Fortune 500 list.

By August of 2011, there were already more than 7000 Family Dollar stores operating across 44 states, with plans of further expanding the company already in the pipeline.

In 2012, Family Dollar entered into a partnership with well-being improvement company Healthways, which led to a commercial growth that resulted in the opening of more store locations across the country.

Today, the company employs more than 50,000 associates who are assigned to more than 8000 store locations which are spread across 46 states. The company’s headquarters is located in Matthews, North Carolina.


The first Family Dollar store was opened in Charlotte, NC in 1959 by the retail store founder Leon Levine. Leon’s goal was to open a store that provided its customers with a variety of items at a price that was under $2. Once Leon was able to start expanding his store locations, he began creating a floor plan that each store would need to follow.

He did this because he wanted the consumer to be able to find the merchandise they were looking for easily, no matter which Family Dollar location they were shopping at. Ten years later there were over 50 store locations in Charlotte alone. At the present time there are over 6,500 store locations in the US.

Special Services

The merchandise that is carried and sold includes clothes, grocery items, pet food, laundry detergent, household cleaning supplies, and health and beauty goods. The majority of these items are less than $10 with some being under $2.

In addition to these products, Family Dollar also offers Verizon no-contract wireless solutions and phones from T-Mobile, Net 10, Cricket and other prepaid cell devices.

Community Involvement

Family Dollar involves itself in over 6,500 communities. They focus on charitable organizations in order to help improve life by providing the basic needs to those with low-income and low-middle income. The retail store has donated to designated 501© (3) non-profit organizations and does not give grants to just one single charity.

Family dollar doesn’t give funding for fundraising drives, or individual benefits for any organizations that are outside their service area.


Family Dollar’s goal is to have less of an effect on the environment while increasing their sustainability. In 2007, the retail chain worked with Sylvania in order to install low energy lighting in over 1,500 of their store locations.

These new lights were able to cut over $1 million in energy cost and also covered the costs of the project installation in three years. Family Dollar also uses energy management systems in order to cut their energy use across the United States.


In April of 2011 the company announced that they had no plans of expanding internationally. While Family Dollar is an operational public entity, it still has members of the Levine family acting in the corporate office. Leon’s son, Howard R. Levine, is the current company CEO.


Family Dollar has over 30,000 employees nationwide working in their retail stores and distribution warehouses. There are 7,000 franchised locations and the store trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticket symbol FDO.

Business reports for the retail store show that the yearly average for revenue is $7 billion and it also claims that there are more than $400 million in operation income. The headquarters are located in Matthew, NC.

Submit your Family Dollar application today to start your career with the retail store.