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With close to thirty-seven thousand locations across the US and in one hundred countries all over the globe, Subway is proud to offer a menu that provides healthy choices.

This provides millions of people with the opportunity to eat well and receive their food in a timely manner, making it popular with those seeking a healthy meal in a short amount of time.

The Subway chain is the largest fast food restaurant worldwide, with a strong focus on maintaining a healthy selection on their menu and educating the community about nutrition. Below you will find a direct link to fill out the online Subway Application.

In addition to offering a healthy menu with a variety of options, Subway has released Eco-Restaurants, which allows the company to stay in tune with their “Eat Fresh, Live Green” campaign.

Subway also offers catering for parties with such items as party trays and eight-foot-long sandwiches.

This sandwich shop offers many convenient locations in places such as grocery stores, hospitals, gas stations, superstores, airports, amusement parks, university buildings, convenient stores, and high school cafeterias.

In 2004, a church pastor opened his own store in his church in Buffalo, New York as a franchise owner in order to utilize his Subway to train those needing to learn job skills.

Online Guide to Employment

To submit a Subway employment form, you will need to visit the careers page. The first thing you must do is create your online login and profile in order to submit a request for employment. You have the chance to use this same login and profile to complete more than one application if you, and you can also check on your previous status.

To access the downloadable form, select and print the form by clicking here.

Subway Application

Employment at Minimum Age

Employees of Subway can be as young as 16, in accordance with local labor laws and the individual franchise owner. However, some locations choose to only hire adults over the age of 18. Be sure to ask the location you plan on applying to inquire their minimum age for employment.

Hours of Operation

Hours of operation may vary depending on the location. Most stores are open early to serve a breakfast menu and stay open until evening to offer the full menu. However, Subway locations inside of stores, malls, schools and hospitals may have to follow the requirements of their main locations hours for operation.

The “Find a Store” link on Subways webpage will contain a particular locations store hours.

Entry Level Careers

A request for an entry level position of sandwich artist, catering crew and custom service may be submitted at any store locations. Then it’s time to prepare for the interview. Subway also offers an entry level position in logistical support.

In order to become a computer technician for the franchise, you must have an associate’s degree and previous experience with both Apple and PC computer systems. This position helps with ordering, installing and troubleshooting the desktop computers for the corporate offices.

If you wish to apply for a position as a legal assistant or an administrative assistant, you will need either a high school diploma or GED and be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.

A bookkeeper position requires that you have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a minimum experience of two years for accounting or bookkeeping.

Programmers, shipping clerks, customer support and entry level marketing are the other entry level positions you can submit employment forms for.

Management Positions

There are numerous positions that are related to logistic support at the corporation.

Marketing managers and specialists are responsible for executing marketing strategies at a regional or a national level and must have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field.

E-learning technologists must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and have at least four years of experience in online trainings delivery. E-learning technologist’s duties include supporting the University of Subway with delivery of online training modules, in addition to employee training.

The submarine shop has other advanced jobs that include international marketing specialists, brand strategy specialists, product development specialists, global product safety officers, creative services managers and development of internet applications.

On the careers page of the website you can look at the detailed job specifics for the store manager, assistant manager, shift manager and area supervisor careers by looking under the “regional jobs” category.

If you keep scrolling on the same career page you can review all the international management positions in Australia, Canada, the Cayman Islands, China, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Guam, India, Ireland, New Zealand, the Philippines, Qatar, and Singapore. If you have always desired to work in another country, then Subway can help give you that chance.

Direct Competitors

At Subway, you would be an artist, crafting beautiful masterpieces that look, and taste great. When applying, consider other places where you can express yourself and be rewarded for it. Working at Olive Garden will offer such an experience around italian style foods. If you apply to Old Navy, you’ll be doing the same thing for clothes and fashion.

Finally working at Target will afford you a wealth of options to find the position that fits you. Just remember, you can always find places that allow you to be you, and express your unique personality and skills for the benefit of yourself and everyone around you.

Helpful Points

When you are ready to start your application you have the option to select from the following categories: headquarters positions, local positions, or regional positions. This will provide you with a list of all open management positions with Subway.

While scrolling through the list of job positions you can read any job description by clicking on the job title. Doing so will provide you with a list of the job duties and what the job requirements entail. You even have the ability to email a copy of the application link to yourself or someone else that you know that might be a good fit for the job position.

Please note that in order to view these applications you will need to install the “Silverlight” plug-in. You will be able to download this plugin from the application webpage.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Open management positions can be found in the Career Center. There you will also find links to complete an application for jobs with headquarters and all regional positions that are open. You also have the ability from the Career Center to review the requirements that are specific to these management positions and you will also be provided with a job description for each position as well.

Keep in mind that the majority of these positions do require experience in that field and a college degree. Store management positions will contain a link that will allow you to send an email to the franchise store owner that is hiring for that specific job position. When you send your email to the franchise owner, be sure that you are including your resume or a curriculum vitae (CV) and include why you are interested in the position.


Most locations are owned by individual owners and therefore, the benefits will vary as well as the wage for each location. However, full time employees will receive such benefits as healthcare, paid vacation time, flexible schedule, insurance for disability, and a discount when choosing to eat at any location.

When you turn in your completed application you can also ask the owner what they offer as benefits. The University of Subway provides employees with online training, which will prove to be beneficial to those looking to move up within Subway.

Company Facts

When you apply for an open position, it will serve you well to familiarize yourself with the company. You can demonstrate to your interviewer that you have researched the company and this will also help to show your interest in a long term career.

Subway utilizes Facebook and Twitter in order to promote deals and discounts they are offering at the time, as well as any updates to the menu, contests the company is holding and prizes. Smart phone users are also able to access a mobile version of Subways website so that they may partake of deals and discounts as well.

Customers and employees also have the chance to purchase company attire such as fleece jackets, baseball hats, knit hats, t-shirts, items for babies, key chains, pens and other novelty items. These items contain the Subway logo and can be purchased online through “Subway Gear”.

The company also promotes health eating through “Subway Kids”, an interactive website where children can learn about healthy eating, play games and even win prizes. Adults can also visit the “Grownups” resource page on the company website.

Subway is also proud to market their “Fresh Fit” choices which also include a menu designed with kids in mind that promotes healthy choices such as salads and provides diners with as much detailed nutritional information as possible on the website.

Diners who have restrictions with their diet have a page specially designed for them that provides assistance by allowing them to asses menu items that fit their requirements whether they have food allergies, gluten intolerance or any restrictions due to religion. In 1997, America’s favorite sandwich shop made the decision to introduce seven sandwiches to their menu with fewer than six grams of fat. They titled this menu the “Seven Under Six” menu.

Subway chose Jared Fogle to be their spokesperson for their advertising campaigns and also their philanthropic ventures when he decided on his own accord to start his own Subway diet in order to lose weight. Jared was able to successfully follow his Subway diet and lost two hundred and forty pounds before he notified the company of his diet and weight loss.

Not only does Subway dedicate time at the local stores to provide time and funds to organizations in the community, schools and a variety of other local causes but they also are involved with United Way, Habitat for Humanity, March of Dimes, Junior Achievement, the American Heart Association and American Red Cross at a more national level.

Due to the expansions the company has made worldwide, it has worked on providing menus and other needs that each country has as far as their culture requires. An example of this would be that in most Muslim countries, the Subway menu is free from pork and in Hindu India there is no beef on the menu.

Every location focuses on the Subway Core Values which focus on Family, Teamwork and Opportunity.

In 1965 Fred DeLuca was trying to find a way in which he could pay for medical school when his friend Peter Buck gave him the suggestion that he should open a sandwich shop. This is how this sandwich shop got its start. Peter loaned one thousand dollars to Fred so that he could start his sandwich shop.

The original store that Fred opened was called Pete’s Super Submarines and it was located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. After ten years Pete and Fred had sixteen locations and started franchising the company.

The training headquarters was opened in 1975 in order to provide training to employees and franchisees on the way the business model, menu and operations for the Subway restaurants work.

Most Subways around the world display the subway transit theme that made its first appearance in 1980 in one of the New York restaurants.

Because of its dedication to update the menu the restaurant has made the following changes over the years. Freshly baked bread was introduced in 1983 and allowed the company to become the number one ranked sub sandwich in Entrepreneur magazine.

The next year party platters were offered and in 1985 steak and cheese was added to the menu in addition to wheat bread. Subway added a breakfast menu and began opening earlier in 1986. The restaurant chain introduced its kids menu in 1991 and in 2005 toasted subs were added.

The company has also received several awards over the years as well. These awards include the gold award from Restaurants and Institutions magazine in the sandwich category, the Silver Skillet award from Restaurant Business, Best Franchise in North America from Global Finance, best use of space in addition to best grassroots giving from QSR magazine, and the best menu extension from the Nation’s Restaurant News.

Along with these awards Subway also placed at the top of nation fast food chains for offering healthy and nutritional foods from Sandelman and Associates, a research firm.

Subway launched its “Eat Fresh, Live Green” initiative in 2007 along with its first Subway Eco-Restaurant in Florida which allowed the company to utilize more environmentally friendly operations.

Fans of Subway can utilize the “Freshbuzz” webpage in order to view famous Subway fans, with their favorite menu sandwich; they can watch YouTube videos, read the most up to date news and receive special offers. Fans also have the ability to participate in mobile alerts which are received by text. By registering on the website, an electronic newsletter that contains coupons, discounts and news bytes can be sent to their email address.

Fred never finished medical school but Pete did receive his doctoral status which gave Subway the service mark and the franchiser the name of Doctor’s Associates, Inc.

Be sure to submit your application today for a chance to start your career with Subway today!

Job Openings

Subway has three different job categories. These include the following:

  • Headquarters Jobs
  • Regional Jobs
  • Local Restaurant Jobs

At each category, you will find various job opportunities that could be a good match to your skills, experience and educational attainment. Before submitting your subway application online, it is recommended to have seen all listed job vacancies first so you can sort out opportunities that suit you best.

Headquarters Jobs

The global headquarters is located at Milford, Connecticut. This office supports the entire Subway restaurants established from around the world. Working at the headquarters office would mean holding a position very important to the franchising operations of the company.

The list of jobs that you may select from includes:

  • Ombudsman
  • Sr. Software Engineer
  • Sr. Tax Specialist
  • Paralegal for Real Estate
  • Warehouse assistant
  • Database analyst
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Global Field Training Director

Make sure that you’re willing to be transferred to Milford, CT before sending in your job applications because your distant location can be a factor to whether the company will hire you or not.

Local Restaurants Jobs

In-restaurant exposes you to a much fast-paced environment that it would be when working in an office. This holds true for chain restaurants like Subway, where you will be serving customers of all ages from different walks of life. At Subway, you can work as:

  • Sandwich Artist
  • Shift Manager
  • Sr. Sandwich Artist
  • Assistant Manager
  • Multi Unit Manager
  • Manager

Sandwich Artist: One of the Most In-Demand Jobs

Having been a sandwich and burger restaurant since the 1960’s, Subway is well-known for their artistry in making sandwiches. This became one of the ultimate factors that made them different from among other fast-food chains in the country. Thus, they continue hiring sandwich artists to provide customers with fascinating sandwiches.

If you want to be a sandwich artist at Subway, you should have a pleasing personality and passion for food styling. You must also know how to use the cash register, serve the guests, prepare the food and check if there is enough supply of ingredients throughout your shift.

Because Subway values professional development through training and continuous learning of their sandwich artists, you must complete and pass the University of Subway courses. This is besides memorizing the company policies and operations ethos by heart through their Operations Manual.

To become a sandwich artist, you must be a high school graduate with diploma. You must be also physically fit to be capable of lifting 10-30 pounds in some occasion. And although there is no prior work experience required for this position, it is extremely important that you have average oral and written English language skills.

Just because you are just a sandwich artist doesn’t mean that your career is going nowhere. You can be promoted to become the senior sandwich artist of the restaurant. From this on, your career could go a long way to shift manager and up to becoming the multi-unit manager.

Overall, Sandwich artists may not have the easiest Subway jobs but there is career growth in this path that can shape your future into brighter and promising one.

Salary Information

Salaries at Subway are determined by several factors like job title, type of business, geographical location, skills set and experience. In your subway job application, it is important to set and include your salary expectation. To give you an idea, consider the salaries below gathered from


  • Sandwich Artist – $7.78
  • Shift Manager – $8.80
  • Assistant Manager – $9.05
  • Crew Member – $7.60
  • Cashier – $8.16
  • Store Manager – $10.27
  • Manager – $11.07

Full Salaried

  • General Manager – $36,517
  • Manager – $28,574
  • Field Consultant – $38,662
  • Store Manager – $30,103
  • Loss Prevention Officer – $22,000

Success Stories

Nothing is as inspiring and motivating as reading success stories of ordinary people who made it big in Subway. These people have started out as a sandwich artist before they became store managers at their own rights.

For instance, Salvador Rodriguez who hails from Florence, AZ store location had worked as a sandwich artist in 1996. He was only 16 years old at that time, rather a typical high school student who was looking for a part time job to support his financial needs.

Some years later, he had been promoted to become the store manager. All of this was made possible due to his hard work and commitment to excellent customer service. Rodriguez has always been loyal and driven while working with Subway.

Jenni Chapman of Winona, MN location was once a sandwich artist in 2002. She now plays the role of regional manager. Three traits that she values the most are optimism, compassion and loyalty. These may have been the keys to her very successful career stint at the company.

Overall, those two valuable team members share something in common, which is loyalty to the company. So, to have a successful career at Subway, it is important to learn how to tie your goals around the company and its objectives.

This way, you will be able to serve in long tenure while creating an inspiring legacy within the organization, which are your success stories, core values and work philosophies.