Becoming a Sandwich Artist: Acing your Subway Job Interview

Subway’s employees, also known as Sandwich Artists, are the epitome of great food in little time. They create the perfect sandwich to your specifications and send you on your way well before that lunch break is over. If this sounds like something you want to do, odds are you’ve probably already applied for a position with Subway and done your research.

Now it’s time to prepare for the upcoming interview. You may be nervous, but our Subway job interview tips will help alleviate those feelings and make you confident in your ability to go in there and ace that interview. We’ll talk about the company’s hiring process and give you some insight into the questions you’ll be answering.

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Subway’s Interview Process

Like the sandwiches they make, the process by which Subway interviews and hires new employees is fast and efficient. Once you’ve applied, it’s usually a matter of days before you’ll receive a call about your potential interview. The entire hiring process is also very quick; you should know if you have the job or not within a week or two at the most.

These are just averages, in some cases you can expect a call within 12 hours of submitting your application, or less. So, time is clearly of the essence here. How does Subway run one of these fast-paced interviews you ask? It’s usually conducted in a one-on-one setting with the the actual questioning lasting anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour.

In most cases the company seeks to put the applicants through a single interview but in some cases a second interview will be conducted. The most important aspects that a hiring manager is looking for in a candidate include their employment history, their job skills, personality traits, and other elements of great customer service.

Let’s examine some typical interview questions so you can best prepare yourself for the upcoming interview.

Questions to Expect, Answers to Give

Here are some example questions and potential answers to help you better understand the interview process and what the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate.

1. What does the name “Sandwich Artist” mean to you?

Example answer: “To me, a Sandwich Artist is someone who takes a customer’s preferences and brings it to life in the same way an artist brings a painting or a sculpture to life based on their own thoughts.”

2. Can you work quickly and efficiently in an assembly line setting?

Example answer: “I have a fast and focused work ethic that will help me work incredibly fast in this type of setting. In addition my experience in (reference relevant experience if you have it) helped me build this type of skill.

With those example questions and answers our Subway job interview tips are complete. Keep answers like those in mind and be ready because they tend to hire fast.

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