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Fred Meyer LogoFred G. Meyer, the owner and founder of Fred Meyer, originally started his business by selling cherries beside the busy highway of Brooklyn. He decided to sell cherries because he wanted to buy a car.

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Later on, his cherry selling business expanded to selling cleaning items and cereal, until he opened his first permanent shop in Portland, Oregon. Today, Fred Meyer is one of the US’ most recognized shopping brands, pioneering a one-stop shop for shopper’s needs.

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Fred Meyer is one of the most recognized one-stop shopping retail stores. Fred G. Meyer, the owner and founder, envisioned giving customers more reasons to shop in his stores than any other.

Because of this, Fred G. Meyer developed Fred Meyer, a one-stop shop for complete groceries, with a drugstore, shoe store, clothing store, home decor store, fine jewelers, home improvement center, garden center, toy store, electronics store, sporting goods store, and more.

Before opening Fred Meyer, customers had to go to separate shops for meat, produce, cheese, and other goods. Fred G. Meyer had the idea that it is possible to put all these under one roof and make shopping more convenient for Americans.

Meyer’s store entered the Seattle market in 1960 by acquiring Seattle-based Marketime Drugs.

The store also acquired a Spokane-based grocery wholesaler and The Round-up Company. After a few years, Fred Meyer Inc. was operating in four states — Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana and had 48 retail stores.

By 2011, Fred Meyer opened its 131st store in Wilsonville, Oregon, and has over 30,000 associates nationwide.

Today, Fred Meyer is a subsidiary of Kroger, a grocery chain with nearly 2,500 locations. The company currently earns an annual revenue of $70 billion.

Fred Meyer’s appeal to customers is its service, selection, quality, and prices, which allows shoppers to save time and money. The stores sell products in food, health and beauty care, clothes, home products, electronics, and more under one roof, proving that you can shop for everything in one store.

Online Fred Meyer Employment Form

The Fred Meyer online employment form may be done on the careers page of their official website.  Candidates begin by selecting the type of employment they want: headquarters, store positions, general group program, pharmacy, distribution, or internships.

Upon selecting, a new window will open with some of the department’s frequently asked questions. Once you fully understand the text, you may start applying to Fred Meyer by clicking ‘Apply Now.’

After clicking ‘Apply Now,’ another window will open where you can select the nearest branch with available positions. You may search for the nearest branch by typing in your zip code.

After you find a branch, you can select between ‘Apply Now,’ ‘FAQ,’ and ‘Restart.’ If you click ‘Apply Now,’ you can begin your online applying process.

The process will take up to 50 minutes, depending on the position you are applying for. You will need to prepare your employment history, educational history, list of previous addresses, and social security number.

If you match the qualifications needed, the recruiting team will contact you for a Fred Meyer interview immediately.

Direct Competitors

Fred Meyer began as nothing more than a series of cherry selling stands on the side of the highway and now they have become one of the biggest one-stop retailers in the industry. Joining this team is going to give you everything to sell from cleaning supplies to breakfast foods, all under one roof. Apply to Dollar Tree as well to sell the same types of items for one easy to remember price: one dollar. Apply to Meijer which has equally deep roots, starting in the Great Depression and growing into a massive retailer today. Stores with a rich history, are stores that have a bright future so apply today! 

Working at Fred Meyer

The commitment of Fred Meyer is to provide customers with great products at good prices and a shopping experience that makes shoppers return. At the same time, they want to make their employees feel valued and let customers recognize how great their associates are.

By putting customers first, Fred Meyer has created a friendly place to work where mutual respect, honesty, high standards, and teamwork are appreciated. Fred Meyer aims to recognize and reward associates who live the company’s values, work hard, and demonstrate a commitment to their customers.

Fred Meyer has 50-300 employees per store, and offers associates the chance for challenge, growth, fun, and success. The brand aims to create an environment that lets their employees do their best while having fun.

Each and everyone within the team are expected to be accountable to each other and to their customers, and to conduct themselves every day according to their core values.

Each store has a Cultural Council with a representative from each department, where they discuss ways to improve the company and serve their customers better. The Cultural Council normally discuss the dress code and employee discount policies, in-store recycling, and communication between office and store employees.

Fred Meyer recognizes that skilled, capable and dedicated associates are important to the overall success of the business. The management team encourages associates to develop their abilities and use their full potential by sharing their ideas.

To further improve the performance of Fred Meyer associates, they provide ongoing training at all levels using a variety of training formats to ensure all members learn and grow. Some sample training programs are safety training, customer service skills, job-specific training, management development, leadership training, mentor program, and more.

Fred Meyer also respects and values the opinions, property, and perspectives of their associates. The company believes that every associate deserves to be treated with respect and for them to treat others the same manner.

The company strives to ensure that their associates are secure and safe in their workplace, and that every customer shops is in a safe environment. They expect their associates to take all the safety measures reminders seriously.

Minimum Age for Employment at Fred Meyer

The minimum age for a career at Fred Meyer is 18. If you are aged 18 or above, looking for great career growth and success, and have a high motivation to learn, start your Fred Meyer form by going to the careers page of the official website.

Hours of Operation at Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer standard operating hours are 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM, everyday.

Available Fred Meyer Career Opportunities

Fred Meyer is frequently in need of associates to fill the many job openings available at its branches. The superstore needs to fill its many departments and meet the needs of its shoppers.

The company is open to people who want to be part of their growing team. The superstore chain is looking open for any individual who is willing to learn and develop new skills.

Since the store works hard to put the customers’ needs first, the company favors friendly, helpful and courteous individuals who can make its customers feel like Fred Meyer is their store.

If you believe that you are perfect for the openings below, go to the careers page of the official website and start applying to Fred Meyer today!

  • Sales Associate
  • Cashier
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Grocery Clerk
  • Stock Clerk
  • Bakery Clerk
  • Cake Decorator
  • Coffee Kiosk Barista
  • Jeweler
  • Service Deli Counter Clerk
  • Staff Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy
  • Technician
  • Manager-in-Training
  • Department Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Store Manager

Fred Meyer Job Descriptions

Associates – associates perform a variety of tasks depending on the department they are assigned in. Aside from department-specific duties, they prepare items for purchase, manage inventory and stock shelves, maintain cleanliness, and assist customers with shopping related needs.

Management – The management team hires and trains employees, handles shift schedules and daily tasks, resolve customer issues, and liaise with the corporate headquarters.

Fred Meyer Application and Interview Tips

Fred Meyer is a very big department store chain, so the superstore must hire highly skilled staff members to fill the many departments. Departments include retail, pharmacy, manufacturing, information systems, and corporate.

Those looking to explore Fred Meyer career opportunities may begin by submitting their employment forms on the careers page and waiting for an interview schedule. When filling out an online form or submitting a resume in person, it is important to submit an updated resume to let your interviewer know your qualifications and see if you can be hired.

The Fred Meyer hiring process uses a structured, competence-based evaluation process to hire new employees. Most of the time, applicants undergo both phone interviews and face-to-face interviews.

Because of the many people they meet, the company may first conduct group interviews to screen candidates. Sometimes, interviews may conclude with questionnaires.

Your interview will be your chance to show how serious you are about your Fred Meyer employment. Let your interviewer know that you are eager to work for the store and would like to contribute to its success.

Before you show up for your Fred Meyer interview, it is ideal to prepare by doing research and familiarizing yourself with its history, its merchandise, services, and how it’s different from other superstores. Being familiar with Fred Meyer as a company will help you answer questions and will impress your interviewer.

The interview will begin by asking you about your personal details, employment history, educational background, relevant skills, and availability. You will also be asked common interview questions, such as:

  •  What are you most excited about for coming to work for Fred Meyer?
  • What can you bring to Fred Meyer?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What does customer service mean to you?
  • What is your greatest achievement and your worst failure?

If you are applying for an entry-level job like cashier, sales associate, or clerk, you will also be asked customer-centered behavioral questions. These will be used to gauge your reaction to some of the most common situations that happen in busy superstores like Fred Meyer:

  • What would you do for an unhappy customer?
  • Can you describe a time when you went above and beyond to please a customer
  • What do you do if you come into work with a bad mood?
  • What would you do if you caught a shopper stealing?
  • How would you handle conflict with a manager?

Those applying for management jobs will have to undergo a more rigorous interview process. Composed of several rounds of evaluations, the management hopeful will have to go through several rounds of evaluations like private and panel interviews with store officials.

Management job seekers must relate past work experiences regarding leading teams, driving sales, and overseeing store operations. Regardless of position, interviewers appreciate applicants who can tell stories that exhibit desired qualities and skills like passion, dedication, and initiative.

Talk about past experiences where you handled personal and professional conflict. Interviewers like those who are dedicated to learn and be a part of a team.

To impress the person conducting the Fred Meyer interview, you should be articulate and confident, yet still remain polite and respectful. Being calm and cheerful would make your interviewer think you are easygoing and can work under pressure.

After your interview, make sure to thank your interviewer for taking the time to see you. Here, you can mention again how excited you are to work with the team.

Benefits of Working at Fred Meyer

On top of a competitive base pay, those who pass their interview also gets access to an attractive range of benefits. While these benefits depend on the position, location and/or region, Fred Meyer is dedicated to making sure their associates are well-compensated:

  • Medical plan
  • Dental plan
  • Vision plan
  • Prescription drug plan
  • 410(k) retirement savings account plan with company matching
  • Company-paid life insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Dependent group life insurance
  • Long-term disability and care insurance
  • Company-paid salary continuation
  • Health and dependent day care flexible spending accounts
  • Group legal
  • Group homeowners and auto insurance
  • Stock Purchase plan
  • Employee assistance plan
  • Paid vacation program
  • Merit increases
  • Incentives programs
  • Credit union membership
  • Company-paid continuing education program
  • Professional liability coverage
  • Tuition assistance
  • Company stock purchase plan
  • Employee discounts