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Employment Information

Chick-Fil-A offers their employees generous wages and benefits to thank them for their hard work. The restaurant is also closed on Sunday’s to allow employee’s time for family and worship.

The restaurant is involved with the community, offers charity sponsorships and helps employees further their education. Scholarships of $1000 are awarded to the independent franchise operated employees that have been accepted in accredited colleges and that meet scholarship requirements and attend college to represent the company.

To current date, Chick-Fil-A has awarded over $30 million in scholarships towards employee education.

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The application for employment for Chick-Fil-A is not a specific online form. In order to be considered for employment at Chick-Fil-A you must submit your resume on the careers page of the company website.

Minimum Age Requirements

Minimum age for employment at Chick-Fil-A is dictated by the federal and state laws through franchise owners. While federal law states 14 year olds may work, their hours will be limited and employees under the age of 17 are restricted from performing certain tasks. They may also be required to submit a work permit. In order to find out the minimum age requirement, you will need to contact the local labor board or restaurant manager.

Hours of Operation

Chick-Fil-A is open 6:30am to 11pm Monday through Saturday. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.

Entry-Level Careers

The entry level positions range from team members to corporate jobs. Job responsibilities of team members include preparing food, greeting customers, maintaining health standards and working the cash register. The corporate entry level positions include administrative and assistant positions.

Pay for entry level positions start out at minimum wage. Corporate jobs are competitive in their salary rate depending on position. Full-time and part-time positions are available with a flexible schedule for employees that are attending school.

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Management Careers

Management positions at Chick-Fil-A include store manager, assistant manager, shift leader and team leader. Salary for management positions range between $20,000 and $40,000 yearly depending on job title.

The starting salary for a management position is dependent upon experience. It is possible to advance to a management position from being a team member. The management opportunities at the corporate office range from accounting to human resource,s and are all located in Atlanta.

Hints for Applying

Because Chick-Fil-A is owned and operated as franchise locations, the hiring and managing of restaurant personnel is done by the store manager.

In order to obtain your apply for employment you will either need to call or visit the Chick-Fil-A location you wish to work for. You can find the nearest location to you by visiting the Career page on Chick-Fil-A’s website. This will also provide you with what locations are hiring and for what position.

Be sure to follow up with the Chick-Fil-A manager once you have applied to show your interest in starting your career with the company. Also, before submitting, you should check over it and fix any spelling or grammar errors you may have made and correct them accordingly.

Additional Hints for Applying

From the career page you will want to select the option and skill set that closely resembles your skills. There are management positions, corporate positions and even the opportunity to own a franchise on the company website. Once you have found an opening you are interested, click on the apply button.

From there you will be directed to a page that provides job details for the position that you have shown an interest in and the job requirements. There will be a section you will come across after scrolling down that provides you with the information that you will need on submitting your resume and the format your resume should be in.

You have the option to either email or mail your resume, however, only select one of these options. In order to be considered for franchise ownership, you must not have any other business ventures you are already participating in and you must be a hands-on manager at the location you are applying for.

Once you have submitted your application and resume you will want to place a follow up call to check on the status and show your interest in the position. It is important that you provide the position and location you applied to, along with the date, because the recruiters cover several different areas. Providing this information will allow the recruiter to provide you with accurate information.

Direct Competitors

Chick-Fil-A are masters of the chicken sandwich, and a phenomenal company to work for. Very wholesome and closed on Sundays which seems to be the only day I want Chick-Fil-A each week. Apply to other fast food places as well, to increase your odds, and more importantly, diversify your portfolio. Try your hand at flame grilling burgers by applying to Burger King, and enjoy a little beef in your menu. While we’re at it, let’s get in with McDonalds, because no matter how hard you try, you can’t replicate that Big Mac Sauce. And finally, last but certainly not least, apply to Taco Bell for those late night cravings that also put money in your pocket! Follow our advice, and you’ll be swimming in job offers before you know it! 


Chick-Fil-A is one of the most generous companies when it comes to benefits. You can expect to receive on the job training that is paid, a flexible work schedule which is great for students, and wages that are competitive within the restaurant industry.

There are also programs that are unique to the company, such as exercise and activity programs. Both of these help with the health of employees and their welfare, as they encourage employees to be involved with their dependents. Those employees that qualify, which will vary by location, may also receive health and wellness programs, paid time off, 401(k) retirement plans and tuition assistance for school.

Facts About the Company

If you are selected to complete an interview with Chick-Fil-A, you will want to research some facts about the company. By taking the time to learn more about the company you will improve your chances of being selected to work for the company. The following facts can be used if you are asked to explain what you know about Chick-Fil-A during an interview.

The first Chick-Fil-A was started in 1967 as a place to eat in food courts. From there the fast food restaurant has grown to over 1,600 locations that are both in shopping mall food courts and standalone restaurants. The founder of Chick-Fil-A, S. Truett Cathy, was the original creator of the boneless chicken breast sandwich, which is now used in the fast food industry. S. Truett Cathy has also been kind enough to share his fortune with those that are not so lucky and has even recently written a book.

Mr. Cathy is well respected for being an innovator and a businessman. Chick-Fil-A is family owned and privately held and gives franchise owners the chance to become entrepreneurs. Chick-Fil-A is also the second largest chicken restaurant chain in the U.S., with locations in 39 states.

Their sales revenue has increased every year since the restaurant has been opened. The corporate offices for the fast food chain are located in Atlanta, Georgia, which is also the location of the very first mall restaurant and free standing restaurant that opened its doors in 1986.

  • There are over 1,600 Chick-Fil-A restaurants to date across the United States.
  • In 1967 the first Chick-Fil-A was opened in a mall food court. In 1986 the first free standing location was opened due to popular demand.
  • Since its start, Chick-Fil-A has been closed on Sunday’s in order to allow employees to have a day of rest.
  • The company slogan is “We didn’t invent chicken, just the chicken sandwich”.
  • The corporate offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia and each restaurant is franchise owned and operated.
  • Chick-Fil-A offers customers an online food calculator along with healthy menu options.
  • The company is a corporate sponsor for the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl and has its own title, the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.
  • The company is also a corporate part of the Big 12 and a sponsor of college sports.
  • The WinShape Foundation was started in 1984 in order to help shape future leaders. It is also one of Chick-Fil-A’s top foundations.
  • Chick-Fil-A also has a breakfast menu.
  • The famous Chick-Fil-A cows were started in 1995 with the billboard “Eat MOR Chikin” which started many of the slogans for Chick-Fil-A and is one of the main things they are known for.

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