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With over 1220 locations across 49 states, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, Kmart is widely regarded as one of the biggest discount department store chains in the country today. Owned and operated by the Sears Holdings Corporation, Kmart has become a household name amongst the nation’s shoppers.

If you wish to become part of one of the most successful discount chains in the US, you should submit a Kmart Application and take the first step to what could be a highly rewarding career.

With nearly a hundred thousand employees assigned to various locations in and around the United States, Kmart has also earned a reputation of being one of the country’s top employers. Each month, the company receives thousands of job applications for a variety of available entry level and management positions.

Employment Forms at Kmart

Sears Holding Corporation currently has over 1200 stores throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands.. Of those 1200 stores, 60 of them are primary locations, which are mostly located in the southwest.

However, in December of 2011 the parent company had to close 120 Sears and Kmart retail locations across the nation. Many current properties that are owned by Sears Holding Corporation are being turned into Kmart stores.

They is known for carrying such name brands like Jaclyn Smith, Joe Boxer, Country Living and Route 66 at a discounted price to consumers, as well as other merchandise such as large home appliances and in store pharmacies.

The aforementioned Super Centers operate 24 hours and house a grocery department, in addition to the other merchandise. Kmart also prefers to promote from within the company and also transfers the management positions to the other holding company’s stores either at the manager requests or if a position needs to be filled.

With plans to compete with other big box stores, this renowned company will be looking to fill department store jobs quickly, so start your career with with a stable business today by submitting your downloadable employment form to the link provided.

Online Employee Benefits

You will need to complete the form on the Sears Holding Company career page. You can apply for open positions utilizing your Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace account.  Using one of these sites will allow your general information to be auto populated.  Once you have completed this step, you will be able to complete your request for employment and your completed application will be sent to your local Kmart location you indicate you’d like to work for.

They offer a wide range of career opportunities for both newcomers and individuals who have had some experience in the industry. In order to apply for a position over the internet, you need to visit the company’s official website.

From the homepage, scroll towards the bottom of the page and hover the mouse pointer over the About Kmart link. A pop up menu will appear, and when it does, click careers.

Clicking on the careers link will take you to the Sears Holdings Corporation’s recruitment website, where you can read about the company’s history and search for currently open job listings. Incidentally, this is also where current employees can search for internal career advancement opportunities.

On the Sears Holdings Corporation’s career page, you can choose whether you would like to have a career in any of the company’s stores, home services department, distributions centers, or their corporate offices. Click on the career path that you want to take in order to begin your application.

Alternatively, you can search for career opportunities using the handy search tool provided on the website. If you are not sure about what Kmart job you would be best at, you can also use the career path finder link and answer a series of questions designed to help you make that decision.

Once you find the career opportunity that you would like to apply for, click on it in order to see the details of the job opening. You will see the location of the job opening as well as a brief description of what your duties and responsibilities will be if you get hired.

Click the apply button in order to start your online application. You can choose to manually fill out the online application form, or use your social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ to auto populate some of the required fields.

Once you have successfully completed your downloadable form, you can submit it. After your application has been reviewed and accepted by the company’s recruitment office, you will be contacted regarding the schedule of your interviews.

Minimum Age for Employment

To apply for an entry-level job, the minimum age requirement is 18. However, based off of state or country of employment, this age may vary. Due to being a part of the Sears Holding Corporation, you have the ability to apply at any of the stores or distribution centers using the same career page to apply for their department store jobs.

Some major changes are taking place within Kmart that include such things like updated procedures, upgrades to the products being sold, and management transfers from one retail outlet to another. Because of these updates, new management teams are being required. To be considered for any of these positions, submit your employment form today.

Hours of Operation

Locations operate at different times and days. Visit the stores online website to check the store hours closest to you.

Visit the company’s official website and use the integrated store locator in order to see the hours of operation of the store you are interested in working in.

Kmart Application Form

Entry Level Careers

There are several entry-level department store jobs that you can apply for at Kmart. These positions include cashiers, sales associates, and warehouse positions. The warehouse positions are in-store and also in the distribution centers, which are spread out around the country.

You can expect to spend four to five hours doing pre-interview testing. This testing, which is completed at the stores location, questions you for such things as knowledge, personality in relation to customer service and things like handling cash and your interest and skills level.

If hired for the position of cashier, you will be responsible for any shortage to your cash drawer and it will be your duty to make the customers feel comfortable. Always be honest with the customers and work quickly and provide accurate answers to their questions.

The expectations for sales associates are to keep all areas of the store clean and safe for the customers and fellow employees, restock any product that is either returned or has been left at the registers, and to assist customers out on the floor.

Should you get a question you are unable to answer, seek out either another sales associate or a member of the management team that will be able to answer the customer’s question.

Company distribution centers have open positions for individuals to pull the product from stock and get it prepared to be shipped out to the local stores. In order to qualify for this position, you must be able to record stock numbers accurately, be familiar with item descriptions and know the amount of merchandise that needs to be sent to a particular location. You must also be able to lift 50 pound items, and possess both reading and writing skills.

Kmart also hires for members of their loss prevention team both in store locations and at the distribution centers. Members of the loss prevention team must be honest, follow directions and have strong reporting skills.

Supervisors that are in the department stores earn an hourly wage and are working towards moving up to a management level position. In store supervisors report to the store manager, they direct the team meetings and are responsible for looking over the work that is being conducted by other team members.

Supervisors are also required to help sales associates with their tasks, answer customer questions and be able to find training materials and stocking areas.

The hourly wage that you will receive depends on the store location, your job description and your knowledge and experience. Be sure to submit your department store job application at Kmart today to be considered for immediate employment.

Management Positions

When you apply for a management position, you can have the confidence to know that such a career move is giving you the opportunity to move up within the Sears Holding Corporation structure.

Associates that have both shown an interest in creating a long-term career with Kmart and are qualified with the desired skills may apply for management positions. College graduates submitting a request for consistent work within management will be provided the opportunity to receive internal promotions as an employee of the Sears Holdings Corporation.

Direct Competitors

Kmart has been around for as long as we can remember, and now a change is coming to reinvigorate them, which makes it a great option for applying to. Even so, you should never put all your eggs in one basket, spread them out like it’s Easter! Try to diversify by applying to places like Red Lobster where you can get the best cheesy biscuits this side of the deep blue sea. Or, you could try somewhere like Bojangles, which is quickly gaining popularity and locations. By applying to various types of places, you’ll be offering yourself a wealth of options and more likelihood of being called for an interview. 

Working Environment

Many current and former employees agree that working for the company is a fun, challenging, and memorable experience. If your Kmart application goes through successfully and you get hired to work in any of the company’s locations, you will find yourself surrounded by fellow employees who are fun to work with and willing to help show you the ropes.

There are also plenty of career advancement opportunities at Kmart. The company prefers to promote from within their ranks, and has the ability to transfer management positions to other Sears Holding Corporation subsidiaries either at management’s request or if a position in other subsidiaries needs to be filled.

A typical day at Kmart involves a fair amount of customer interaction. Sales associates assist customers and help them find products that best suit their needs, while cashiers process customer payments and provide exact change for cash transactions.

Application Points

When filling out your request for employment at Kmart, it is best to save your progress work for 24 hours before submission. Doing so will allow you to go back in and make sure you have answered any and all questions, have not left out any vital information and you can check your spelling to be sure all street names and company names are correct.

Be sure that you make a note of all qualities you possess that could be beneficial to your working career. Things to take into consideration are examples of when you were a team player, if your bilingual (be sure to list all the languages you speak fluently) and if you are a college student that is interested in working with the corporation for the long term.

Read over your contact information to ensure you have your name spelled correctly; your current address, phone number and email address are listed as well so that the hiring manager is able to contact you for an interview.

Do not leave any blank spaces on your form, instead if you come across a question that does not apply to you simply mark ‘n/a’. Doing so indicates to your interviewer that you did read through the application and didn’t skip any questions or portions of the application.

Additional Pointers for Applying

When dressing for your interview, be sure that the clothing you are choosing is appropriate for the position you are applying for. Make sure that your pants or skirt and shirt are free from wrinkles, tears and stains. Be sure the shoes you are wearing are appropriate as well and avoid tennis shoes.

Take a moment to also be sure your hair is combed; your hands are clean with trimmed nails and minimal make up for the ladies. Remember, how you dress for your interview gives a first impression to your interviewer.

Use a friendly tone if you interact with any employees when you go in for an interview. When you go in for an interview it is common that one of the in store employees will be the one to take you to the supervisor or store manager that will be conducting your interview. On

You have left your interview, the associate that walked you back will be asked what their initial thoughts were about your personality and the way you carried yourself so be sure to keep this in mind.

Be sure to include specific examples in your application of a time when you were a team player and accomplished a common goal as a team. Then think of a second time when you were a team player for your interview. Doing so indicates to your interviewer that the example you included in your application was legitimate.

If one of your goals while working for this company is to move up to being a member of the management team, be sure to bring this up in your initial interview. You can also ask you interviewer for tips or what steps you would need to take in order to achieve this goal. On your own time you may also find it beneficial to learn marketing techniques and methods for supervising by taking college classes either in person or online.

During your interview, you will be asked what you will be bringing to the team or the question may be asked of why you want to work at Kmart. Think about these questions before your interview so that you are prepared to give your answer.

Visit the community page online to view a list of volunteer activities in your area. You can choose to either read about these events or visit one in person. If you have a specific volunteer activity that you like to participate in and that is not listed on the Kmart website, be sure to mention it to you interviewer. This will be especially helpful if the location you’re applying for doesn’t already have any volunteer projects in the community.

Salary Information

Kmart provides its employees with a competitive salary package. Employee salaries vary depending on position, experience and length of tenure with the company.

Entry level employees such as sales associates and cashiers are paid by the hour. Sales associates and cashiers make around $6 to $10 per hour, on top of tips and sales commissions.

Managers, meanwhile, receive a significantly higher salary because of their position in the company and their experience in the industry. Kmart assistant managers make around $44,000 per year, while store managers make around $71,000 each year.

Find out how much you can earn today by applying with a Kmart application form.

Corporate Benefits

Entry level employees that are paid per hour and work 32 or more hours a week on a regular basis receive such benefits as health insurance, paid holidays, paid vacation, and sick time off. Those working on a management level also receive profit sharing, company travel reimbursement and retirement plans. These benefits are subject to vary depending on position, location and the qualifications that must be met for benefits.

Part time employees will receive fewer benefits than those the full-time employees receive. Those working on an executive level also have the chance to receive international experience due to traveling for Kmart and Sears Holding Corporation.

Be sure to submit your Kmart employment form today to receive these benefits.

More Fun Facts You May Not Have Known

Kmart was founded by former hardware store clerk Sebastian S. Kresge in 1899. The first establishments that belonged to the company were originally known as S.S. Kresge stores, as it would not take the Kmart brand until 1977.

Soon after establishing the company, Kresge teamed up with his brother in law Charles J. Wilson and together they formed the Kresge and Wilson Company. The company was incorporated as the S.S. Kresge Corporation in 1912.

Offering a continually growing selection of clothing, linen, jewelry, housewares, tools, electronics, and toys, Kresge’s company expanded over the next few years. By 1924, there were 257 stores already operating in the region, and that number grew to 597 in the next five years.

The first store under the S.S. Kresge Corporation was opened in 1962 in Garden City, Michigan. That same year, 18 stores were opened, and several S.S. Kresge stores were turned into Jupiter Discount Stores, which was envisioned to be the company’s bare bones, deep discount outfit.

The company continued to grow all throughout the 1970’s, when it put a number of competitor retailers out of business. In 1977, the S.S. Kresge Corporation was rechristened to become the Kmart Corporation.

In 1987, the corporation sold its remaining Kresge and Jupiter stores in the United States to McCrory Stores. Although the brands were almost entirely discontinued, several Canadian Kresge and Jupiter stores continued to operate until 1994.

By the time the 1990’s rolled in, Kmart was already in a rebuilding phase. Kmart began to offer exclusive merchandise by designers and celebrities such as Martha Stewart, Kathy Ireland, Jaclyn Smith, Lauren Hutton, and Thalía.

Some of the more recognizable brands that they offer included exclusively licensed merchandising of products relating to Sesame Street and Disney. During that era, actress and television personality Rosie O’Donnell as well as director producer Penny Marshall were among the company’s most widely recognized spokespersons.

In November of 2004, the corporation announced its plans to acquire Sears. After the merger, the company changed its name once again and became the Sears Holdings Corporation.

The first Sears appliance store to operate inside a location opened in 2009. This innovative format started in a store in Birmingham, Alabama, and the strategy proved to be a commercial success.

Today, the Kmart Corporation is one of the biggest discount chains in the United States, operating more than 1220 stores including 1,196 discount stores and 25 Super Centers. The company owns and operates a number of subsidiary labels that include popular names such as Kmart, Big Kmart, Kmart Super Center, and Kmart Express.

Kmart stores carry a wide variety of products that include electronics, music, movies, bedding, household hardware, sporting goods, clothing, toys, jewelry, office supplies, health and beauty products, home decor, and a limited selection of food items. Many Kmart locations also feature a garden center, a Jackson Hewitt tax center, a pharmacy, and usually a K-Cafe or a deli that serves Nathan’s Hot Dogs and Pizza.

Big K stores also carry everything that a regular store carries, but with an emphasis on home decor, children’s clothing, and more food items such as meat and poultry, baked goods, frozen foods and an extended, but limited section of garden produce. However, Big Kmart stores do not usually have a bakery, a delicatessen, or fresh seafood.

Super Centers, also known as Super K stores, are hypermarkets that combine the features of a regular store and a Big Kmart store. It carries everything that a regular location does, and it features a full grocery section complete with meat and poultry, baked goods, a delicatessen, garden produce, and fresh seafood.

Kmart Express, on the other hand, is a chain of gasoline stations and convenience stores located in several locations. Most of the Kmart Express locations can be found in the Midwestern United States.

Company Facts

In today’s economy with so many people applying for positions it is beneficial to you to educate yourself on the company for which you are applying. By educating yourself on the company you are giving yourself the chance to stand out amongst the other applicants and will leave a good first impression with your interviewer. Take the time to research Kmart and review some facts about the company below to mention during your interview process.

In 2012, Sears Holding Corporation planned to close 173 of their stores 66 of which were Kmart locations across the country. They also plan to convert some of the other stores they own into Kmart locations.

In 2011, the company was awarded by the March of Dimes charity for assisting them with raising over $100 million for their charity.

Sears appliances became available in Kmart stores which allowed them to grow 978 locations that have an in store pharmacy.

They recently launched a program called “mygofer” which allows customers to place an online order for products and then pick them up at their local store.

In February of 2012, all store locations were given the opportunity by Starbucks to sell their coffee in their stores.

Sears Holding Corporation and Kmart are working together to convert and rebrand Kmart. During these conversions locations are closing but new converted locations will open in order to better serve the community.

Be sure to visit the website online today to submit your application form to enjoy the benefits of working for this company.