How to Prepare for Your CVS Health Job Interview

Everyone likes being healthy, but personal health has become a major focus in recent memory. With healthcare becoming more attainable and baby boomers growing long in the tooth, it’s high time we started thinking about being healthier people overall.

With a recent name change, CVS Health has embraced this new focus with open arms. You can join them in this new health crusade by applying and checking out the forthcoming CVS Health job interview tips to prepare yourself in the best way possible. For example, one thing you could mention in the interview is your support of the company’s decision to no longer sell tobacco products, despite the profit losses they will incur.

You can’t be a health store and pharmacy and still sell cigarettes if you want to produce the right image after all. Let’s talk about the company’s hiring practices and give you some quick tips for your big interview.

CVS Health

CVS Health Hiring Practices

Since the company has plenty of locations, there are always openings for individuals looking to start a career with CVS Health. The company tends to use in-person interviews between candidates and hiring managers. These one-on-one scenarios only last about twenty to thirty minutes.

The company isn’t interested in trying to confuse you with trick questions, most of them are straightforward and simple to answer. Ultimately the process is meant to evaluate your personality and prior experience in retail or related fields. In some cases, a short phone interview will be used to screen you before you are invited in for an official face-to-face one.

The company is looking for individuals with great customer service skills or potential. In your interview, focus on things that set you apart. Even if you don’t have previous job experience, good grades in school and extra curricular activities will set you apart from the competition.

Example Questions and Necessary Preparations

As with any interview, it’s best to prepare accordingly beforehand. You should be ready for a phone interview in case they decided to screen you beforehand. For the phone call, make sure you have a quiet place to conduct the interview if they decide to contact you that way.

Preparing for the actual interview should entail doing research on the company and choosing the proper professional attire. You should also prepare by knowing which questions to expect:

  • Why do you want to work for CVS Health?
  • What characteristics do you think are ideal in an employee?
  • Tell me three strengths and weaknesses you have.
  • Do you have any prior experience in sales or customer service?

These CVS Health job interview tips will help you enter the hiring process with plenty of confidence and readiness to start your career!

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