Home Depot Employment Job Application

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Home Depot was created in order to provide small contractors and homeowner’s with the necessary tools to complete projects without having to spend too much money.

Since it got its start, Home Depot has evolved into a retail store that encourages diversity with store associates and management.

Home Depot wants their customers to feel like a King by offering assistance with projects and creating a safe atmosphere that customers can shop in. Home Depot has locations not just in the United States, but also in Canada and Mexico, and the retail store is always looking for ways to progress in the communities they serve.

Home Depot always seeks to hire applicants that are bilingual, so be sure to list any additional languages you speak on your application.

You can submit your Home Depot application by clicking on the link below.

Online Application

You will need to answer some questions in order to determine where you would fit in with the Home Depot culture.

After answering these questions, you will be able to complete your application and your application will be submitted to the local department you would like to work for.

Minimum Age Requirements

In order to submit an application for an entry level position you must be 18 years of age or older. However, some Home Depot locations will allow employees 16 years old to 18 years old to work, but for limited hours. There are a variety of Home Depot jobs where the age requirements vary. State and country laws will also determine the minimum age requirements.

Hours of Operations

Home Depot hours will vary by location. For a list of your stores hour be sure to visit the Home Depot website or give the store nearest to you a call.

Entry Level Jobs

Entry level positions with Home Depot include outside sales consultants, cashiers, lot associates and freight associates. There are also Merchandising Execution Associates, which are part time positions. Many members of the management team started out in entry level positions and worked their way up the ladder. It all starts with a great interview that gets you in the door.

In addition to the full time and part time positions that Home Depot offers, seasonal positions are available as well. All staff that is hourly will have flexible hours including nights, weekends and holidays that are on a rotational as needed basis.

Sales associates of Home Depot can expect customers to ask them questions such as, what the best size of wiring would be for a project, or even how they can go about building a faux stone fountain.

Lot associates will be required to assist customer with loading purchases into their vehicles, will maintain outside areas and keep it safe, clean where customers will be entering the store, and will also assist sales associates and cashiers with answering questions.

The duties for a cashier include ringing up the customer’s purchases, customer interaction and aiding customers with getting whatever help they need from sales and lot associates.

Freight team members generally work the overnight shifts and will stock the shelves, arrange store displays and make sure that aisles are clear of any debris.

The Merchandising Execution Associates will build displays based off planograms that are given to them. They are responsible for maintaining these displays.

The wages that these positions earn is dependent on the location, the job description, knowledge and the experience of the applicant.

Management Jobs

Choosing a management position with Home Depot will help you to advance your career and move upwards in the home improvement industry. Management positions include finance manager, area supervisor in the distribution center and project manager for direct fulfillment.

There are also several open positions for management in the Merchandising Execution.

The Senior Business Analyst MMS is required to have strong knowledge of merchandising and experience with processes in projects. They must also be able to lead and execute projects of an advance nature.

Merchandising Execution Managers link the in-store teams and factory teams. Their job is to coordinate with both the store and the factory in activities and services. This management position is responsible for 3 to 6 Merchandising Execution Area Supervisors and up to 75 associates.

Direct Competitors

Home Depot is a strange place for someone who isn’t knowledgeable about the products. I’ve never felt more confused or scared than when I was looking at rider lawn mowers. That being said, it is a great place to work and learn more about the various products they carry. For that same reason, applying to Lowes would offer an equally beneficial experience and a few more products than you would expect. A more retail focused experience with a mixture of products and positions would be found by applying to Kmart. Finally, a smaller, more entry level friendly option would be to apply for a position with Walgreens, where the floor space would be smaller and more manageable. Never, ever stop applying and you’ll be getting calls before you know it! 

Hints for Applying

When completing your application you are going to need to check through before submitting to ensure you have listed your most current contact information and that you have not made any spelling or grammatical errors.
If you come across any areas of the application that do not apply to you, be sure to mark them as “n/a”. This shows your interviewer that you did indeed read through the entire application.

It is recommended that you save your application for a minimum of 24 hours before submitting in the event that you wish to make any changes or need to add any information you may have left out.

Additional Hints for Applying

Be sure to review the volunteer activities that Home Depot participates in. You may wish to either attend a local volunteer event or read about it online. If you would like to make a suggestion about a volunteer opportunity you did not see listed, be sure to mention this to your interviewer.

Shake hands with your interviewer and be pleasant. Try not to give off an impression that you are nervous, but appear confident instead.

Read as much as you can about the company before your interview. Be sure to know who the CEO is and what you find interesting about this person. Check to see if any recent executive new hires may make trips to the store you are employed at.

Be sure to dress appropriately for your interview. Ladies should wear nice dress slacks or knee-length skirts with tops that are not low cut. Gentlemen should wear slacks (no jeans) and either a polo or a button down shirt. Make sure your footwear is appropriate and do not wear tennis shoes. Check your clothing to make sure it is free from wrinkles and tears.

List a time when you were a team player on your resume. Include details about how you were able to achieve a common goal while working with a team, whether it was at a past job or on a sports team or class assignment. Then think of a second time to discuss during your interview.

If you are interested in the Merchandising Execution positions, take the time to learn some marketing strategies and things that will help to grab a customer’s attention.

Your interviewer may ask you why you are interested in a position with Home Depot, so be sure to put some thought into how you would like to answer this question. They may also ask you what you can contribute to the Home Depot team. Be prepared to answer these two questions before your interview.


Benefits will vary by location, job position and qualifications. Part time employees will have fewer benefits than those the full time employees receive, and management positions will have more benefits than entry level positions.

Associates and managers that work in Merchandising Execution are off on weekends and holidays.

Entry level positions that work over 32 hours each week are eligible to receive health insurance, paid holidays, paid vacation, and sick time off. Managers receive these benefits in addition to profit sharing, company travel reimbursement and retirement plans.

Facts About the Company

Knowing facts and information about Home Depot can help you in advance to coming in for a second interview. While it does not guarantee you will be hired, it can help you have the upper hand over other applicants.

The Home Depot Foundation has been around since 2002 as a corporate culture. Each year this foundation focuses on responding to national and community needs. Home Depot encouraged Americans to help volunteer in outdoor projects for Veterans in 2012.This project happens during the spring and is called the “Doing Nation”

Reno Veterans Guest House won $250,000 from the Home Depot Foundation’s Facebook contest April 12, 2012 in support of Veteran’s projects.

The Home Depot Foundation created a $100,000 fund for the Red Cross disaster relief and recovery efforts for the United States in March of 2012.

Home Depot announced in March of 2012 that they would be partnering with the National League of Cities in order to support housing projects for homeless veterans. This began in 2011 and has been committed to giving $30 million to help homeless veterans as it has reached a critical level. Over 19,000 cities, towns and villages are represented by the National League of Cities all over the United States.

Home Depot along with the aid of The Mission Continues and a major rock band was able to host an event that brought in volunteers to help provide job training to veterans of Mew Directions, Inc. located in Los Angeles. This supports the housing needs, counseling and training for over 600 veterans located in the city and their families. The highest numbers of homeless vets are located in Los Angeles and many lost their homes while they were serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The CEO for Home Depot, Frank Blake, has posted his direct phone number online along with share buttons for the retail stores customers in the event they are not receiving help with a problem. This way, customers can reach him directly for a resolution.

As you can see, there are many benefits to working at Home Depot. Be sure to submit your Home Depot application today.