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McDonalds is a company that is known worldwide for serving some of the best hamburgers in the business and is also well known simply because of its size. With over 31,000 locations worldwide (in over 100 countries), it is no wonder that so many people consider filling out a McDonalds application online as a way of making a safe, financial investment in their future.

You see, even in hard times, McDonalds very rarely goes under and can perform well in just about any economy, which means you will no longer have to worry about job security.

Add in the fact that McDonalds has modernized over the years with new menu items such as salads and chicken wraps, and you have yourself a versatile business. Give yourself the chance to experience flexible schedules and training by filling out an application today.

Job Form Online

The McDonalds job portal is available online to anyone regardless of their location, anywhere in the world. You can get started by selecting your state, which will then allow you to narrow your search by job types including Crew, Management, and Support.

Every job listed will give you information such as the location, how much it pays, what kind of benefits you get, and will end with an Apply Now button, which will lead you to the actual form that you will have to fill out.

Download or print the form here.

Age Requirements

In order to work at McDonalds, you’ll want to check your state’s individual requirements. While the typical age for hire in most states is 16 years old, some states hire as young as age 14. You’ll also find that you may have to be 18 years of age in some states, as it varies depending on what state you live in. If you aren’t sure where to look, just contact your local McDonalds location for more information.

Hours of Operation

Each McDonalds location has its own unique hours ranging from early morning to late night. Some McDonalds locations are 24 hours a day while others are open for shorter periods of time, especially if their hours are controlled by an outside source such as those found in shopping malls or retail stores. Check with your local location to find out what their specific hours of operation are.

Entry Level Income

Most of the time, your entry level salary at McDonalds as a crew member will be for minimum wage, which varies by state.  Currently, minimum wage ranges from a low of $7.25 an hour to $9.19 an hour. The job of a crew member, which may be either full time or part time, will be to provide customer service, prepare food, and clean the work area.

Additional duties may be assigned to crew members from time to time and there’s always room to grow. In other words, you can advance to a higher position quickly. McDonalds makes sure to cross train crew members for multiple areas as well.

Management Careers

McDonalds has a pretty amazing training program and is one of the best places to work at when it comes to chances for growth within the company. Starting a career in management at McDonalds is a good move for just about anyone, and that is undeniably true due to the fact that McDonalds strives to promote from within versus hiring outside. However, they do regularly bring on new people to work as managers at one of their many locations.

You may have a ton of experience or you may not. You may even already work for McDonalds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply on their site’s career page. Doing this will put you in the running for a current management position. With positions ranging from assistant managers up to store managers, the pay varies depending on the store location as well as the actual position. Typically though, you can expect to make at least $35,000 a year.

McDonalds Job Application

Tips For Applying

When it comes to putting in an application at McDonalds, you want to make sure you have a good looking resume. Be sure to include basic information such as references, your work history, and your best contact information in the event that McDonalds wants to set up an interview. When that happens, be sure to prepare for the upcoming interview.

If you’ve never put together a resume before, try using word processing software such as Microsoft Word, which will allow you to easily put together a basic resume in just a few minutes. Make sure you include any relevant experience or skills that you possess that are relevant to the position within McDonalds that you are applying for. Once that is completed, all that’s left to do is to wait or follow up in a week or so about the position.



McDonalds benefits and perks vary depending on the position and location. Some of the perks that you’ll receive when working for McDonalds are free uniforms, free or discounted meals, and the best perk of them all, flexible scheduling for those of you who have kids, or if you attend school. You’ll also have access to health insurance, the opportunity to receive a scholarship to help pay for college, and good growth potential within the company, which is a point that simply cannot be stressed enough. The best thing of all is the fact that the benefits and perks that we’ve mentioned thus far are for crew members.

Management positions receive these same benefits and perks as well as a few more. Some of the benefits and perks of being a manager at McDonalds include paid vacations, annual salaries, education allowance, stock options, short term disability insurance, a discount card, life insurance, and more.

They also have access to a resource line provided by McDonalds that allows employees to receive help with things such as housing for the elderly, legal matters, child care, and information on health and nutrition. In other words, McDonalds takes care of its employees and really goes above and beyond in doing so.

One final perk that anyone who works at McDonalds will enjoy regardless of their position is the fact that they can literally move anywhere in the world while still being able to stay with the same company. While this may not be the case in each and every situation, working for McDonalds gives you a good chance of doing so, due to the fact that there are so many McDonalds locations all across the globe.

Direct Competitors

McDonalds has always been the poster child for fast food, and why shouldn’t they? Fast service, quality meals, and plenty of people served per day. If you enjoy working in the food industry, apply to Taco Bell as well for an equally regarded level of service and variety in the menu. For the italian in all of us, applying to Pizza Hut will satisfy that urge to create and deliver. Speaking of creation, apply to Subway as well to truly unleash the creative force within you. Be it sandwiches, pizzas, tacos or burgers, there’s no shortage of choice when applying to these great businesses in the food industry. 

Fun Facts

McDonalds is a very popular restaurant, but you probably didn’t know that McDonalds receives over 62 million customers on a daily basis. In other words, McDonalds receives more customers than the whole population of Great Britain every single day.

McDonalds is famous for their hamburgers, especially their Big Macs. Did you know that McDonalds Hamburgers are so popular that over 75 hamburgers are sold from McDonalds every single second of the day? That’s a lot of hamburgers!

McDonalds actually feeds up to 68 million people per day. That number can account for as many as 1% of the world’s entire population.

McDonalds is constantly hiring new people to work at their restaurants. As a matter of fact, McDonald’s hires over 1 million workers every single year. In other words, right now is the perfect time to submit an application if you would like to become employed at McDonald’s.

There are currently over 1,700,000 people that are employed at McDonald’s right now.

McDonald’s has estimated that one out of every eight adults have worked at McDonald’s at some point in their lifetime.

There have been celebrities that worked at McDonald’s before they hit it big. Some of these names include:

  • Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams admits that she wasn’t exactly a model employee. She said that she basically worked at McDonald’s as a greeter.

  • Fred Durst

Before Fred Durst made it big in his band, Limp Bizkit, he was working the morning shift at a McDonald’s in Florida.

  • Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon and believe it or not, he used to work at McDonald’s. He actually says that his favorite thing to do at McDonald’s was cracking eggs.

  • Sharon Stone

Before Sharon Stone was a hit on the big screen she was working at McDonald’s.

  • Macy Gray

Even after Macy Gray become a widely popular musician she still acknowledged her past and even appeared in commercials for McDonald’s.

  • Jay Leno

Jay Leno worked at McDonald’s back in 1970.

  • Seal

Seal, musician, worked at McDonald’s long enough to get a single paycheck.

  • Carl Lewis

Olympic gold medal winner, Carl Lewis, attributes some of his success in the Olympics to working at McDonald’s. He stated that McDonald’s helped him learn the importance of time.

  • Pink

Before she was a pop artist she worked at McDonald’s.

  • Keenan Wayans

Keenan worked at McDonald’s and was actually the manager at his local McDonald’s before he even graduated high school.

  • Shania Twain

Before Shania Twain became a country legend, she was working at a McDonald’s in Ontario.

  • DL Hughley

DL Hughley is a huge name in television and film these days. However, before reaching success, he was cleaning up the lobby at McDonald’s.

Move over, Toys R’ Us, because McDonald’s is actually the world’s largest distributor of toys. Over 20% of sales at McDonald’s include a toy.

McDonald’s actually airlifted food to homesick U.S. Olympic athletes in France back in 1968.

McDonald’s famous golden arches are so famous that they’re more widely recognized than the Christian cross.

The Queen of England actually owns her very own McDonald’s with a drive-thru.

The Egg McMuffin was McDonald’s product introduced back in 1972, which was their attempt at incorporating breakfast into the menu.

Between 2011 and 2013, McDonald’s has vowed to open a new restaurant every single day in China.

McDonald’s actually offers a delivery service in 18 different countries.

In America, there is over one billion pounds of beef consumed at McDonald’s every single year. That is over five and a half million cows.

McDonald’s menus are different all across the globe. For instance, in Portugal, you can order soup at McDonald’s.

In Paris, there is a McDonald’s with white arches, instead of the classic golden yellow arches. This is thought to be the only McDonald’s restaurant in existence that doesn’t incorporate the golden arches.

McDonald’s actually paid rappers back in 2005 to make references to the Big Mac in their songs. This was a great deal for recording artists to make some big bucks. McDonald’s said that every time a rapper’s song was played on the radio that the rapper would receive $5. This was an excellent marketing strategy employed by McDonald’s.

McDonald’s has more locations than Arby’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell and Burger King combined. Without a doubt, McDonald’s is the king of the fast food chains.

McDonald’s opened up over 1,400 new locations in the year 2012. In other words, you may want to submit your McDonald’s application right now.

McDonald’s sells about 13 billion servings of French fries every year.

In 2012, McDonald’s spent $788 on marketing their brand.

McDonald’s makes over $8.7 billion per year from franchise locations, making McDonald’s richer than Mongolia.

The McRib was invented because there was a shortage of chicken in certain locations. Therefore, the company needed to replace chicken nuggets in certain locations with another hot-selling product. That’s when the McRib came into play.

The McRib is a limited product, because McDonald’s uses the McRib as part of an extremely intelligent marketing campaign. They know that sales will skyrocket during the time the McRib is available and in demand.

Start your management career today with the McDonalds application!