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Lowe’s has been helping customers to improve their homes since 1964. Lowe’s got their start as a small hardware store and rapidly grew into the second largest home improvement retail store that it is today. Thousands of products for home improvement such as lumber and nursery products are available to their customers.

Customer service and a pleasant working environment are the goals of Lowe’s. Submit your Lowe’s application today to join the Lowe’s team.

Form to apply is available online on the company website by clicking on the Job Search link at the top of the webpage. You have the option of specifying which area you would like to apply for and you have the ability to see which positions are open in your area.

Minimum Age Requirement

In order to be employed with Lowe’s you must be 18 years of age or older, but some states will allow employees 16 years of age or older depending on state laws. If you are aged 16 to 18 you will need to check the state laws.

Hours of Operation

Typical store hours for Lowe’s are Monday to Saturday from 6am until 10pm and Sunday from 8am to 7pm. However, store hours can vary depending on location. Once you are aware of your local Lowe’s hours you can bring your resume and form in during working hours.

Entry Level Positions

Entry level positions at Lowe’s include cashier, the service area and sales positions within the nursery and other areas of the stores. These positions will start at the state regulated minimum wage. Other entry level positions may start at a higher rate depending on job responsibilities and work experience. Your best bet will be to contact your local Lowe’s to inquire where the salary starts.

Management Positions

Many of the managers at Lowe’s started at an entry level position and advanced from there. Hard work and those showing their commitment to do their best at all times can advance rapidly within the company. It all starts with nailing your interview.

Administrative positions are responsible for overseeing the store and areas such as Return Desk, Cash Office, RTM and Receiving. They’re also responsible for making sure employees have received proper training and are performing expected job duties.

The sales also are important, along with excellent customer service, so it’s imperative that sales goals are being met. Therefore, this position is also in charge of making sure employees are meeting the sales goals set in place by Lowe’s.

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In an Operations position you will help the store manager with training employees and ensuring that the company’s mission, goals and purpose is well known to all employees. They’re also responsible for store operations and that employees are following safety standards and are providing excellent customer service. They’re also in charge of ensuring that sales goals are being met.

Human Resource positions are in charge of issues of talent, staff and training activities. They are in charge of keeping up company morale and helping employees perform at their best. It is also crucial that those with human resources positions meet the legal requirements, policies and standards that Lowe’s has set into place.

The average salary for management at Lowe’s is $60,000 a year, however, that can change based on location, job title and experience of the employee.

Application Tips

Applicants are able to do a complete search for all jobs that are posted in their area. Utilizing the drop down menu allows you the ability to select the type of position you wish to search for. It also narrows down positions fitting to you’re looking to apply for. There is even a function to search for dates that positions are posted so you can apply to the most current openings.

Once you have selected the position you would like to apply for you, will be taken to a website that is off site, where you will be given a job description. From this page you have the ability to click on Apply to Job, save it in your cart or you can even email the position to a friend.

Once you have clicked on Apply to Job, you will need to create a login account using your email and a password in order to start the process to apply. After the account is created you are able to complete the application.

While completing your application, you will be asked to include additional information that is not found on the application. You should also have your resume created that includes your previous employment, your education level and any experience you have in regards to management. Be sure to also include why you qualify for the position you are applying for and include a cover letter.

If you need assistance with your resume or cover letter, there are many templates online that you can use to create these documents.

Direct Competitors

Lowes entered the retail sphere and took it by storm. If is continuously growing and expand in both size and through new products. When applying here, be sure to apply to Home Depot as well, as the experience will be similar and equally rewarding at either business. Consider also applying to CVS, where you’ll find a smaller, more concise work environment that may be easier to manage. Finally, consider applying to Forever 21 for their equally rewarding customer experience oriented business model. Whether it’s fashion, home improvement, or everything under the sun, apply to everything and increase your chances of being noticed! 


The benefits at Lowe’s include things such as health insurance, life insurance, a 401(k) retirement plan, and programs for work and life. Employees can also participate in a discount stock plan. If employed with Lowe’s, you can choose the coverage that fits your needs.

You also have several options with healthcare that has a variety of co-pays and deductibles so that you can make a selection based on your needs. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, there is also a prescription drug benefit that allows Lowe’s employees the ability to purchase prescriptions at a discounted price. There is even a home delivery option.

Employees that have been with Lowe’s over 90 days can receive a dental plan. This plan is through CIGNA and you have the option of saving money by using a CIGNA PPN dentist.

You can also receive life insurance, income protection, and retirement plans.

Facts about Lowe’s

Before going in for an interview at Lowe’s, you may want to research some facts about the company in the event you are asked what you know about the company and to educate yourself further on the company as well.

The first store was opened in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina in 1946.

After a few years a second Lowe’s store was opened in Sparta, North Carolina.

With over 7 million becoming homeowners in 1954 Lowe’s found a large market to promote its good and services to.

Due to technological advances in 1963 Lowe’s became one of the first retail stores to utilize computers in order to maintain their inventory. Doing so caused a revolution for inventory processes and advancements for store management.

By 1969 there were 58 total stores and these stores had 1,450 employees with sales equaling $119 million.

The 200th store was opened in 1979 in Franklin, Indiana and the first Lowe’s credit card became available which made it easy for customers to purchase the materials they needed in order to update their homes. This allowed Lowe’s to advance alongside modern technology. .

In 1982 Lowe’s was able to top their first billion dollar sales for a year which topped the $50 million they had been making yearly.

Lowe’s celebrated 50 years of retail service to the community by allowing customers to build better homes.

By the year 2000 Lowe’s had retail locations in 37 states and 600 stores allowing them to serve a large number of customers.

Lowe’s had a successful year in 2003 when they made over $30 billion in sales.

Lowe’s was able to expand their retail stores to Canada due to their success in 2005.

In 2007 Lowe’s successfully launched their first Canadian store and they also had their NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson win the NASCAR Nextel Cup Championship.

Lowe’s expanded to Mexico with two stores in Monterrey which brought them an even bigger international market.

Lowe’s announced that they have plans to launch stores in Australia within the next five years in 2011.

Lowe’s has now expanded to 1,710 stores located in the United States and 20 stores in Canada and this has allowed Lowe’s to serve over 14 million customers.

Submit your Lowe’s application today to start a career with this ever expanding retail store.