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Goodwill career opportunities offer the best of both worlds – you don’t just work for yourself, but rather for the entire community!

Embark on a rewarding career with Goodwill industries Inc. and get involved in doing your part for the betterment of those in need. Since 1902, Goodwill, a nonprofit organization, provides assistance, training and job opportunities to the under-privileged, immigrants, elderly, disabled or those with no prior employment experience.

Aside from its outreach programs, the company also operates a network of retail stores that sell secondhand items, clothes and furniture.

A worthwhile career at Goodwill is only a click away! The Goodwill application process online is simple, straightforward and takes a few minutes of your time. They invite people from all walks of life to join them in their mission to improve lives.

Information for Employment

Joining the company is easy – simply login at the official website and find jobs at your nearest Goodwill store. Openings are readily available at Goodwill, both at the entry level and senior management. One of the best things about working at with them is its schedule flexibility – you can find both full time and part time opportunities with varying work hours.

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Things to Know Before Applying

A Goodwill career focuses on making lives better, giving you not only a sense of satisfaction but also peace of mind. If you are passionate about working ‘for the greater good’ and wish to nail your position down on the very first try, the following information will guide you in the right direction.

Take a look:

Minimum Age for Employment

First things first, the minimum age to start working is 16.

Aside from the retail stores and outlets, a variety of training centers and donation sites are also run by Goodwill, and they hire people from various age groups and on both entry level and senior tier positions.

Volunteering opportunities are also available, as Goodwill is extremely active at job fairs and career conferences etc. To learn more, you can drop by at the local store nearest you or find more specific employment information here.

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Hours of Operation

The hours of operation may vary from location to location, and are mostly flexible enough to be accommodated in your schedule. Most Goodwill stores are located within shopping malls and follow the hourly timetable set by the mall authorities.

You can visit the Goodwill website and use the store locator option to get an idea about the hours in which your nearest store operates.

Available Positions

Career opportunities invite both seasoned professionals as well as fresh students out of high school. Entry level positions do not require any previous work experience or specific criteria and can be started off at the age of 16.

Job opportunities are also ideal for those who want to work in a supportive, enriching and casual work environment and part-time options are especially beneficial if you are looking for some extra cash.

Typical entry level jobs consist of positions like retail associate, stock associate, cashier, driver etc.  Senior positions like store manager and sales director are also available at the management level.  Having a courteous and positive attitude along with a caring and personality will always work in your favor if you are seeking a Goodwill career.

Here is a complete list of positions. For more information, you can find jobs at their official website.

Entry Level Jobs

  • Cashier
  • Stock Associate
  • Sales Associate
  • Office Support Specialist
  • Receptionist
  • Activity Specialist
  • Donation Attendant
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Loss Prevention Investigator
  • Production Worker
  • Social Worker
  • Truck Driver
  • Truck Helper
  • Van Driver
  • Custodian
  • Janitor
  • Janitorial Skill Trainer
  • Key Holder
  • Employment Consultant
  • Vocational Trainer
  • Career Center Coach
  • Assistant Manager
  • General Store Manger
  • Production Manager
  • Safety Manager
  • Team Leader

Management Level Jobs

Give back to the community with an inspiring and cherishing career!

Employment Information

From entry level positions to senior management, a job at Goodwill comes with tons of potential and a chance to learn from the best and play your role in bringing a change.

Here is a detailed overview of the jobs available and what should you expect from your new career.

Entry Level Positions

The majority of career opportunities available are targeted for entry-level candidates, which means you don’t require any prior experience and can start off at the age of 16.

Both full time and part time opportunities are available, which means students or individuals that are already employed can also join in. Goodwill career opportunities at entry level include sales associates, cashiers, loss prevention investigators, drivers, donation attendants, administrative assistants and much more.

Coming to the job description, sales and retail associates are mostly responsible for greeting, assisting and guiding customers and candidates with a cheerful and energetic personality mostly get an edge during recruitment. Good interpersonal skills are also an added plus.

Hardworking and trustworthy individuals are preferred to join in as cashier or loss prevention investigator.

Pay Scale for Jobs at Entry Level

Entrants are usually paid on an hourly basis, and sales associates as well as cashiers can make as much as $8 to $10 per hour. The salary package varies from location to location, and the yearly income for cashiers, administrative assistants, donation attendants etc. is usually around $20,000.

Management Positions

A management position calls for excellent organizational skills, leadership abilities and focused attitude. If you think you have it in you, then a managerial position at Goodwill will work best for you!

Most management level jobs require overseeing of the retail activities and making sure that the customers leave the store satisfied. Popular positions advertised include retail manager, production manager, vocational trainer, employment specialist and much more.

Duties and responsibilities of management level positions include:

  • Hiring new employees
  • Training staff members
  • Organizing team meets and job fairs
  • Delegating tasks and devising schedules
  • Overseeing operations at retail stores and outlets
  • Delivering optimum customer service

Pay Scale for Jobs in Management Sector

The salary packages for management level positions at Goodwill vary on the basis of skill set, experience and responsibilities.

Typically, assistant managers earn in a range of $25,000 to $35,000 annually, employment consultants earn about $30,000 per year while some store managers may also make more than $40,000 yearly depending upon the nature of job and location of store.

Direct Competitors

In many cases a company’s name reflects the business. It’s very rare for a name to reveal their intentions. Goodwill is aptly named through, because it is in the business of helping people and providing them with quality items of every shape and size at great prices. It always feels good to help people, so let’s see a few other places that are in the business of helping others and giving great service. Starting with electronics giant Best Buy, we have a huge store with a lot of options and plenty of room for friendly faces to assist the customers. The invincible business of selling food is Kroger’s speciality and we recommend them as one of the best grocery stores to work for. When you need a bag of chips, a nail clipper, and a bottle aspirin, you can head to CVS, a great place to work and shop

Tips and Suggestions

Goodwill employment forms are easily available online, which means you can apply right now and land a career opportunity that really pays off.  It goes without saying that the competition for Goodwill jobs is indeed fierce, and in order to make your application standout, you need to polish your profile a little bit.

And the best way to do that is to present an impressive portfolio and learn as much about Goodwill as you can!

Here are a few tips and suggestions that will help you out. Take a look:


  • Be Prepared! To make sure that your submission procedure goes about smoothly, it is important to be proactive and prepare in advance. When you find the right job at Goodwill online, you just have to click on it to go to the application details. Once your application form gets approved, you will be called in for an interview, most likely to be conducted by the store manager or retail head.
  • The Employment Form: A Quick Sneak Peek –The Company receives hundreds of Goodwill employment forms everyday – here’s your chance to stand out! Basically, the form will ask about your basic information, such as academic qualification, contact details, social security number etc. If you have previously worked elsewhere, you will have to provide information about your experience.

Plus, always add the contact details of your previous employer to get a glowing reference! Also, if you have volunteered previously or worked in a team, make sure you add these as your skills because Goodwill treasures employees who are team players, passionate and love to participate in fundraising activities.

  • Fill the Form Carefully! Before you hit the ‘submit’ button, make sure you have read all the information entered in the form thoroughly and there are no errors or spelling mistakes. The contact information is the most important part – list a number where you are always available so you don’t miss out on any important correspondence!

Additional Tips

Looking for some extra advice? Here are some tips to make applying and the interview an instant success!

Dress for Success – Working at the Goodwill retail outlet, your presentation and demeanor means a lot – so make sure you turn up in your best appearance! Dress casually but professionally, interact with a confident and amicable attitude and make sure your attire is clean, ironed and respectable.

Nail the basic interview questions – Interview for an entry level position is simple and straightforward  you will be asked basic customer-care related questions like how to handle difficult customers, what to do is you find someone stealing, how would you describe your day as an employee etc. Deliver your answers after thinking well and express your desire to be working for Goodwill in a friendly and open way!

Employee Benefits

Goodwill is not just renowned for helping the less fortunate – they also provide excellent staff benefits. With a global reach, Goodwill offers a rewarding career path, competitive salary packages, rewarding work environment, paid training programs and career advancement opportunities to shape your career in the best possible light.

Caring for all is the motto at Goodwill, which means you also get to share in the bounties as well! Employee benefits at Goodwill consist of:

  • Health Benefits including medical insurance, life insurance coverage, enrollment in health and wellness programs etc.
  • 401(k) retirement savings plan, 403(b) job fund and pension plans for unmatched financial assistance.
  • Flexible work hours and schedules.
  • Paid vacation leaves to relax and unwind.
  • Training and career advancement opportunities to climb up the success ladder.
  • Tuition reimbursement for employees interested in continuing their education.
  • Discounts on store products, services and various retail incentives to ease your budget.
  • And much more!

Facts about the Company

The more you know about the history and current positioning of Goodwill, the more you will be able to impress your employers in the interview! Here is a glimpse at the distinguishing facts about Goodwill:

  • Founded in 1902 by Reverend Edgar Helms, Goodwill celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2002 and aims to provide its services to 20 million people by the end of 2020.
  • Operating out of its headquarters in Rockville, MD, the non-profit organization started off  by gathering unwanted clothes and household items in the locality and giving them off to those in need. Today, it makes around $4 billion annually.
  • Today, Goodwill operates in over 25 countries worldwide and holds 165 independent community based setups in United States and Canada.
  • On an ordinary business day, Goodwill helps someone find a job every 33 seconds.
  • In 2012 alone, Goodwill helped more than 6.7 million people train for a career in leading industries like healthcare, IT and banking and over 216,000 found jobs by participation in Goodwill programs.
  • Every 5 seconds, someone uses Goodwill to build worthwhile careers and strong families.
  • 83 million donors in US and Canada trust and support Goodwill.

Make your corporate dream come true with Goodwill too. Apply online for your own Goodwill career now!