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In 1934, in the midst of the Great Depression, Hendrik Meijer was a barber in Michigan when he opened a grocery store with about $330 in product that he bought on credit. He and his son Fred called their store the North Side Grocery. Almost 30 years later they were opening a super center on 33 acres and changing the face of retail.

The goal is to take care of the customers, employees and community as if they were family. Go online and fill out your Meijer application for a career with one of the best retailers in the world.

Meijer superstores now offer everything you could want all under one roof. This innovative concept includes groceries, health and beauty products, fashion, automotive, electronics, home décor, pet and pharmacy plus much, much more.

Having grown from 26 stores and 4,000 employees, Meijer remains a family owned company to this day. They have over 190 stores in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois. Meijer career opportunities can be found in the retail locations that are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week closed only on Christmas.

There are also distribution centers and corporate Meijer jobs to consider as well. Meijer considers itself to be as much about family as it is about business.

Apply Online to Meijer

If you have ever wanted to work in retail but did not know where to start or which of the ‘big box stores’ you want to work for, take a good long look at the company. To get started you can complete a Meijer online employment form here.

Applying for a job here is simple. At the top of this page you will see a tag that says “Search and Apply for Jobs now”. This will take you to a page where you can choose the type of career opportunities you are looking for.

You can search by keyword at the top of the page or choose one of their buttons and search by category, location or group. On this page you will also see Recent jobs such as opportunities for 2014 college graduates.

Move your cursor or mouse over the category button and you will see some of the jobs in this group. This includes jobs such as Asset Protection Jobs, Administrative Jobs, Internship Jobs, Food Production Hourly Jobs, Finance and Accounting Jobs, Human Resources Jobs, Information Technology Jobs and Marketing Jobs. Click on the category that interests you and complete the Meijer online employment form.

Now check out the location button. Perhaps location is more important than the category of job. When you move your cursor or mouse over the location button, you will find a long list of locations that have Meijer superstores.

Choose your community and move on to completing the Meijer online forms. The final button is labeled “Group” and includes such entities as Adrian Retail Food Service Jobs, Adrian Retail Sales Associate Jobs, Algonquin Retail Food Service Jobs, Allen Park Retail Food Service Jobs, and Alma New Store Jobs.

If this is the way you would like to search, click on the Group button and proceed to complete an employment form online. Let’s click on the location button and choose Ann Arbor, Michigan. Now you are looking at a list of available Meijer jobs in Ann Arbor.

You can click on the job you are interested in to get a lot more information about that job. Requirements for this career opportunity are listed and there is an “Apply Now” button. Click on this and complete the Meijer online employment forms.

What You Will Want to Know When applying to Meijer

Now you know that there are a wide variety of jobs available in a wide variety of locations, including 190 retail stores in 5 states, distribution centers, call centers to manage the online center and career opportunities in headquarters.

  • You must be 16 to apply.
  • Stores are open 24/7, 364 days a year so you need to be open to a flexible schedule.
  • You must love working with people and have a great aptitude for retail sales or distribution warehouse work. If you have any inclination that retail might be for you than a Meijer job is a great place to start.
  • Meijer career opportunities offer professional and personal growth. Meijer offers a family like atmosphere.
  • Meijer is the 15th largest private company in the United States.

Does this sound good to you? If it does, fill out a Meijer online employment form now.

Direct Competitors

Working for Meijer is exciting because you will see and sell almost anything you can think of. Everything from groceries, to fashion, automotive, pet supplies, and the list goes on and on. A store like this is unique and therefore people working there support that aspect of the business. Applying to Shopko will have you selling quality products at low prices, bringing you job security in a growing business. Apply to Fred Meyer to work in a store with every type of item you can imagine under one roof, everything from medicine to jewelry. Having such a variety of items at your fingertips will make your job that much easier. 

Meijer Career Opportunities and Types of Jobs

As previously mentioned there are career opportunities in 4 states, in retail stores, Distribution Center and the Headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There are entry level opportunities in the stores, mid-level opportunities in the stores and in distribution and management level opportunities in the stores, in distribution and in headquarters.

Here is just a sample of the types of jobs available: Service Desk Clerk, Receiving Clerk, General Merchandise Clerk, Human Resources Field Team Member, Specialty Clerk, Warehouse Clerk, Systems Clerk, Distribution Services Technician, Administrative Assistant, Merchandise Planner, Production Team Member, and Inventory Control Analyst

There are many more in addition to these listed here. Another example of what awaits you when you complete you apply. This is what some of the retail store positions pay.

Customer Service Rep – From starting Minimum Wage to $19, 800 per year
Food Clerk – From starting $10 per hour to $23,000 per year
Inventory Analyst – From starting Minimum Wage to $17,000 per year
Cashier – From starting at Minimum Wage to $20,000 per year
Systems Monitor – From starting $10-$13 per hour to $26,000 per year
General Merchandise Clerk – From starting $10 per hour to $23,000 per year

Store Managers have a variety of roles in the Meijer system. If you are looking for a career opportunity you need to apply for a management job. This could be in a store, in distribution or headquarters.

In the stores managers are responsible for departments and areas, because the stores are so large. There are Store Managers, Assistant Managers, and Department Supervisors.

Store Managers are responsible for the total operations of the store. They hire and train staff. They handle all major communications between the store and the home office. Store managers might earn over $90,000 per year.

Assistant Managers are responsible for staff scheduling, staff assignments and making sure customers are happy and satisfied. Assistant Managers earn between $25,000 and $35,000 per year.

Department Supervisors are responsible for supervision of staff in a specific department and they assist in overall store operation. They usually earn $10 per hour.

Benefits offered by Meijer

When you complete the Meijer online employment forms you can review the benefits that they offer. Here is just a sampling of these benefits offered to full-time and many of them also offered to part-time holders of a job.

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental/Prescription/Vision Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Life Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Disability Insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • 401 K with Company contributions
  • Adoption Assistance

There are even more benefits than these on the Meijer websites here. These benefits are often based on length of time employed and the type of position you hold. Meijer understands how important family and community are to every Meijer associate. These benefits are provided in order to make the lives of Meijer associates better and fuller.

If you like these benefits then go online and apply.

Meijer Application Tips

There are things you should keep in mind when completing the Meijer online employment form if you are serious about the Meijer career opportunities.

  • Be patient and take your time as you go through and complete the form, making sure your answers are complete and you are comfortable with them. Remember you information determines whether or not you are interviewed for a position.
  • Be patient with yourself as you go through the process. Don’t leave questions unanswered. If for some reason you cannot complete an answer, explain why you can’t.
  • If you want to apply for more than one position, go ahead and do so. However, only apply for those you are seriously interested in and are qualified for unless they are entry-level. Remember you do not want a reputation for applying for every job in sight.

When Interviewing for a Meijer Career Opportunity

When interviewing there are some things to keep in mind as well. They are:

  • Be on time for the interview. These tips apply mostly to entry-level Meijer jobs.
  • Dress professionally no matter what level you are applying for. DO NOT WEAR tshirts, boots, flip flops, jeans, shorts, hats and sunglasses.
  • When you meet the interviewer shake their hand and try to make sure it is a firm handshake.
  • Make eye contact when you meet and throughout the interview.
  • Send a thank you card after the interview.
  • Be prepared to ask a few questions yourself
  • Review the history of Meijer before you go.

Brief Historical Facts about Meijer

As previously mentioned, the company was started by Hendrik Meijer and his son Fred as a way to help his community during the hard times of the Depression and then during the Second World War. After the war, the company continued to be innovative and grow the grocery store venture.

He renamed the store Meijer during the war and hired many women to replace the men who went off to battle. Women were almost half of the workforce at the time. The first large superstore was opened in Grand Rapids in 1962, and the face of retail has never been the same. Many other big box stores followed suit.

The company introduced check-out scanners in the 1970s, opened for 24 hours in the 1980s and launched in the 1990’s. All of these activities were innovative and game changing. This led to today’s giant Meijer family business with 190 stores and 60,000 employees.

To join them just go online and apply today!