Target Employment Job Application

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One of the primary missions of Target has always maintained the motive of giving back to the community. In order to accomplish this goal, Target gives back five percent of its store income with grants and other community projects. To start your career working for a team focused company, simply click on the link provided to start your Target application.

Assistance with filling out an application for those who are disabled is provided by Target with an application in both English and Spanish. Target follows the American Disabilities Act when hiring handicapped employees and offers assistance
with the application for them as well.

Online Employment Opportunities

The online employment form consists of different pages for positions of graduate students, internships, hourly wage earners, experienced professionals and pharmacy department store job applications. You will need to select the appropriate position for which you are applying.

Target opened stores in Canada in 2013, with locations in each Province. You may apply to these locations if you live in Canada. In addition to locations in Canada and the US, Target also has locations in India. If you plan on applying for a management position with Target, then you will want to apply now to participate in the company’s method and start training for your position today.

Access the Target employee directory here.

Minimum Age for Employment Requirements

To submit a department store job application the minimum age for entry level positions is 18 as a broad minimum. However, the minimum age for some locations in the US and Canada is 16, but these employees may only work a limited set of hours. State and country of employment also have to be taken into account.

There are an array of jobs that are offered. To be considered for any of these positions or for any additional information be sure to submit your employment request online today.

Hours of Operation

Locations in the United States are open at 9:00 a.m. and close at 10:00 p.m. each day of the week. The locations in both India and Canada operate during hours that meet their cultures holidays and are compliant with national laws.

Entry Level Positions and Salary

Target offers entry level positions at their stores, distribution center and corporate headquarters. These positions will start at minimum wage on an hourly base. Entry level positions include store associates, cashiers, distribution center packers, customer service associates and office workers. To start with an entry level position with the company you will need to submit your employment form.


Management Positions

If you meet Target’s qualifications for a management role you will have the opportunity to work for a diverse company that focuses on cultural assistance and service to the community. Target has openings for management for those who speak both English and Spanish at their United States and Canadian locations. India locations also offer openings for bilingual applicants.

Entry level positions in management are also available to those who are attending college. Target also offers internships for those attending college that seek to learn more about corporate environments. The company will work with your school schedule if you are a graduate or working on completing an MBA.

Target also needs to fill the roles of Distribution Center Management as more US and Canadian stores and distribution centers continue to open in late 2012 and spring of 2013.

If you are interested in applying for a pharmacist position, you can attend one of the career fairs locally by using the link below. These career fairs take place at the Colleges of Pharmacy in the US.

Employee Form Tips

When completing an employment form online it’s recommended that you save your application for at least 24 hours before submission. Doing so will allow you to have time to go back through your application, add additional information as you see fit and correct any errors you may have made, such as spelling or punctuation.

Ensure that you have included your most up to date contact details with items such as your physical address and email addresses are spelled correctly in order for the hiring manager to contact you for an interview.

If a section of the department store job application does not apply to you then make sure you have marked it as “n/a”, as this indicates to Target you have read through the forms in their entirety and haven’t skipped over any sections.

While drug testing is not an department store job applications requirement, you may be asked to submit to one during the application process, so be prepared for this possibility.

Additional Tips

Keep in mind the position that you are applying for with Target when you are dressing for your interview. Females applying for employment at Target should wear either a knee-length skirt or dress slacks with a top that provides adequate coverage.

Males applying for employment should also dress in dress slacks (this does not include jeans) and either a polo or button down shirt. Regular shoes should also be worn (this does not include tennis shoes). Ensure that your interview attire is free from stains and tears and is not wrinkled.

Before your interview you may want to review the website and attend a community volunteer activity where you live. You can also read about these events and may even wish to suggest a volunteer activity that you did not find listed during your interview.

Be polite and give a firm handshake to your interviewer. This shows that you are confident and pleasant as opposed to anxious.

When completing your application form you will want to make sure that you mention any time of “team player” experience that you have. This could be things like playing on a sports team or any other type of activity where you had to participate as a member of a team and you were able to successfully achieve your goal or victory. This includes any team projects from past job experience as well.

While in your interview you may also like to mention a second team activity you participated in that was also a success. Giving these specific examples demonstrates to your interviewer you are ready to work in a team focused position.

Another key tip before you interview is to read about Target as a company. Familiarize yourself with the CEO and also anyone in an executive type position that you may find yourself interacting with either as a direct boss or someone that might make frequent visits to the location you would be working at.

Also, take time to think about how you would answer if asked what you would be bringing to the team should you be hired. You may also be asked why you would like to work for Target. This is the interviewer’s way of seeing how much you know about the company and what you will be able to contribute to the company.

Direct Competitors

While Target offers positions ranging from cashier, to electronics, to barista and more, you may want to consider other opportunities in order to increase your chances of being hired. Find out what makes Target so appealing to you and look for it in other companies. Wal-Mart can offer a similar experience and has many locations where you may be able to cut down on your commute to and from work. Kmart is also structured in a similar fashion, with plenty of items to choose from. Since many stores have a Pizza Hut Express inside them, you could also focus on that and apply to Pizza Hut to ensure you’re working in an industry you feel passionate about.

Employee Benefits

Qualifications for benefits, position and location will vary. Entry level positions who work more than 32 hours per week will receive the following benefits: health insurance, paid holidays, paid vacation and sick time. Management level positions also receive benefits such as profit sharing, company travel reimbursement and retirement plans.

Working for a global retailer provides you with the chance to transfer to new locations across the world. The advantage of being willing to work globally increases your value as an employee and will open the door to many opportunities with Target.

Facts about Target

Due to the competition for productive careers and employment it will be beneficial for you to educate yourself about the Target company as much as possible before your first interview. Doing so will indicate that you are serious about working for the company and view this as more than just a job but a career for the long term.

The more educated you are the better the chance you will have at gaining a second interview. This does not necessarily secure you a position with the company, but it will help the interviewer’s with their final decision. Below are some useful facts about the company that you may want to discuss in your interview.

In 2012 in the United States Target opened multiple stores. One of these stores is located in Escondido, California and it opened in October of 2012. There are 200 positions for this location because in addition the regular merchandise the store also carries meat, produce and pre-packaged baked goods.

Any new locations for Target will have positions open for two months before the store’s opening date in order to provide time to train the employees. Having said that, be sure to provide yourself with enough time to submit your application for employment so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

For the first time Target also began opening stores across Canada in 2013 with 32 locations in Ontario and 13 in Alberta.

Due to the recent tornados in Dallas, Target provided over $15,000 for relief aid to the victims of the storms. Volunteers from Target employees also assisted with cleaning up the community as well.

During 2012, every 3rd Sunday the company sponsored free admission to the Minnesota Children’s Museum in Minneapolis/St. Paul and children and their family members had the opportunity to explore the museum for free.

Part of Target’s mission is to provide the community with art and culture and to achieve their mission the company also sponsored a First Sunday of the Month Free Admission to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

Seattle residents are also able to attend the Family Fun Day every 3rd Saturday of the month at the Wing Luke Museum. This provides residents the chance to have a family day with culture.

Admission to the Museum of Modern Art at 11 West 53rd Street in New York City is free from 4 to 7pm on Friday nights. Each month the museum also offers special exhibitions with audio guides.

Grant applications for the arts and cultural experiences are accepted each year from schools between March 1 and April 30. Winners of the grant are notified each September. When issuing the grant the culture and design activity in addition to the school location and need of local children are taken into consideration when awarding the $2000 grant.

Target also works with Heart of America in order to provide educational opportunity for all children. This allows libraries to be restored and refurbished across the country. Target has completed over 110 libraries since 2007 providing children resources so that they may advance regardless to how intelligent they are.

In addition to refurbishing libraries, the company also sponsors filed trips, books and computers through the Take Charge of Education program which was started by Target. Employees also volunteer to read, tutor and participate in field trip activities during their time off.

One of the executives of Target Corporation, Major General James M. Milano is also a three tour vet of the Iraq War and has been with the company since April 10, 2012.

Despite the attempts of Target, an internet hoax still has some believing the accusations that the company policies were against veterans. This is not true as the company has sponsored many events and activities specifically for veterans.

Every quarter since 1967 Target has been paying its common shareholders their dividends. Investors to the company receive their dividend checks.

The company’s active warehouse is out of Dayton, Ohio in Teradata. This location updated and installed their platform.

The company no longer offers sandblaster clothing such as Levi-Strauss and Gucci as of March 2012.

There are many benefits to employment with Target and also many chances to help in your community. Be sure to submit your Target application today for a chance to work with this company.