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Walgreens has prided itself on providing room for growth and advancement to all employees. This allows them to offer an excellent atmosphere of support. Walgreens‘ goal for over the past 100 years has been to provide a number of communities with various services that help members of their community be well educated and aware of their health and well-being.

This page focuses on the best tips for completing a Walgreens application and succeeding with your employment career.

In order to being able to provide such services, Walgreens starts right at home by educating their employees. They provide them with access to the appropriate knowledge and tools to help meet their customer’s needs.  In doing so, they are able to enrich many lives.

When you submit an employment form, you will be confident in knowing that you will be participating in a hands-on, fast paced environment which will allow you to work directly with members of the community and public.

Some of the programs at this famous department store participate in yearly include such services as aiding those that have fallen victim to natural disasters, utilizing their outdoor signs to notify the public of severe weather alerts and also providing free health screenings. In addition to these services, they also provide health and educational services.

Entry level positions are available for employment at Walgreens
. Entry level positions include cashiers and clerks. You have the opportunity to advance to being a beauty advisor and photo specialist as well. However, to become a pharmacist you will have to complete career training.

Online Employment Form

The Walgreens online form for employment can be found by visiting the careers link on their homepage. Once on the careers link you can utilize the drop-down menu in order to choose the position you would like to apply for. After entering your zip code you will be asked to answer a series of questions. However, you can also pick up a job application from your nearest store location.

You can access the Walgreens online employment form directly by clicking here.

Minimum Employment Age

In order to be a full time employee you must be at least 16 years of age. If you meet the minimum age requirement then you are eligible to submit an application for employment either online or in person at the nearest location.

Hours of Operation

The hours of operation will vary depending on the location. In order to find the hours of operation, you will need to contact your store by phone. Various Walgreens are open 24 hours, however in some cases the pharmacy is not open as long as the actual store. It’s recommended to drop off your paper application during slower business hours.

Entry Level Positions and Income

If chosen for an entry-level position, you more than likely will start your income at minimum wage. Minimum wage income varies by states. Entry level positions include the clerks and cashiers. Other positions, such as a photo specialist, or beauty advisor are also available as advancement positions.

Pharmacists, however, must attend career training before starting their position. The company encourages their employees to seek training and continued education in order to advance their career. They like to hire within the company whenever possible.

Be sure to submit your application today in order to start your career with Walgreens. Prepare for your interview in the meantime with these tips.

Management Positions

One of the perks of working with this company is that they do prefer to hire from within when they are able to do so. Staff is encouraged to train and advance in their positions if they prefer. Positions can also be filled for management from outside the company by completing an application form.

The company is always eager to hire anyone with a dedication to helping the community health wise and will take those individuals into consideration when looking to fill management positions.

Whether you move up from within or are hired from the outside, the company is more than happy to provide the necessary training you will need to be successful.

A Store Team Lead is the lowest managerial position when applying for employment within the management. As a Store Team Lead you are provided the chance to sharpen your leadership capabilities by being given the opportunity to take charge of product returns and pricing. You will also be given the task of opening and closing your stores location when other members of the management team are unavailable to do so.

Another great position is the Retail Management Trainee. After completing necessary training, you will have the chance to move up to executive assistant manager, store manager and then on to being a district manager. The district manager is responsible for overseeing multiple locations.

Walgreens will provide you with all training resources you will need in order to move up in managerial roles and in addition, you are given the opportunity to have the independence to make decisions as acting manager.

The wage for each management position varies, but the average annual salary for a member of the management team is $67,000. Things such as location, experience and the industry can also affect how much salary you would be provided.

Direct Competitors

Walgreens is synonymous with convenience and being open all hours of the night. If you’re going to school or your situation doesn’t allow for late night shifts, consider narrowing down your choices to more focused options. Olive Garden for example has more traditional hours and being a server will bolster your earnings with tips each night you work. If you’re handy, consider Home Depot as an option with plenty of varied items that you wouldn’t see at Walgreens. Finally, check out Old Navy if clothing and fashion are for you. Always remember that your interests drive passion, so work somewhere that allows to unleash that passion for everyone’s benefit. 

Simple Tips for Applying

When you open the Walgreens career page, you will see the job search link on the right-hand side of the web page. This is where you will be able to start your online Walgreens Application.

Once you have clicked on job search the site will ask you to choose the type of career you are applying for. You will need to select if you want a position that is in-store or another position such as a pharmaceutical or distribution. After that selection you will have the ability to choose your more specific position on the right side under a secondary drop down menu.

Additional Tips for Applying

Keep in mind that if you’re applying for any type of management position at Walgreens, you will be asked to upload a copy of your resume and may be asked to complete a more in depth employment form. The items your resume should include are your education, work history and your work goals.

In addition to these items, you should also have your references listed so that Walgreens may contact previous employers. Make sure that you include all current contact information so that Walgreens may contact you for an interview.

It is recommended to also include a cover letter with your resume. If you are unsure of how to complete a cover letter, there are resources online that are easy to use and will even provide you with a template for both your resume and your cover letter.

Once you have completed your resume and application for employment you’re ready to submit your documents and apply for your career at Walgreens.

Employee Benefits

In addition to offering competitive salaries, Walgreens also provides their employees with one of the very best benefits packages for the industry, which allows them to support their staff and the families of their staff.

Part time and full time employees are also able to enjoy such perks as a 15% employee discount, flex pay which assists with paying certain medical expenses, an employee stock purchase, profit sharing, a purchase program, which allows staff to purchase items from vendors set up with Walgreens at discounted rates and career connections, which allows staff to apply for district and corporate level positions.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, full time positions also receive company paid for life insurance, jury duty pay, voluntary life insurance, voluntary accident insurance, funeral leave, holiday time, sick time, paid disability leave and other things like prescription drug coverage, making prescriptions more affordable.

They also provide medical and dental coverage for employees and their dependents.

Should you work for the Walgreens corporate office, you will receive additional benefits such as on-site childcare for children aged six weeks to six years . The child care benefit is available for those working at the Deerfield and Mt. Prospect offices.

Members of the Deerfield staff also receive the benefit of utilizing the Metra Shuttle service, which provides easier commuting. They also have access to an on-site store which allows the Walgreens corporate employees to purchase such items as over the counter medications and Hallmark cards at a discounted rate.

Facts about Walgreens

If you are selected for an interview after submitting your employment request, it will benefit you to read about the company’s history. In doing so, you will impress the interviewer with the fact that you took the time to research the company and you will show your interest.

You will have the ability to talk not just about the retail store but also the entire company. This will also prove that you are not looking just for a job, but a long term career. You can also use this as a chance to discuss how your skill sets will fit in with Walgreens. Below are some key points you should keep in mind:

  • Charles R. Walgreen Sr opened the first drug store in Chicago, Illinois as early as 1901. The first drug store was set on a local corner.
  • Mr. Walgreen had 5 stores opened by 1913 and these stores had such things as a soda fountain and lunch services. By creating his own line of over the counter medications he was able to save his customers money and control the quantity of these medications.
  • Due to the success of their stores, Walgreens was able to open more stores in residential areas in 1923 and even introduced the malted milk shake in 1922. Because of the high demand of the ice cream during that time, they were able to own their own ice cream manufacturing locations.
  • Walgreens expanded to other states which included Wisconsin, Minnesota and Missouri which gave them a total of 44 stores bringing in 1.2 million dollars in annual sales. In 1930, the company increased to 397 stores located in 87 cities which gave them 4 million in annual sales.

Many people speculated that these expansions and profit were due to bootleg whiskey that Walgreen would keep under the counter. The Great Depression did not affect the stores and by 1934 the company was operating over 601 stores in 30 states.

Mr. Walgreen passed away in 1939 when his son took over the business for him. While his son’s years in charge were profitable, the company didn’t grow in size like it did in previous years. Mr. Walgreen’s son retired in the 1950’s leaving Charles “Cork” R. Walgreen, III in charge of the company. Under his charge Walgreens was able to introduce modern technology like bar code scanning.

As the years went by the company had changes in who was responsible for overseeing it and as of last year the store had expanded to 8,169 locations across all 50 states. Walgreens also now has locations in the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Guam. On March 24, 2011 Walgreens purchased Drugstore.com for $409 million.

Walgreens started up by pairing with Eagle Food Centers or Dominick’s while located in Chicago. Because of this partnership the stores were connected to the grocery stores that had a walk through which allowed customers to access the store from the grocery entrance.

After a while, Walgreens cut ties with Eagle and just had locations in Dominick’s stores. As a part of the 2009 business model, the company started having stand-alone locations on corners which left them facing the busier streets. Many locations include a drive thru pharmacy and over 3,000 locations can fill used ink cartridges from printers.

This year, Walgreens announced that they plan to change the management roles from Store Manager, Executive Manager and Store Team Lead. The new management positions will be Assistant Store Manager-Trainee, Assistant Store Manager and Store Floor Leader position.

By making these changes, the company is able to put into place a new pay scale which resembles that of their competitors and follows industry standards.

In 2002 the senior vice president over the supply chain and logistics put into place a program that allows disabled workers to work with other employees. The result of this program was two distribution centers that were launched with 40% of the staff being disabled. Because this was a successful program, other corporations have followed suit.

As you can see, by submitting your employment form online you will have the potential to work for a company that offers room for growth and provides you with the tools to help the community, as well as many attractive benefits.

Access the online careers center by clicking here.