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CVS headquarters are based in Rhode Island and first opened in 2007. Throughout the United States, CVS pharmacy has over 200,000 workers and because of its exceptional customer service and quality medications, they have managed to build a loyal customer base.

Due to the high customer volume, they’re always looking to hire individuals that are focused on providing great customer service.

If you are interested in becoming an employee, complete your CVS application today.

Online Form for Employment

Those interested in completing an application will need to visit the company’s online portal and click on the career tab. Each position must have a separate form filled out for it and some positions may require the applicant to submit their resume, in addition to a cover letter.

Minimum Employment Age

In order to work for CVS you must be 16 years of age or older. Some positions require the applicant to be 18 years of age or older. Anyone submitting a form under the age of 16 will be rejected without further review.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to only apply for a position that they meet the requirements for.

Hours of Operation

Store locations are open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Some locations may select to close early for holidays, but a notice will be posted for the public if this is the case.

Entry Level Positions

CVS hires for a variety of entry level positions. These positions include a cashier, lab assistant or customer service associate. The duties for these entry level positions include answering any questions that customers may have and offering additional assistance as needed. Entry level positions may receive monthly pay or be paid on an hourly rate. As always, you should prepare yourself prior to the interview.

How an entry level position is paid is based on whether they are a full time or part time staff member. Typically part time staff is paid at an hourly rate. In any event, entry level positions are paid minimum wage. Minimum wage is based on the state law where each position is located.

Working knowledge of word processing such as Microsoft Word is a requirement for entry level positions, as they may be required to perform some administrative tasks.

Management Positions

Managers should keep open lines of communication with all members of staff and are required to be motivational and support their team working under them.

Members of the hiring management team are not only responsible for hiring managers from outside the company, but are also in charge with promoting entry level staff that would do well in a managerial position. Promotions serve two purposes, the first being to reward hard workers, and the second being to encourage other members of the entry level roles to work hard to grow within the company.

Management positions also receive employee benefits such as health insurance, life insurance and paid leaves. Some managers may be asked to work on a shift basis depending on what their job requirements are, while others will work the typical office hours.

Pointers for Applying

Those interested in a position with CVS are asked to submit through the company’s online portal. The following link will take you to the online application.

  • The form can be used to apply for multiple positions at CVS.
  • Job forms are not considered to be complete unless they have a resume attached.
  • CVS applicants have the option to list which store location they are interested in working at. If you do not have a specific preference you may leave that question blank.

Additional Pointers

In addition to submitting an application for employment, applicants will also need to submit their resume. The resume submitted should include job skills, any applicable qualifications, and a work history for the applicant.

Applicants should review their resume to be sure it doesn’t include any spelling or grammatical errors.

Basic knowledge of computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel is expected for applicants, especially those applying for a management role. From time to time, entry level positions may be required to complete certain administrative duties.

If your form is selected for an interview, a member of the hiring management will contact you via phone or email.

If your application is not selected, do not let this discourage you from submitting again in the future. Be sure to check the career portal often for job openings within the company.

Direct Competitors

CVS is a perfect place to work, especially for someone who is just beginning to enter the service industry. You’ll find a wide variety of products and gain a significant amount of knowledge. You could also expand your horizons by applying to Target, where the floor space and product variety is multiplied tenfold. A smaller step up would be applying to Dollar General, which is a tried and true business model that has been around for a long time. If you’re more interested in food service, we humbly recommend applying to Waffle House, a great entry level position for someone looking to enter the food industry


Benefits that employees of CVS can expect to receive are healthcare benefits, life insurance, and paid leaves. However, paid leave is only for full time CVS employees, but some part time employees may qualify for it as well. Part time employees at CVS are encouraged to become full time employees so that they may receive the additional benefits.

CVS encourages all staff members to keep the lines of communication open. If they have any concerns, they are asked to voice them so that a solution may be found before the problem or concern has a chance to further escalate.

CVS staff is given plenty of opportunities to advance within the company. Those who show an interest and dedication will be promoted.


Before you go in for an interview you will want to read about the company. This helps you to get a clear understanding of what the company is about and will be beneficial in the event that your interviewer asks you what you know about the company.

The full name for CVS is CVS Caremark Corporation. In the New York Stock Exchange the company is shown under the CVS symbol.

The company has over 7,000 pharmacies in the United States and the headquarters for the company are located in Rhode Island.

The president and CEO is Larry J. Merlo.

Fortune 500 lists CVS as the 18th largest company in the United States. There are also no international operations for CVS.

CVS and Caremark merged in 2007 which created the company but CVS has already been operating in the United States for over 40 years.

While CVS stands for Consumer Value Stores, the former CEO for the company previously stated it stood for “Convenience, Value and Service”.

CVS has CVS Samaritan vans that offer communities roadside assistance for free. CVS also has the CVS Caremark Charitable trust that offers communities with CVS locations education and healthcare services.

Along with the Essence of Beauty and the Gold Emblem, CVS has numerous beauty and skin care items that are created by the company.

The three main operations for the company are the pharmacy, the clinic and the Caremark pharmacy. CVS’ clinic is called the MinuteClinic and it boasts over 600 locations.

If you are interested in starting your career, be sure to submit your CVS application and resume today to be considered for a position with the well-known pharmacy.