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Burger King has served burgers and fries to over eleven million people daily for almost sixty years. The company is open from early morning to provide breakfast, until late at night utilizing a dining area and drive through window. Apply now with a Burger King Application. This allows them to boast as being the “Home of the Whopper”. The Whopper made its debut in 1975 and is one of regular featured items.

Working at this fast food staple is about more than just making food and serving customers. In submitting your request for employment, you can expect to be working for a company that has remained strong over the decades and has built upon its business even through downturns in the economy.

When applying for employment, you are making a wise investment into your future.

Jobs Available Online

The process for applying at Burger King is all handled online, where you will have the opportunity to apply for all open positions on the webpage. Job App network is a secured program that Burger King uses to manage the employment forms. You can download and print the application form directly, here.

Minimum Age of Employment

In order to be considered for employment, you must be at least 16 years of age to work in the restaurant and at least 18 or older to apply for a position as a shift manager, assistant manager, or general store manager.

Some experience in the restaurant business and post-high school education may be required for some management positions with the company.

Hours of Operation for Burger King

The restaurant hours may vary based on the location of the restaurant. For example, locations inside of a shopping center will be dictated by the shopping centers hours of operation.

Typically Burger King is open early in the morning to serve breakfast and open late through their drive through window past midnight to serve those out on a weekend. Because Burger King operates at such long hours, you will be able to have some flexibility with your schedule.

Entry Level Positions with Burger King

Customer service, food preparation, cash register operation, drive through window service and keeping the restaurant clean and safe are the entry level positions that Burger King has. The shift coordinator is the position between team members and the management team.

The shift coordinator acts as the first line management and receives an hourly wage to make sure the restaurant is running properly during the scheduled shifts. He is also in charge of delegating tasks and making sure that lines of communication between the team members and customers is satisfactory. burger king app form

If you desire to work with the Burger King corporate office, you can submit your Burger King application for these positions as well.

Some of the corporate positions consist of business performance, communications, company operations, finances, information technology, internships, marketing, procurement, and supply and logistics. Those starting at an entry-level career have the chance to move up into a higher position by utilizing the management training program that the company offers.

Management Positions

The assistant manager is the starting point for the management positions with the company. The assistant managers are tasked with managing finances, managing the hourly staff, including the shift managers, the operations of the restaurant, and retaining employees, while maintaining a profit for the company.

Assistant managers must have either a high school diploma or a GED, reliable transportation to and from work, and a minimum of one year experience in a quick serve type restaurant. General managers are tasked with helping the restaurant fully operate, making sure the customers are satisfied and making sure the store is operating well financially and staying in compliance with the regulations the government has in place, as well as the franchise standards.

In order to be considered for a management position with Burger King, you will need to submit an employment form.

You must also have a minimum of two years’ experience in management within retail, food or hospitality services; have strong math and computer skills and transportation you can rely on. Managers on a corporate level are responsible for supervising the training for other management level positions and human resources.

They’re responsible for financial management, marketing and advertising, responsible for global operations and global business service, and auditing internally. Assistant managers can expect to make from $20,000 to $45,000 yearly, while general restaurant managers can expect to make from $30,000 to $55,000 yearly.

Downloadable Form Pointers

On Burger King’s “Careers” page you have the ability to select the job category for which you wish to apply for, whether it be a position with corporate or in the restaurant.

Once you have selected your job category, you will need to click the orange Submit button in order to view the positions that are currently open for that position. If you wish to review the job description tasks for each position and what the minimum qualifications to apply for a particular position are, you will need to visit the “In-Restaurant” page.

You can review information for team members, shift coordinator, assistant manager or restaurant general manager. Once you have selected the position you wish to apply for, you will need to click the “Apply Now” button in order to begin completing your application for employment.  Once you have clicked the “Apply Now” button you will need to enter your location in order to see which stores are nearest to you.

You have the ability to select the type of job you wish to apply for and your location, in addition to keywords on the “Corporate” page. You will need to click on the “Search Jobs” button in order to see available positions and submit the appropriate application for open positions. You can also view videos from Burger King employees that discuss working for Burger King.

Additional Tips

You will have the ability to search for locations, keywords and have the ability to upload your resume or CV (curriculum vitae) by utilizing the corporate positions page. Doing so will allow the company’s job generator to match the information from your resume or CV which jobs you qualify for. Don’t for get to prepare for your upcoming interview as well.

Direct Competitors

Burger King has made a name for itself and been the host to numerous and hilarious commercials over the years, not to mention they’re not afraid to introduce a bacon ice cream sundae. You shouldn’t be afraid to apply to them though, and you shouldn’t be afraid to apply to other fast paced jobs. Try dropping by a CVS to see if they’re hiring, and get your foot in the door of a fast paced and rewarding job there. You can even try applying to Forever 21 for a equally faced paced workplace centered around fashion. Lowe’s would be a great place to apply to as well, for a environment that is more massive than the others, but also keeps you on your toes with consistent business. 

Employment Benefits

Health insurance plans with limited benefits, a 401 (k) savings plan, discounts at Burger King restaurants, flexible schedule, paid time off for jury duty are the benefits that entry level team members receive.

Shift coordinators receive these benefits in addition to dental and vision insurance, life insurance, accident insurance for any business travel, flexible spending accounts for health care and child care costs and benefits for domestic partners.

Assistant managers and general managers receive the aforementioned benefits that the team members and shift coordinators receive, in addition to paid vacation time, assistance with tuition, and assistance with adoption.

All employees are able to benefit from training, which will help them to benefit themselves in their current position, as well as offer assistance if they wish to move up within the company.


When you apply for an open position, you may wish to do your research on the company. Doing so will give you a better idea of the company you wish to work for and can benefit you during your interview if you bring up certain facts to your interviewer.

This will help to show your interest in the company and show that you are interested in a career with the company for the long term.

For more than half of a century the Whopper has been the signature burger. It made its debut in 1957 just three years after the opening of the first Burger King. The “Have it Your Way” slogan was launched in the 1970’s and is one of many campaigns Burger King has used since 1958 when the company showed its first TV advertisement for the restaurant establishment.

The drive through window at Burger King locations was introduced in 1975. Four years later the company introduced their breakfast menu and breakfast early hours.

Burger King received an A+ from the Better Business Bureau for having ethical business practices. The company earned this award by continuously making updates to the menu that not only provide a better quality of food but also offers menu items at a valued price.

The company makes sure that they take care of their employees while also enacting put in place practices that are good for the environment, and they remain complaint. In 2005 the Have it Your Way foundation got its start and was put into place in order to donate funds and provide volunteer hours in order to impact the community where Burger Kings are located.

The company focuses on doing what it can to save the environment by using 100% recycled paper for their napkins and they also purchase thirty-two thousand tons of recycled paper each year.

Burger King puts its employees through “Green Sessions” in order to train them on the green practices the company follows. Customers are encouraged to “Have it Your Way” by customizing their ingredients into a burger.

This phrase has been trademarked and was started in 1974. Many years later this phrase is still well known and used in current advertisements today. The company chose to market their flame-grilled burgers to that which so many people want to achieve on their grill at home.

The campaign they used to launch their new item is called “We Do it Like You’d do it” and was started in 1986. The company also markets to children and in 1989 introduced the Kids Club gang.

This marketing strategy introduced these cartoon characters by the names of IQ, Kid Vid, Jazz and Jaws. Children customers also can receive a paper crown and enjoy a kid’s meal while dining at Burger King. The current human Burger King “king” was not always one of human form with a large sized head and crown.

The original “king” was a cartoon character for twenty years and even had other members that accompanied him like the Wizard of Fries, Duke of Doubt and Sir Shakes-a –Lot. Over the years the company has made changes to its menu in order to appease to the tastes of its customers.

In addition to offering sandwiches the company introduced fish sandwiches, steak sandwiches, ham sandwiches, and chicken sandwiches along with their burgers in 1978. The breakfast menu along with the extended restaurant hours was introduced in 1979 which provided fans the chance different options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The breakfast sandwich the Croissan’wich was added to the menu in 1983. 1986 brought the addition of the chicken tenders and current menu items such as the BK Broiler, BK Big Fish and hamburger made their introduction in 1994.

The Fresh Apple Fries which are actual apple slices cut to look like French fries, salads that are fresh, and “wrap” style sandwiches were recently introduced to the menu in an effort to be more health conscious. In 2010 an all new breakfast menu with a breakfast platter and newer coffee drinks were added. Burger King introduced new fries in 2011 that were thicker and had a new flavor.

The company has previously used humor in its marketing ads. In the 1990’s the company had the TV ad for “subservient chicken”. As a prank to customers in 2007 the company claimed to be removing the Whopper from the menu in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the sandwich. This marketing joke led to a national outcry which only proved just how popular the sandwich is. There have been a few variations to some of the Burger King locations.

One location in Orlando, Florida offers customers a “Whopper Bar” in which the location offers a unique spin. Spring, Texas is the 20/20 Burger King that has a sleek outer design. Burger King offers a menu to their customers that provide them with gluten free options.

Online toys and contests are provided by Burger King along with a Parent Account which gives parents a place to monitor the online activities of their children and a way to help their children redeem prizes from board games and activity boxes during online play.

The website is called the BK Crown and also advertises the BK Positive Steps program which teaches visitors with tools about balanced exercise and diet. Discounts and coupons for the restaurant, games, menu updates and contests can be found on both Facebook and Twitter for Burger King. Start your management career today by applying online.

Available Job Positions

At Burger King, you have two primary options to select from which career opportunity to take. You might be interested in pursuing a career path either in the corporate field or in-restaurant.

In the corporate field, you will be working with the management professionals like those in the Marketing, IT, Accountancy or Field Business Departments. Meanwhile, working in-restaurant will expose you to a much faster pace of work environment.

The roles are client-focused as you may work as the cashier, kitchen crew member, or restaurant crew member. Before submitting your employment form, you should know what type of job you are getting into. Having a prior knowledge of the position can help you ace your interview.


Expect to work in a fast-paced environment where you will be dealing with different customers throughout the day. Display a big smile and serve food with much enthusiasm! Again, it all begins with your employment form. Team member – Your primary responsibility is to welcome and assist the incoming customers as they order food thru Burger King.

You must have the ability to multi-task and learn the work quickly to be able to adapt to the work environment and culture. Delivery Driver – Deliver fresh and hot food to the customer’s given address as fast as possible. Aside from doing delivery tasks, you are also responsible for assisting other team members in greeting and serving the customers.

Delivery drivers may also be tasked to distribute flyers outside of the restaurant when they are not busy. Shift Coordinator – You will supervise the team members to ensure that they are doing their respective responsibilities.

In this way, excellent customer service is maintained at all times. Shift coordinators are basically leaders of the pack who will set a great example for their subordinates and help them get motivated the whole day. Also included in the task is ensuring that the products are in premium condition and that those restaurant policies are being met. Assistant Manager – The key leader of the group.

So, it is your primary responsibility to lead the team directly toward attaining that desired level of customer service and operations. Burger King also expects you to be a good motivator and coach to your team members, especially when they need career advice for their professional development in the company. Restaurant General Manager – The main leader of the entire restaurant branch, whose task revolves around

  • overseeing the accountability for all operations of all restaurant employees
  • ensuring that the company standards are met and maintained by the staff
  • promoting a customer-friendly company culture and environment;
  • And recognizing the talents of his or her staff that deserves further promotion or training development.

If you found any of these positions interesting, you might as well consider sending in your application, Burger King now to secure a job invite from the company as soon as possible.

Corporate Field

By visiting the BK careers page, go to corporate field tab to preview the list of jobs available. You will see a long list of corporate positions such as follows:

  • Product Development Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Consumer Insights Sr, Manager
  • Manager for Employee Benefits
  • Sr. Tax Manager
  • Sr. Field HR Analyst
  • Sr. Analyst Business Intelligence
  • Sr. Manager Supply Chain and Procurement
  • Management Trainee Program
  • Service Management Analyst
  • Franchise Contract Management Analyst
  • Sales and Traffic Analyst

You can also make use of the 1-click job searches of the company to look for available jobs easily. You can find one job by category or by location. For example, by category, you can find some jobs available under Human Resources, Marketing and Innovation, Finance, Global Business Services, Restaurant Operations, etc. You may select a particular location to learn if the job posted is near where you are residing right now.

At Burger King, you are not confined to a single position, but rather you are given the opportunity to expand on your career path and discover other specialties where your skills might be very useful.


Without a doubt, before you apply, you will want to know if the location of your chosen job position is within a striking distance. Otherwise, you will have to find a temporary home for relocation, if you really desire to take that BK job offer.

Burger King is headquartered in Miami, Florida, so you will be likely working there if you decide to pursue a corporate career in the company. However, BK is a global company with hundreds of store locations all over the world. This means that you might be assigned to work overseas, should the need arise.

The global headquarter in Florida has been there since 1954 and it is where the BK brand was conceived and born. The said headquarter is the center of all operations, with over 12,000 BK store branches around the globe.

As one of the world-renowned fast-food burger chain restaurants, BK has the resources and ability to handle and adapt to the dynamic environment of its industry. So, the customers and the employees will be taken care of well with unbridled commitment to meeting their wants and needs as demand increases.

Simply said, Burger King can do a lot of wonders to your amateur career. It may not be a high-paying job in the beginning, but with the training and field exposure that they can give, you can turn yourself into a well-rounded professional and a leader. Thus, achieving professional development and success is attainable when you’re with Burger King.