Shopko Employment Job Application

Shopko LogoAt a time when employment opportunities are limited, and business growth is even more so, it is difficult to find a company with as much promise as Shopko. In business since 1962, Shopko is a company that is based on small town honesty with big time ideals.

With stores spanning 13 states, and over 25,000 employees to date, you can be guaranteed the potential for growth and longevity. The company offers its employees a business they can believe in. Utilize the Shopko application below to apply today.

Apply to Shopko Online

Applying for a position with Shopko is as simple as perusing their online job portal. You can check for vacancies at any of their stores nationwide in an instant. Browse through the many job offerings by searching based on criteria such as location or positions available.

Instructions for Searching Shopko Jobs Online

Your job search begins simply by going to the official Shopko website. Located on the homepage is the tab that will lead you to the Career Opportunities available. To ensure that you are applying for the intended Shopko center career opportunity, make sure to indicate your preferences for location and choice of positions.

Doing so before applying to Shopko online, will make sure you are directed to the appropriate location. If there is a job that you are interested in, simply click on the detailed description to find out all the information about it. Located within the description will be the job specifications, qualifications required, and any other pertinent information.

From entry-level, to executive positions, they offer a full range of different levels of employment. The one thing that all levels need is the desire to work with a company that prides itself on commitment to the public, and to the organization.

Before you decide to apply to Shopko online, you will want to make a good impression by insuring to read it over, verifying the legitimacy of the information provided, and proofreading it. This form is the only chance you will have at making your first, and last, impression.

Applying Online is Simple

Applying online is simple. Before applying to Shopko online you have to register an account. You will be asked to provide your email and other personal information. It will only take a moment.

At the time of registration you will be asked to select a specific position and click APPLY NOW. From there you will be guided to a form that will supply the employer with your personal information and other ways to be contacted.

Fully confidential, the Shopko form will ask for your social security number, work experience and educational background. All the answers that you supply will remain the property of the company, and not be used by anyone other than Shopko HR.

Since the information that you supply on the form is what the company will use to check for potential opportunities, filling it out honestly and to the best of your knowledge, is important. Checking it thoroughly will ensure that the answers supplied are exactly as you want, and represent you in the best light.

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About the Shopko Company

Shopko was founded in 1962 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Started with a hometown appeal, they focus on local communities. Although being a retailer that stretches the nation, each individual store feels like a small town establishment. It is a retail store, and pharmacy, that is dedicated to their customers and their customer’s satisfaction.

There are over 25,000 people employed with the company spanning over 13 states. The store consists of Shopko, Hometown, Payless Shoe Source and the pharmacy Shopko. In 2005, Sun Capital acquired the company, adding it to the list of their successes. Being the owners of Marsh Supermarkets, Bruegger’s, and the Limited, they are expert at appealing to consumers.

The many products sold through the company include apparel, jewelry, furniture, beauty care products and electronics. Not only having store front operations, Shopko has a full range of products sold via the internet. They have a full service internet store.

Employment Opportunities Available at Shopko

Only on the cusp of expansion, Shopko is continually hiring new employees for their many sites. From entry-level to executive, they have a high turnover rate. That leaves the company always craving good personnel. Because of their loyalty, and excellent benefit package, the positions fill quickly and are highly desirable.

The opportunities available are vast, as are the types of positions. Because they have so many different product lines, the qualifications of the applicants they seek are varied. While some careers require an education, and others experience, they all require the basic desire to grow with a company that believes in the goodness of their employees.

A friendly working environment, Shopko is dedicated to providing a relaxed atmosphere which emphasizes the happiness of, not only the consumer, but their workers. The organizational schema is based on mutual respect.

They operate under the belief that, only when the employees are satisfied, will the consumers feel the same. They strive to create harmony within, and between, all of their departments.

Minimum Age Requirements

You must be 16 years or older to be considered for employment, or to fill out a Shopko employment form.

Hours of operation

The hours of operation can vary depending on the individual store, or department. Most often the hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. and Sunday 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m..

When you are completing your Shopko form you will be asked what hours you are available to work. To be considered, the more flexible you can be, the more likely you will be in demand. The more availability you can provide, the better.

Direct Competitors

Shopko benefits from having a very local feel and a strong focus on serving the communities it is in. This focus is what makes them so successful and what makes working there such a joy for the employees. Consider applying also to TJ Maxx, a well known department store that serves customers a variety of products at prices you wouldn’t believe. Working with Ross would also be beneficial as they are a major player in the discount department store market, with plenty of locations to choose from. Finally, don’t leave our Bed Bath and Beyond, for their wide selection of cosmetics and other items that make their selection unrivaled by other stores. 

The Shopko Slogan

Over the years the company has experienced various restructuring. The many slogans of the past include “Say hello to a good buy at Shopko”, “Shopko: Discover the Difference”, “Shopko discounts the price….not the quality.”, “Shopko: The store for you.”, “We won’t be undersold.”, Shopko – Your Lifestyle, Your Pricestyle.”. The current slogan that you may be familiar with is “My life…my style…my store”.

Even though the slogans have changed, the ideals have not. A retailer that has many divisions, the one thing that ties them all together, is their commitment to customer service. They take the satisfaction of their clientele very seriously.

Looking for employees who believe the customer is always right, is a key foundation of their hiring criteria. Although seeing many transformations, their basic ideals have not changed over time.

Job Openings at Shopko

Due to the high turnover rate, there are usually several positions needed to be filled. Each job will have its own specific description and list of duties and responsibilities. It is important to read over the description thoroughly to ensure that you are aware of all the things that are expected.

Finding the right position will not only make it more likely that you are good candidate, it will ensure your happiness if you are asked to join the team.

The many positions that are available include cashier, customer service, sales associate, purchasing, merchandising and many other higher level positions. There are also numerous opportunities for trainee management and higher level managerial careers.

Applying through Shopko online portals are easy, but when possible, you may want to consider walk-ins for hire. Presenting your form in-person will give a good impression about your desire to want to become part of the team.

If you go to the store directly, it is more likely that you will be called in to interview.

The Various Careers Available

There are many different positions for hire in the Shopko stores. They include:

  •  Cashier
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Associate
  • Customer Service
  • Merchandising
  • Purchasing
  • Store Manager
  • Specialist
  • Supervisor
  • Department Manager
  • Optician
  • Optical Manager
  • Pharmacist
  • Distribution Center Associate
  • Administrative Assistant

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Shopko Application Tips and Hiring Process

The company accepts both walk-in and online inquires. If you are applying online, go to their website and click on the tab to search for Shopko job employment opportunities. Filling out the form fully is important to be considered for any position.

Before you submit the form, ensure that you have read it over fully, and have answered all the fields to the best of your knowledge. Any omissions can deter the employer from contacting you.

Once your Shopko form has been filled out, you will be called in for an interview. If you have not heard from them within a couple of days after submitting your form, call the HR specialist to make your presence and desire for employment known. It is acceptable to request an interview directly.

The interview will be a brief meeting with the hiring manager for entry-level positions. It is a 15-20 minute meeting that is an informal meet and greet. If you are a good candidate, it is not unusual for them to hire you at the interview stage.

If you are applying for a more advanced position within the company, there may be more than one interview required. The interview and hiring process may also be more involved and take longer.

Interview Tips

The Shopko employment form is only one part of the hiring process. The interview is the place where you have to make the best impression. Doing your research about the company’s origins, and plans for the future of the organization, is important.

You will most likely be asked questions about the retailer. Knowing general information will show that you have initiative.

It is important to be punctual for your interview. It is recommended that you arrive ahead of time, coming a few minutes prior to your scheduled meeting. Being confident and assertive are important. Always have good eye contact and show interest. A handshake is a great first beginning.

To show that you are excited about the position, make sure to ask questions. Having a list of things you would like to know about the company, shows interest. Displaying that you understand that Shopko is based on customer service, is a good way to show you have done your due diligence in learning about the company.

Always show enthusiasm and drive, even for entry-level positions. Let the interviewer know that you are looking for long-term employment with a company that you believe in, and that believes in you.

Always dress nicely for the interview. What you wear is very important to your overall presentation. Make sure to be tidy, shirt tucked and pressed, and to put effort into your appearance. It shows the interviewer that you have pride. Also, let them know that you understand that the customer’s satisfaction will be your number one priority.

Salary Information

There are varying levels of compensation for the employees of Shopko. Although the majority of the position available are entry-level, the compensation is based solely on the location that you are employed by.

There are many levels of opportunities for advancement and training. Careers in specialists roles, marketing and finance are available. They not only have longevity, they have high compensation packages.

The salary will be based on the level of experience and expertise required. In general, the salaries are as follows:

  • Associate – $7 per hour
  • Apparel Specialist – $8 per hour
  • Cashier – $7 per hour
  • Loss Prevention Investigator – $10 per hour
  • Department Manager – $30-40,000 per year

Shopko Benefits Packages

Not only does Shopko offer some of the most competitive wages in the industry, they also have an extensive benefits package. For all employees, there is a very generous in-store discount that applies. For those who qualify, there are also benefits such as dental and health coverage, paid training, retirement plans, vacation and time off.

Shopko is a great corporation to grow with. At a time when finding a company to believe in may be difficult, the company provides its employees with great compensation and security.

Submit your Shopko application today, and start a career with this great company!