Old Navy Employment Job Application

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Old Navy is a clothing store that is popular for their affordable clothing line. The company headquarters are located in San Francisco and was founded in 1994. The company is owned by Gap Inc. and a few of the first Old Navy locations were warehouses for Gap Inc.

Old Navy is now a stand-alone store that has been able to build a brand for themselves over the last several years. Their affordable clothes and accessories have allowed the store to become very popular.

Online Form

Anyone interested in applying for a position at Old Navy can access the Old Navy application online through Gap’s website. From the Gap website you will need to visit the Careers section on the website to apply.

Minimum Age of Employment

In order to work for Old Navy you must be 18 years of age or older and legally able to work in the United States.

If you are applying for a position for Old Navy outside of the United States then you will need to check with their requirements in terms of minimum age before submitting your form.

Hours of Operation

The majority of Old Navy’s are open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 9pm and Sunday from 10am to 6pm. During the holidays and festive seasons there may be extended hours.

Employees are able to pick their shift and have flexible work schedules. Some locations are closed on select holidays. Of course, these are all questions you can ask during your interview.

Entry Level Positions

Entry level positions at Old Navy include cashiers and sales associates. Entry level positions start at minimum wage. Minimum wage will vary by state depending on where the store is located.

Sales associate duties include assisting customers, folding clothing and organizing accessories. Entry level positions are not responsible for cleaning, but if clothing is disorganized they will need to clean up their section.

When submitting your application be sure to indicate whether you are applying for a full time or a part time position.

Management Positions

Many of the managers at Old Navy started out in entry level positions and advanced from there by taking advantage of the opportunities they were provided with. Job responsibilities include being able to lead and motivate other members of staff and offer encouragement to those who desire to advance their career with Old Navy.

Competitive pay rates and packages are offered to Old Navy managers. They also receive such benefits as health insurance, life insurance and retirement benefits. Some members of management are also sent for paid training that is sponsored by Old Navy in order to also assist them with professional growth.

old navy app form

Application Tips

Those interested in applying can do so online by visiting the Gap Inc. website and clicking on the career page.

Applicants are then asked to choose which brand they are interested in, in which you will need to click on Old Navy. From there you select the region you are applying for and you will be directed to a list of jobs.

You can apply for three positions at a time and you will want to read the job description for each position in order to be certain you meet the minimum job requirements.

Additional Tips for Applying

Applicants should have working knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite, and this is especially true for the management team who may be required to use Microsoft Word on a daily basis.

Those wishing to apply for a management position are encouraged to list their skills and qualifications in their resume, which will be submitted during the application process.

Read over your resume before submitting it to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors. You may also want to consider using a cover letter along with your resume. In your cover letter you will want to address the hiring manager.

Old Navy’s hiring team will notify those they are interested in hiring. However, you may want to send them an email or call them about the status of your form if you have not heard back from them in a week or two.


Management at Old Navy strives to keep open lines of communication with their employees and employees are encouraged to voice any concerns that they may have in order to resolve any conflicts before they escalate.

Opportunities are provided that will help members of Old Navy to advance in their career. Some of these opportunities include paid trainings that are on the job, as well as development courses. Promotions are also available to those that demonstrate their potential.

Pay packages are available and include health and life insurance, retirement benefits, in addition to employee discounts. The majority of the benefits are only available to full time positions, but part time positions may also receive employee discounts. Paid leaves are another benefit to working at Old Navy and staff is encouraged to take a few leaves per year.

Direct Competitors

Old Navy is quite old, and yet they’ve managed to keep up with the times quite well. This is a sign of a strong business which means job security. When applying, consider Pizza Hut as well, a place that has done nothing but grow over the years. Golden Corral is another staple of the industry that provides plenty of work and plenty of security in your position. A newcomer is already showing signs of longevity, referring to Bojangles of course. We all want peace of mind and applying to these businesses will give you just that. knowing you’re working for a strong and successful company.

Facts About the Company

Before going to an interview at Old Navy you will want to first research the company.

The first important fact about Old Navy is that the retail store is owned by Gap Inc. Therefore, you will want to know a few key facts about Gap Inc. as well. Doing your research for both can help give you an edge during your interview.

Gap Inc. was created in 1969 and it provides American clothing and accessories for consumers. The headquarters are located in San Francisco and have over 3,000 locations. Each year the company is able to generate billions of dollars in revenue each year with a globally known brand in all major cities all over the world.

The Old Navy Brand was launched by Gap Inc. in 1994 and the first locations actually served as warehouses for Gap Inc. but due to having affordable clothes and accessories they became popular and Old Navy was created to be its own brand.

Old Navy’s revenue accounts for a large portion of Gap Inc.’s income. In 1994 there were only 4 Old Navy locations and there are now over 300 stores across the globe.

Plus-sized customers are able to purchase clothing online from Old Navy which allows them to purchase items at a lower price. The decision to offer a plus sized line by Old Navy was created in 2007 and has led many customers to purchase from Old Navy online.

Old Navy places a focus on family with their ads and the tagline of “for the whole family”.

Old Navy’s name was chosen to create a chic image and was inspired by a bar in Paris of the same name. This attempt was made to give a fashionable impression and it was a successful plan.

Old Navy attempted to create a bath and body line but after unsuccessful attempts chose to only market clothing and accessories. The bath and body line was called Obsessively Natural and ONBody.

Old Navy’s products cater to the countries in which they are located. For example, clothes in Canada feature the Canadian flags which Old Navy’s in America feature the American flag.

Old Navy is currently trying to increase the number of online sales they get with online discounts. Customers have the ability check out the products in the store and then purchase them online.

Be sure to submit your Old Navy application today!